YouTube Tuesday. Alcohol Ink Landscape.

YouTube Tuesday. Alcohol Ink Landscape.

Good Morning!
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Here is a technique which folks really enjoyed at a retreat last week. We are going to do this together at another workshop next week too, so if you are joining me then, you have choices: 
  1. watch now, so you have an idea where we’re headed.
  2. don’t watch now, and keep it a surprise.
  3. watch now and practice all week.
  4. watch now with the sound turned down
  5. watch now with your eyes closed.
Life is full of choices!

Items Used:
Craftwell eBosser die cutting & embossing machine

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37 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday. Alcohol Ink Landscape.

  1. I just love this technique and the best think is I do have alcohol inks and the Wonderland kit!!!

    I also hope that you feel much better dear Barbara. Gute Besserung weiterhin xxx

  2. This technique is so cool! Love the finished result. Could you please tell me if it will work with Clarity original gloss card? Thank you. I hope you are ok now after your fall. xxx

  3. I have just got my alcohol inks out this morning before seeing your video. Must be on your wave length today. I loved doing this at the Retreat. I wasn't happy with my result but I learned a lot and know exactly what I did wrong, so, with the aid of hindsight and this video, I hope to get a really good result this time round. I hope you are feeling much better today and not too stiff and sore. Take care xxx Maggie

  4. Oh Barbara, I'm coming to the retreat next week and I chose option 1 and now I'm even more excited. It is absolutely stunning! Can't wait and as I'll have seen the demo twice I might stand a chance of getting a decent result. Unfortunately can't practice as driving down from Cumbria to Kent today to visit my beautiful two children before heading to Crowborough. Feeling very, very excited! See you soon. Jeanette xx

  5. Beautiful! I love this and will certainly be giving it a try. Had fun yesterday sorting out and filing my stencils away into their folders. Now that its all tidy (well tidier than it was!) I can craft YAY!! I am slowly getting some cards together for you! XX

  6. Fan dab-bi dozy! I loved doing this….not at first but once I got into it I found it produced some lovely tones of colour!
    I do hope you feel better today and have managed to get a bit of a rest and relaxation. I know you have a couple of busy days ahead!
    I am looking forward to seeing you on TV this coming Sunday! Off to the post now with a Parcel heading your way!
    Love and hugs to you! xxx

  7. Wow Barbara this is great I love this technique and must have a play. I haven't got blending solution yet so must invest in some although someone did tell me you can use vodka (hic!!!). Are your bruises staring to look this colour yet? Hope you are not too sore and it's only your pride that is hurt . Thank you for sharing and I hope all the ladies with their eyes closed and sound down have realised it has finished now !!!! Take care love Diane xxx

  8. Oh brilliant. I have some alcohol inks and blending solution so can have a bit of a play. Waiting for snowflake stencil to arrive along with lady and handbag. I know you are having a busy time so being patient. Hope you are feeling ok today and not too many bruises. xx

  9. Great news that you are doing it next week. (I can t wait)! I love the technique and tried it after you demonstrated it on your blog. You got lovely, gentle swirling colours and mine looked as if a mole was trying to erupt from the other side! (ive got about 10 that look like that)
    I learn best by watching and trying so I m hoping to get the hang of it. See you soon x

  10. This is beautiful Barbara, and love the idea of sanding back the embossing too I have that set of stamps but no alkahol inks but will give it a go with what I have. Thank you for this lovely demo. x

  11. Hi Barb,
    As usual, fabulous, and the sanded back snowflakes also reminded me of Bonfire Night!!
    Another good idea of yours that I can incorporate into Guy Fawkes cards for the children in November – I find I make cards at the least excuse!!!
    Hope you are feeling better today and that the tea stains have dried to give an artistic finish to your staircase.
    Love xx

  12. Hallo Barbara,

    ich bin begeistert von deinem Video. Eine wundervolle Technik zeigst du hier. Es ist genial was du für tolle Ideen hast. Ich lerne immer wieder neue Möglichkeiten kennen. Vielen lieben Dank für dieses Video. Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  13. Hi Barbara, Playing catch up due to a long day at work yesterday – I adored doing this last week at the retreat – was so excited when I knew we were doing this one – the chromo card is lush – love the effect of the snowflakes through the ebosser – I loved playing with the inks and then revealing the snowflakes……great great project which I will do again and again.
    Hope everyone at next weeks retreats also love it!!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  14. I tried this with distress inkpads whilst waiting for my alcohol inks to arrive and achieved a different look – but still good enough to use as a background for a Christmas sentiment. I had forgotten I have the stencils but needed to order the wonderland set! Love the blog. Always new and interesting and reminds us of old friends!! (Of the clarity stamp and stencil variety!!)

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