Bloomin’ crooked on Crazy paving!

Bloomin’ crooked on Crazy paving!

Good morning!
Thanks for stopping by.
Thursday’s blog is something blue, so I thought I would combine a couple of sets of colouring pencils which sport this colour,
 with a look at one of the stamp sets being showcased
this coming Sunday on Create & Craft at 9am.
It’s pretty spectacular. 
Let’s break it down.
Stamp the funky flowers in Black Archival 
Run a length of low-tack masking tape along the base, so that the stems all sit on it.
The tall stem on the single is bendable,
So let’s!
This reminds me of how I am walking at the moment!
Remove the masking tape.
Run a length along the base with a black Sharpie pen.
Then colour it in!
Try to add light and shade.
Add a second line with a Sharpie pen and a ruler.
Add some crazy paving, freehand. 
Don’t step on the cracks!
Just different angles will do. 
See how the Sharpie Pen is the same width as the 
line art of the stamp?
Colour in, too. The Marine Set has a healthy selection of blues and turquoises, but I did dip into the Primaries, too.
Add a sentiment from the Word Chain No. 5
Remember to feed the cat.
Remember to hold the bannister when coming down the stairs.
Remember to stop on red.
The list is endless.
Come on. 3 things YOU need to remember today!
Do share!
much love,

45 thoughts on “Bloomin’ crooked on Crazy paving!

  1. Morning Barbara, love it!!!!! So love the word chains they are so versatile, and love the look of these new stamps too!!!
    1. Go to work
    2. Set TV to record for Sunday morning
    3. Do a good turn for someone

    Thats my three things!!!
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  2. Good morning,
    This is fantastic, can't wait to see what else is on the horizon. Three things
    1.) To be thankful for one thing
    2.) To put my passport with my travel documents
    3.) To be kind

    Thanks for today's blog. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Love the new stamp. Will you be selling the new ones at the retreat next week? The way you've shaded it makes it look very art nouveau/deco to me. My 3 things are
    * remember to meet my friend for lunch
    * remember to meet my x- work colleagues for a meal out tonight
    * remember to pack some bigger clothes for the retreat on Monday!!!
    Yay, see you soon and make sure you rest up from that fall. Jeanette xx

  4. Looking good. It is almost jewel like in the way you have coloured and shaded it. Barbara, if you are really walking like that flower, you need to get to a chiropractor and have a massage to ease those muscles and the pain.
    Three things – hard to cut it down to three but…..
    1. Remember to remind the builders that there alwasy has to be two safely latched doors between Gemma and the outside world. They forgot yesterday and she was off like greased lightening.
    2. Get out to the car (on the opposite side of the Crescent out of the way of lorries and skips) to find the halti's for the dogs so I can control them when I take them out.
    3. I am going out to visit a friend this afternoon and am taking all the work from the Retreat to show her.

    That is only the very important things apart from all the other hundred and one things we all have to remember.

    Looking forward to the show on Sunday. Take care of yourself.
    Love from Maggie xxxxx

  5. Remember it's only two more days at work and then 4 days off.
    Remember it is probably not a good idea to murder difficult clients.
    Remember to remove food for tonight's dinner from the freezer.

  6. What a lovely stamp and full of endless colour combinations.
    I will remember to make my friends feel special to me.
    I will remember to enjoy all the beautiful things around me.
    I will remember to count my blessings.
    Have a good day Barbara and everyone who reads your amazing blog. Jx

  7. Hello Barb, love the image and the way you have coloured it, very cool and calming. So now, 3 things to remember;
    1)Go to the bank to bank cheque
    2)Finish anniversary card for Son and daughter in law
    3)Start dinner prep before going to see Mum in hospital, otherwise dinner will be 9:30pm again.

    Have a great day everyone, looking forward to Sunday's show. Bx

  8. Beautiful Barbara, looking forward to seeing what else you have prepared for us. Remember
    1. To be thankful
    2. Those who are in areas of conflict
    3. To give myself some play time and the flowers some water.

    Hope you manage to get some rest before Sunday and the retreats next week. xx

  9. Hope your aches and pains are going away…
    1. Remember it's Friday tomorrow,
    2. Remember to make a name banner using your beautiful Nursery Rhyme alphabet stamps
    3. Put in a new order with Claritystamp!

    Have a wonderful day xxxx

  10. Lovely image and lovely colouring. I immediately thought of two things I need to remember, but Kim has reminded me of a third!
    1) remember to send my friend her birthday present.
    2) remember to make Mum a birthday card.
    3) remember to set the TV to record Sunday's show.
    There are actually a few more things I must remember to do, so I have made a list for myself this week. Not good if the bent flower is how you are walking at the moment. Hope you feel better soon. x

  11. Hi Barbara oh my goodness I hope you get better soon it isn't good to be walking around bent over like that flower poor you. Loving the new stamps and aren't they fab just coloured in blue. Right 3 things to remember today hmmmm here goes
    1 remember to put the clothes on the washing line just putting them in the machine is only part of the process!
    2. Remember to post the thank you card to my cousin and not just sit there feeling smug cos I've made it !
    3. To water the garden before I sit down to craft and get distracted again today.
    Looking forward to the show on Sunday . Take care love Diane xxx

  12. Hi Barb,
    This is just so …………. can't think of the word but I DO love it.

    1) Get a bigger dictionary to find the words I can't think of.
    2) Make a map to find the dictionary when I get it, or I'll forget where I put it.
    3) Now what was it – Oh I know, give him a kick when he eventually gets up out of bed.

    I hope you soon feel a bit better and remember, if the old back is giving you trouble, get to the doctors to have it checked out! xx

  13. Love this new stamp and what you have done with it – so clean and simple, but beautiful!
    1. Remember to finish the tax returns for the accountant
    2. Remember to put fresh flowers in the dining room and guest rooms
    3. Remember to post my friend's 50th birthday card
    Now for my cup of tea before I attack all the cleaning and ironing!!! Get better soon Barbara, Susan x

  14. Hello Barbara,

    Sorry to hear you are still suffering. The fall won't have done your poor neck much good.

    Three things to remember:

    1 keep all doors and windows shut so my poorly cat can't get out (extremely difficult with a three years old great granddaughter and two years old grandson here for the day while their mothers are at work);

    2 remember to telephone my cousin this evening;

    3 remember to get food out for tonight's dinner.

  15. remember to prepare for work tomorrow
    remember our ballroom steps for tonight's lesson
    Remember always to be a rainbow in someone's cloud………..especially at work
    Looking forward to Sunday's TV

  16. Love the stamp and the crazy paving.
    Remember to hoover up the dead flies in the conservatory!!
    Remember to do some walking to help the bad back.
    Remember to watch the gymnastics at the Commonwealth games.

  17. Lovely stamps and I'm hoping I'll be around on Sunday to watch the live show 🙂 Now things to remember……
    1) Remember to remember (an age thing I think)
    2) Remember to smile, even though sometimes things are not as you want them to be (in an ideal world eh?)
    3) Remember to make two cards tonight for our Niece & friend's birhdays…never a chore always a pleasure (smile)

    Have a lovely day, Carole xxx

    1. Just re-read this and the first part sounds like I'm about to expire! The reason I'm hoping to "be aorund" is because we were planning to go to our friends in Portsmouth this weekend to go to the beach, but the weather forecast is not looking too healthy, so may mean that I can watch C&C at home on Sunday 🙂 x

  18. Love this stamp and the crazy paving. I must remember to
    1 Return a toy I bought for my granddaughter which is absolutely rubbish (Chad Valley!)
    2 Finish a New Home card for a crafting buddy
    3 Tell my husband love him

    Pat x

  19. Thanks Barbara foe another beautiful design. The flowers look fabulous. I do hope that you start to get better soon with your back. It can't be much fun with a busy life like yours. Xx
    Remember to:-
    Actually do some housework, not just think about doing it!
    Remember my car is broken at the garage, so don't arrange to pick people up!
    Only one day left before my teenage boys are back from a week with their dad (deep joy! Lol)
    Looking forward to Sundays show. Xx

  20. Very stained glass looking. My three things would be:
    1. Remember to set recorder for Sunday (as I will be at work 🙁 and will miss you otherwise)
    2. Remember how to wash my car (it's been a while and I think I have forgotten)
    3. Remember to think up a good excuse why I need to craft today instead of sorting out my mountain of post/paperwork (that won't be too hard, I usually manage 😉
    Hope your achy bits get better soon. XX

  21. Beautiful card love the colours
    Remember to take of the blue of my new clarity stamps that came today ,
    Remember to save some energy to craft
    Remember to say thank you to my ted for taking me to late lunch
    Have a good day to all xxx

  22. Wow! This is beautiful! Very GRM inspired. Love it. Another set to add to my collection.

    Hope you are feeling a little better, Barbara. Looking forward to Sunday's show. Hope they let you sit down if you need to. xx

  23. Love what you have done with this new set Barbara.
    I will remember
    1. That I'm so lucky to have Colin as my hubby.
    2. That it's important to laugh out loud!
    3. That it's Ok to make small mistakes as long as you learn from them!

    Hope you're feeling less sore today! Looking forward to seeing the show on Sunday! Love and hugs! X

  24. I thought Rennie Mackintosh too!! Lovely set, a must have. Looking forward to the show.
    1. Iron dad's clothes I have washed
    2. Go shopping for some essentials
    3. Go visit dad in the nursing home, taking his clean clothes, toiletries and egg custards that he loves x

  25. lovely card, simple and very effective.
    1,sponsor my daughter for her sky dive for Help for Heros.
    2,make 2 birthday cards.
    3,get a good days sleep as I'm working a nightshift tonight.

    On that note its time for bed, night all!

  26. Really nice Card. But please take care of yourself, dear Barbara!

    Remember to take a bottle of water with me while walking (extemly hot today)
    Remember to get some money from the bank.
    Remember to have my hair cut.

  27. Love all the 'remember' comments – some practical others less so! Mine will be
    Remember to order the kindle version of a book someone recommended – Elizabeth is missing which is – humorously – about dementia
    Remember to put the bins out tonight rather than have to do them early tomorrow in my nightie!
    Remember to be grateful for everything I have – starting with wonderful husband who is tolerant and indulgent with my crafting – and not whine about things I can't change!

  28. Hi Barbara
    Simple but stunning card,looking forward to the show this weekend.
    Remember my hospital appointment this afternoon
    Remember my drink while exercising
    Remember to tell my partner how lucky I am to have him

  29. Lovely design Barbara. Now what to remember…
    Oh yes, remember garden bin out tonight
    Remember to eat something
    Remember to wish Barbara well.

    Hope you feel better soon. Hugs xx

  30. Beautiful card love all those blues. I do hope your sore bits so start to feel better

    1 remember to check the recorder is set for Sunday morning
    2remember to enjoy the last few days of holiday and not worry about next week before it arrives
    3 remember to be thankful for all that I have especially my wonderful husband and daughters

    Jackie x

  31. Now you are teasing us with new stamps. Lovely. I hope you are soon walking tall like the other flowers. Back pain horrible it just gnaws at you.

    1) Remember my dear dad who passed away a year ago today.
    2) Remember to set alarm for earlier tomorrow ready for grandchildren to arrive.
    3) Remember to go to weigh in tonight ( fingers crossed another loss this week )

    Lynne xx

  32. Sorry that you're still sore, I hope you are feeling much better tomorrow. Three things I need to remember:
    1. What day of the week it is … well it is school holidays!
    2. To remember that it is August tomorrow and get in 'pinch, punch, first of the month' before my nine year old and hubbie .. we are all very competitive about it.
    3. To remember to relax. It's the holidays, I should have time to do some crafty things as well as cleaning.

  33. errm, is it just me? i see stylized cannabis and poppy heads (heroin) in this pic. sorry but i can't help myself, possibly because of work. hope i'm not the fly in the ointment….. hugs xx

  34. Love the design and the stamps. Three things I had to remember today:- Put the bins out (exciting -not). Buy milk, and finally sort out my cheque book. All really exciting mundane tasks, especially the bins!

  35. This stamp has that stained glass look which you have enhanced with the wonderful colouring technique Barbara. The three things to remember: Make sure to be awake in time for the programme on Sunday, be ready to go out by 9.50 am tomorrow, have a good tidy up as visitors are coming. Housework is not my most favourite thing! x

  36. Hi Barbara. I love this piece, the stencil and the colours are beautiful.
    Remember… what? Oh yes, 3 things I need to do today (my finger gets lots of excercise scrolloing back up to reread your post as meds mean my memory is awful!)
    1. Remember to write EVERYTHING down that needs remembering.
    2. Remember WHERE the piece of paper is that I wrote everything down on that I have to remember.
    3. Remember to LOOK at piece of paper that I wrote everything down on that I have to remember.
    Yes, it really is that bad!!! Can't compare my memory to a Goldfish as that would be an insult to goldfish : ))
    Have a good day. Take care.

  37. Fabulous stamps, looking forward to sunday's show. My 3 things to remember, not to go into work on wednesday, thursday, friday, days off work yay but I have been working very hard in our garden, I need another break lol, hope you're feeling less sore xx

  38. I love this stamp very like stained glass window, especially the way it is coloured and with the added crazy paving 🙂

    Hopefully you will straighten soon, try and get some help with your back as I suffer badly with my back and when I was in my first 20 years I was not so kind to it as I would try and lift heavy things, move furniture that was much taller than me and lay carpets myself. Not a good idea as I know now, it is better to use a little trolley to carry your crafty stash to and from the car/van even if it is a short trip.

    Love Denise x

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