Cut n Dry Dandelions

Cut n Dry Dandelions

Hi there!
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Wednesday’s blog is something new, 
so rather than bombard you with more new stencils and stamps, 
I thought I would revisit an old but beautiful stamp, and apply a new combination of colours, and a rather new application to it.
The Dandelion Fairy is very, very lovely…
So here’s a delicate application, which I think sits well with her.
Cut a piece of Cut n Dry felt to fit the stamp.
Stamp the image onto the lint side in Black Archival.
Drip the following 3 distress Reinker colours onto a Ziploc bag:
(in case you aren’t aware, these inks come in little bottles, like this)
Paint the image on the lint with a paintbrush, using the drops of coloured inks on the bag.
You can get very specific about where you want the colour to be.
The inks will spread – that’s fine.
You have made a bespoke inkpad for your Dandelion Fairy.
Ink up the stamp. This will be EASY, 
because you can see through the stamp exactly!
Now stamp away.

See how the image looks painted?

The Bespoke pad will last for ages.
In fact, if you store it in the ziploc bag, it will go on for months!

I added a little matching fern, too.
So I want to create the illusion that they are tumbling…

 Time to get out the matching inkpads: 
Bundled Sage to go round the edges with a Clarity Brush


Mount on a soft, matching colour card,

In case you are wondering which cardstock I used, 
to get such a sharp crisp image, it is Theuva Card.
Then pop the bespoke ink pad in your Ziploc bag, together with the card which tells you which colour inks you used, just in case you wanted to rejuvenate and add ink.

At last we can colour in the actual stamp. Bingo.

I had to laugh when Maria showed me this trick in France. I was blown away by it. “Wow, Maria!” I said, “That’s brilliant! How it you come up with that?!” Maria shrugged her shoulders, and replied, “It’s written on the back of the Cut n Dry packet!”
Which just goes to show: we should read the back of the packet!
Thanks Maria!

So let’s put together a little offer:
If you buy the Dandelion Fairy, we will send you the additional large matching leaf (rrp £7.25) as a Gift.
Click HERE

much love,

36 thoughts on “Cut n Dry Dandelions

  1. I bought this stamp some time ago but didn't realise it was a Fairy. Derh!!! I am not a fairy sort of gal. Has anyone an idea on how to block out the face, then I would be able to use the stamp?
    Yes, I know I am wicked but I can live with it ;0)

    1. Cally is you want to mask off the face. Stamp on a post it and cut away all but the face, making sure the face part is on the sticky bit of the post it. Cover the face part of the stamp with the post it before you stamp.

  2. Morning Barbara,hope your bruises and bumps are improving!!!
    I absolutely adored doing this technique last week – and here you are again with yet more inspiration…..what was life like before your blog!!!!! You amaze me that you can find something each day – I doth my cap to you my friend xx
    Brilliant art, fab offer!!!!
    Go on girls give this one a go!!!
    Much love Barbara
    Kim xx

  3. Hi Barbara this is beautiful so soft and delicate, it's great to see a new technique with an old stamp. Don't you love it when someone actually reads the packets!!! But thank you Maria I hadn't read it either! Hope you are feeling less stiff today and the bruises are coming out in interesting colours. Take care of yourself. Love Diane xxx

  4. What a great technique – and we would all know about it already had we bothered to read the back of the packet! Love the finished art work, very delicate. Pat x

  5. I love this technique and actually used it last night on the Lady's Smock. It just shows that we should listen to our own advice when we tell our children to read the questions in exams. We should take more time to read instructions on everything we have – it would save us hours, and as Maria has shown, it would give us great ideas like this one. Having just blogged about it this morning, I must go back into it and add that little titbit of info (when I have made another cup of tea for my builders). Hope you are feeling better today. Take care. xxx Maggie

  6. Hi Barbara and all out there. I love this stamp, I've had it quite a while, and used it often,but not this way, lovely. Tim Holt has a you tube on this technique, not using your lovely stamps of course, but interesting all the same.x

  7. Hi Barb,
    Sheer genius, delicate, arty (but not farty) and a good tip to actually read hints, tips and instructions!!!
    Hope the bruising is turning a "Whiter Shade of Pale" and not a "Blacker, Yellower, Greener shade of Blue".
    Love xx

  8. How very clever! I never read the packaging or the instructions to things unless I get really stuck, so thank goodness there are some people who do, and then others who write blogs and give us ideas!!! Thanks, Susan x

  9. Good morning. Just been catching up and only just now read that you'd done a dramatic fall. Poor you. Hope it's recovering fast. This is a beautiful stamp and I love the ink pad technique. So clever. Enjoy your day. xx Margaret Col.

  10. Like others I love this technique and have used it a couple of times since Maria demonstrated it at the Clarity open day. This finished image is beautiful and really makes a difference to the stamps – thanks for the offer too. xx

  11. Super idea, when I have done this I use my pens to apply the colour direct to the stamp. I used to have a nice collection of Marvy LePlume but I can't get them now 🙁 Will have to give cut and dry a try. XX

  12. How do we remember all these techniques – ah! I know – we look on the back of the packet – unless we've thrown it away of course …… I need to tidy the craft room before thinking of doing anything!! I'm sure I've got some of that felt as the last time I found it I can remember thinking what do I do with this!

  13. Hi Barb, fab idea, am working on hubs to let me get the whole set of re-inkers, and then will need, some cut and dry felt, and some cut and dry foam…… and so the list goes on. But anyway as always your ideas are inspirational. Thank you, hope you dont have too many bruises. Bx

  14. I think this is a real neat idea. I need some of these re-inkers only got alcohol inks at the moment. Lovely end result. Just shows that we should read instructions but I bet you had a good laugh. x

  15. Fabulous! What a beautiful result – and who would have guessed by the 'stamp' it came from? I took one look at it and instantly said: "ut ohhh. Something's gone badly wrong there." … ha! How wrong can a girl be.

    *adding cut and dry felt to the shopping list*
    Sending love and saying 'thank you' for a brilliant blog. ~ Cobs. x

  16. Hi Barb, I do live this little fairy stamp, it was one of my first clarity stamps I owned along with the verse 🙂
    I love this idea and I wouldn't know what was on the back of the cut and dry packet as I haven't bought any yet 🙂
    But now is the time as I never found a use for it yet, until now, so thank you as always thank you I love learning what you teach. I would live to just sit and watch and learn from you face to face.

    Love Denise x

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