Time for Reflection on YouTube Tuesday.

Time for Reflection on YouTube Tuesday.

Hello there, and thank you for joining me on this lovely You Tube Tuesday in sunny Kent, the garden of England!
Why am I mentioning our whereabouts? 
Well, during the past few weeks, we have noticed a veritable surge in YouTube viewers from all over the world! 
USA, Germany, France, Australia – the list goes on.
But how exciting is that?
So if you are from other climes, do please leave a message; 
we think it’s brilliant that you are also enjoying Clarity!
So much so, that I am thinking about starting a weekly German blog and a monthly German YouTube! 
My German isn’t perfect, but I reckon I can handle that! 
Was denken unsure deutschen Freunde?
So today’s Youtube Tutorial shows you a different use for the 
Gelli Plate: how to create a stamped  reflection.
Ironically, somebody sent in an email to the TV show on Sunday asking about reflections. I explained that you can use your blending mat in the same way as I am going to use the Gelli Plate, but I have to tell you: the result with the Gelli Plate is much better! 
The mat just happened to be on the table at the time! 
And I used a super cool unmounted stamp set:
4 Winter Trees and their Mantles.
These are so clever! You can use the naked trees, 
or you can dress them with their mantles.
But let’s see how to make a reflection, shall we? 
It’s not hard; dive in!

So I hope you enjoyed that.
These trees certainly are versatile.
Here’s a list of all the things I used, 
complete with links to the website.
much love,

53 thoughts on “Time for Reflection on YouTube Tuesday.

  1. What an excellent 16 minutes of tutorial!!! I loved it – I say – I loved it!!! The finishing touch of the birds just made it sublime!
    Going to give that a try!
    What a great way to start the day Barbara – and you are going to do in German too – I doth my cap to you!
    Have a great day – grey and mild in SE London though – no sunshine yet 🙁
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  2. Greetings from the sunny province of Almeria in Spain. Barbara. I love your programmes, blog page and website, also you are one of the few that deliver to Spain without any problems, my orders are usually with me inside of 10 days (fiestas permitting!!), How about coming out here are doing some workshops?

  3. Good morning Barbara.
    Loved the video. I have these tree stamps and they are beautiful. I have used them so much love the idea of with and without the mantel. So very versatile. I can see how much easier it is with the use if the geli plate. Really do need to get one. Have a lovely day in sunny Kent. ( my birth place).
    Debra from cloudy Somerset x

  4. What a great Idea – einen wöchentlichen German Blog und einen monatliches German Video, das wäre ja so klasse !!!!

    Now I watsch the Video, just had to tell you, dear Barbara ! LOve

  5. Yet another great YouTube Tuesday tutorial. Beautiful card. Shows how versatile the Gelli Plate is. I have these trees, they were my first Clarity stamps, but not really used them much yet. Will definitely give this a go! With all that fast forwarding I wonder how long it took you in total to do the card? Mind you, I expect it took you much less time than it will take me! 🙂 x

  6. Morning from a very grey France. I have always been scared to try reflection, but the way you've shown us today seems easy enough for me me to give it a go. And I have the trees and their mantel, so after have done the housework, will go and have a lay. Thanks for stunning You Tube tutorial.
    Laurence xx

  7. Hi just love the mantel tree stamps which I have and not used yet sooo another project to try Still very excited about receiving my club stash yesterday , Such good value for money would advice all your crafters to join, Its like Christmas each month when that envelope drops though the door . only works out about £2 a week ,how good is that xxp

  8. Have never mastered reflections, but you make it seem so easy with the gelli plate! I have tried all sorts from brayers to a reflection stamp pad but never been very impressed with the results. I will be trying this out ASAP. Thank you Barbara. XX

  9. Hi Barb,
    This is a fabulous video and one that will be so useful. I love reflections and have tried many times to copy your designs in the past, but never have been satisfied. Hopefully now I will be able to achieve a decent reflection. Never thought about using the Gelli plate in this way. Love the trees and their mantles set which I think is a really useful set to have. Thanks Barb, love Alison xxx

  10. As usual, you have left my mind buzzing with ideas. I know what I am going to have a go with these today and mix them with something else I am playing with at the moment. I would never have thought of using the Gelling for doing such perfect reflections. xxx Maggie

  11. Beautiful scene, Barbara and your tutorial makes it so clear how to achieve it. The birds just finish it perfectly. These trees with mantles are very versatile but always give gorgeous results. I tried out the classroom lesson you did with them on watercolour paper & loved the finished work. Now I have another trick to try. Thanks for brightening my morning.
    Jeanette xx

  12. Morning Barbara,
    I love these trees and use them all the time.
    I want to say that the new design club stamp is brilliant! I was needing a tree for a New Home card that I'm doing, but nothing I had was right and then yesterday my club letter arrived with my stamp and oh my it is perfect. Love it …
    Thank you so much

  13. I love a Tuesday morning with you Barb, we have a coffee and watch to see what I can learn. It is lovely and it looks a very easy way to make a reflection. I will need to get the Gelli plate out and have a play (not that the Gelli plate is ever far away or even locked away. It is sitting on a shelf where I can easily reach it x

    I am loving your new art on your wall.

    Thanks again

    Denise xx

    1. I am in a very rainy Cumbernauld near Glasgow, Scotland, you would not have believed that we had a couple of extremely hot days over the weekend and now this, oh well xx
      Denise x

  14. Hi Barbara. Thank you for showing us how to do perfect reflections. The tree stamps are gorgeous too and so versatile with and without the mantles : ) Take care.

  15. Hi Barbara love the tutorial I haven't got the plate but me thinks it's time to change that. I am going to buy the caged bird sings with som of my birthday money I love the lady through you of course. Love always June xxxx

  16. Hello Barb. If you do German videos I might even get to learn a bit of German as well as some crafting! Love this technique but never given it a go. Will now. Thank you. xx Margaret Col.

  17. Hi Barb
    This video is super duper and the finished card is fab. When I think of the old way of running the brayer over the stamp (and sometimes over my thumb in the process) this is so much easier. I have said it before – and I'll say it again – you are an artist to your very bones.
    Love to hear you speak German, I didn't learn a language at school (too long ago) but I remember one of the male teachers telling us that German is the best language for a Geordie to learn as some of the words are the same as ours when spoken. xx

  18. Fabulous Demo today. Very inspired to get of my butt and have a crafty 15 minutes. Thank you for sharing this one, as you know I love landscapes but they can get a bit 'samey'. This adds another dimension. That's it I've talked myself into it, I'm off to play. xx

  19. The demo was fantastic today, loved the artwork. I always make a real' Harry Halls' of my reflections but using the Gelli plate looks so easy, I bet even I can do it. A big thank you for the technique.

  20. What a great demo Barbara, and what a lovely tranquil scene with the cool colours you have used. The Gelli Plate is obviously very versatile and I really must get one soon. The trouble is there are always so many new things which get added to the list and I have to prioritise them which I find very difficult to do. x

  21. Great video tutorial today again Barbara! I have used my stamps to take paint off the gelli plate, but never to put ink onto it, so yet again you have inspired me to try something new!! I've promised to show one of my American guests how to use one, so you may yet get a new "pupil" from overseas… Susan x

  22. Barbara how beautiful love the trees wanted to know how to do a reflection it looks so easy using the gellli plate YouTube is fantastic to watch you make it so relaxing to watch xxx

  23. Hi Barb, I enjoyed the you tube tutorial and that I can make more use of the gelli plate. I've got these stamps, still unused….but I'm not at work today so I feel playtime coming on. Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas, x

  24. Just fabulous. I really wanted to make a reflection card for my nephew, he knew all about Clarity when I spoke to him recently and was raving about the reflection cards. Now I know how, hopefully I will be able to impress him with a lovely birthday card. Thankyou the tutorials are so helpful. xx

  25. Great You tube tutorial today Barbara! I can feel a play time this evening once I have done a few things I need to do first! I do love these stamps…so useful! Love and hugs…xxx

  26. Really helpful video tutorial, loved it, I finally bought the tree mantels and can't wait to have a go at this. One little thing tho I would prefer it if I'm honest that the video wasn't fastforwarded, I like to watch it all in detail, I'm still learning and I enjoy watching you do your thing thats all x

  27. Hello Barb, brilliant video, did not know you could use the Gelli for reflections. Love the image, and will try emulate. Thank you for all the inspiration and teaching. Bx

  28. Soon as I've finished writing my year 10 reports, my reward will be having a go at this! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and giving us so much inspiration. Ela x

  29. Absolutely fabulous – you are utterly amazing. Had a very hard day at working but just had to go on your blog. How lovely to end the day looking at yet another masterpiece. How I aspire to be half or even a quarter as good as you
    Best wishes

  30. My first youtube Clarity Tuesday (a day late as i felt really rough yesterday!). I bought this set from Janet Pring recently at one of the Clarity East workshops and haven't got round to using them but this has really inspired me. I dont have a gelli plate but will try the techniques you have shown us. Cant wait for next Tuesday now! Elaine

  31. Great tutorial! I would never have thought of using the gelli plate for reflections. I love your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your talent. Allison

  32. Just bought my Clarity brushes a couple of months ago and started following you, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy watching and laerning from you, thank you! You are a true inspiration!

  33. Just bought my Clarity brushes a couple of months ago and started following you, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy watching and laerning from you, thank you! You are a true inspiration!

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