From a Horse to a Unicorn.

From a Horse to a Unicorn.

Hello and welcome to the Thursday Blue Blog.
Thanks for stopping by.
Today I thought we would take the fabulous Horse stamp 
and simply add a little blue.
It lends itself perfectly to colouring in and Zentangle.
So on TV on Sunday, I got as far as Dee’s black and white version  with the unicorn’s add-on. I have to tell you that Dee and I prep the shows together now. And what a difference that makes to my life! 
Here, we didn’t use much:
Stamp the head in black Archival.
Lightly mark a unicorn’s horn with the black micron pen,
then go back with the same pen, plaiting if you know what I mean…
I knew this has to be blogged after the TV, when a lady called asking to buy the Unicorn horn stamp.
Perfect little Girlie stamp now!
And we’re ready to do the background…
Break the background down into smaller areas with the pen.
You can see at a glance how you could add clouds and hills, 
can’t you….
Then simply carry on drawing contours, 
so that the whole background ends up looking like a contour map.
Run a black sharpie pen around the outside edges.
Stamp the line sentiment Just to Say along a smaller panel.
Doodle the contours into place again.
Like so:
 So now we’ve layered up the 2 pieces onto white card, and added black edging with the Sharpie pen, 
it’s time to colour the horse- oops! sorry, the unicorn in.
I think we will use blues, it being Blue Blog Thursday !
Once again, I am reaching for my Polychromos, Spectrum Noirs. Now don’t get me wrong! I don’t get paid to promote these pencils. There is absolutely no agenda here! I genuinely think the are the answer to every crafter’s colouring. Faber-Castell Polychromos are also very lovely, but also more expensive. 
So we’ll start around the outline of the unicorn’s head, building up the colour.
Let’s take a closer look…
When you think you have added enough blues, go back in around the inside edge with a couple of different greys; that will really make the image jump out.
Now let’s tackle the large black & white background. 
I just wanted to tone it down with creams, beiges and peaches. 
Literally go with the flow. Add colour to bring out curves and folds.
I could have spent a day colouring this in meticulously, 
and I wish I could. 
But I can’t.
So I can offer you the theory and a rough rendition, 
in hopes that you run with the creative baton,
and do a great job.
err…before you go, want to hear some Unicorny jokes?
What do Unicorns call their father?
What’s the difference between a unicorn and a carrot?
One’s a funny beast and the other’s a bunny feast.
A friend told me I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.
Dear  Noah,
We could have sworn the arc wasn’t leaving till 5.
love the Unicorns.
go on, smile!
much love,

40 thoughts on “From a Horse to a Unicorn.

  1. Thanks for the giggles to send me to sleep tonight wit the unicorn jokes, Barbara. My stamp arrived today so this might be good to play with tomorrow,once I have packed for Maria's workshop. Sleep well. xxx Maggie

  2. I like the unicorn design, think I will have to get it…….. there's me trying to be frugal and you come up with another stunner. The joke are lovely and corny, just suits this time of night ha ha xx

  3. I love your corny jokes Barbara and also love what you have done with this image. The head sort of disappears until you start to colour, and then all is revealed. What wonderful tangling. After your lovely jokes will go to bed with a smile on my face. x

  4. Hello Barb, what a great image, you make it look so easy, bet you it will take me hours just to get the contours done, let alone the colouring. Love the jokes, really gave a me a hearty laugh this morning. Have a great day

  5. Good morning creative and comedic Barb,
    I am anxious to get my stamping hands onto these beautiful stamps. Cool. Very cool. Keep,the creative comedy a coming! Xxx

  6. I am smiling lol x

    Barb I do love this horse and that it is now a Unicorn or is he the popcorn. How corny hehehe.

    I have been wanting to get the pencils for a while, so I will get them soon one box at a time.
    What order would you suggest Barb. Is it best starting with the Primaries? Could you help me out with an order as I can only buy one at a time. Thank you in advance.

    Denise xx

  7. Thanks for the giggle and the great unicorn. I agree with Jacquie, adding the colour made all the difference. Must dash, my dodo needs feeding – and you think you're delusional! x

  8. Hi Barbara. Brilliant contouring and colouring, I love the horse stamp and love the finished unicorn. Great jokes too, gave me a good laugh, especially the last one : ) Take care.

  9. Its amazing how the horse still stands out even when you extend the lines and cover the whole piece. It looks great coloured and shaded. I too use the Spectrum Noir pencils and they blend so easily, well worth getting and I noticed you now stock them so when I need my next tin I know where to look. Any idea when you will have the blender pencil in stock? XX

  10. I really love this contour wooden horse because it looks so 3D and I can imagine it carved from a piece of warm honey toned wood…but a blue unicorn is very magical too. Waiting for my stamps to arrive from Clarity so I can play too. Yes, your jokes had me chuckling on this Thursday morning. Will have to try them out on my class of 9 yr olds Xx

  11. Hi Barbara it's great to see this again I loved it when you did it on TV. I will be able to show my daughter too who loves zentangle. I had a good chuckle at your corny jokes and will be sharing them with her too – she loves a good joke and as she is revising hard at the moment for AS levels she needs something funny to laugh at. Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  12. You loony tune, very funny 🙂

    Loved this on the tv, looks amazing with some colour added, lots of decisions to be made before Sunday , Stamp Magic Doncaster Dome – see you there x

  13. I love unicorns. This is a brilliant card. The jokes are really just what I needed to start the day off – now with a wee smile!! Hope you have a fabulous day. xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Watched you do this on Sunday and wasn't too sure. BUT, now that you've coloured in the horse/ unicorn, it really pops out. Love the Spectrum Noir pencils – need to play more with them and really start to blend them but I love a tin of pencils that are brand new, all the same length etc!! Love the jokes – good start to the morning. Love Alison xxx

  15. Hi Barbara, When I saw the horse stamps you've created, I was delighted – they're lovely, but I'm not really into horses so I thought Great, I won't even be tempted to buy those. Then I saw what you did with this beautiful unicorn artwork, and… oh dear… I might send my bank manager a link to this page so he understands why I'm so overdrawn. Irresistible. Thanks for your wonderful ideas and inspiration.

  16. Thanks for the corny jokes Barbara! Your horse stamps are gorgeous, and the artwork today shows what you can do with them. The colouring and shading really brings it to life I think. I have the Spectrum Noir pencils and really enjoy using them, though have not tried using the blending solution yet. Crafty hugs xx

  17. Hope my horse arrives in time for Father's day as Dad is a horse racing fan and I think this horses head will suit well for a card. He's in hospital so I'm not making a card until almost the day ……. I don't think he'd appreciate a unicorn but it's great to see the colouring and zetangle with his one. Thanks! x

  18. Good evening Barb,
    Well, I am late today. Been looking after a poorly 10 year old granddaughter, then home to get tea ready, drop large cake on floor of kitchen/passage, hoover up (muttering under breath because I was looking forward to some of that cake) and where's a unicorn when you need one, eh – probably running after the Ark!!
    Fantastic stamp, fantastic interpretation of Horse/Unicorn and um really good cheesy jokes.
    Been trying to think of a Unicorn joke, and hats off to Janice for a good one, but I'm beaten. I'll probably come up with one in a week's time and will print it then – when everyone has forgotten about it!! Thanks again for fab inspiration and look after yourself. Love to all xx

  19. Well the Noah joke made me smile the most!!! Love this stamp and am glad you blogged it – the colouring in really lifts it off the page in amongst all that doodling! and what a splendid unicorn you made him into!!!
    I received my stencil and stamp today and spent a nice half hour reading your newsletter – your description of the plane seats – can so identify that scenario! been there so many times – you really do want to leap over that divide and shout at the person behind – the worst time being when you are still eating or have a drink and you have the little table down and the person in front decides thats the time recline their seat!!!!
    Your newsletter lifted my spirits today as was feeling low for a number of reasons – love this crafting circle as others help you through the grey days xxx
    Much love Barb – enjoy your wendy house xx Kim

  20. Bit late with this today, been on day trip to go on London Eye and visit Covent Garden. Lovely day views were amazing. Then come home to another brilliant blog from you. Like the unicorn shaded in, they are great stamps. In fact my husband asked me on way home if I had ordered them yet. As we are coming to Open Day thought I would wait as I know he will treat me to lots more. Love your corny jokes, will have to share with my grandson. xx

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