Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Well, here we are in France, having a fine old time!
Today has been a very arty day!
But the sun was shining! 
So while our dedicated Clarity Crafters beavered away indoors,
I enjoyed the afternoon sitting outside in the sunshine, 
with lovely Lily
among the flowers.
Dress needs a little designer touch…
So stamp Lily on a Post-It

and cut the dress out.

Mask her off,

Cover up her underskirt,

and add some flowers, using the little Posy stamp.

Time for some colour.
If you haven’t tried the Spectrum Noir Pencils
you should give them a go.
Very rich and waxy. Beautiful for blending.
There are 5 different colour sets.
And since Thursday’s blog is always blue, 
I reached for the Marine Collection.
Light blues, teals, dark blues, 

mixed with a little peach,

Time for a light frame, using a fine black Micron Pen.

Let’s add some leaves…
and colour them in.

Let’s get in close.

So now she’s framed with a delicate backdrop.
Sometimes, a simple squiggle is all it takes to finish a picture.
Happy Thursday.
Oh! And they did venture past me into the swimming pool.
It was shockingly cold
and very very funny…
See you tomorrow, 
for another French letter…..
à demain
or as we say in England, Adam Ant,

53 thoughts on “Lily

  1. J'adore votre blog
    vous faites un travail extraordinaire
    et il est si facile à suivre,
    merci beaucoup pour tout votre dur travail que vous faites pour nous tous
    As you said French tomorrow thought I would practice on you x
    love christine in France x

  2. Hi Barb, only you could make a squiggle look so arty, great card, so pretty, looks like you are all having a fab time, I had a good giggle about the French letter…. bit, I wonder how many will get it? Bx

  3. Bonjour Barbara. I am so jealous. We have changed our ferry dates to accommodate trying to sell our house here in England. Lily seems to be enjoying herself amongst the flowers. Bon semaine!! X

  4. Lily looks so pretty. Your squiggles are just right to finish her off (not in a murderous way though). It's lovely to hear and see what you're all up too, like getting a postcard, (not so keen on a french letter!!!) especially as my fb wall is a bit bare now you've taken most of the DT away. Think they were very brave to go for a swim. Brrr! I'm getting very tempted by the new pencils but they may need to wait a bit yet. Bon vacance. Love to all xxxx

    1. I know just what you mean about FB. It is scarily quiet this week without the DT chatting, but I am sure they are doing a lot of that all together in France. xx Maggie

  5. Well hello to one and all – what a fine time everyone is having – can see our Sazz is well engrossed there! Love the blog – the idea of you sitting in the garden in the sun so reflected in your art. It must be lovely being with some of your DT – bus mans holiday xxxx I think many of us are very envious of your beautiful surroundings and a whole week of nowt but crafting and having fun xx

  6. OOO Love what you have done today Barbara!
    Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves….I hope they are behaving for you too!
    Looking forward to seeing more…Like Jeanette says it is quiet on fb!!! Now I know who the noisy ones are! Love and hugs xx

  7. Fabulous card Barbara as always and I hope you are all having the most brilliant time in France. I hope you are all doing the Clarity Wave eh Maria Simms?? Lol

  8. Simply perfect! The colouring is lovely and yes think I would have to practice squiggles to get them anything like that. Enjoy!

  9. Stunning card, really love the frame you've done round her. Will you have the Spectrum Noirs Pencils in your store?
    And have I read well?????Swimming pool? With that weather? I hope you had a very nice "Chocolat chaud" after to warm you up.
    Have a very nice 8th of May, another of our bank holidays…. xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Pleased you all seem to be having a good time although not sure I would have managed the swimming pool! Love today's card – it is just so delicate and almost fragile. My squiggles and leaves would never turn out like yours but they have certainly made a beautiful frame and finish off the picture. Loving the colours you have used. Now it looks like I'm going to have to gt the Spectrum Noir pencils although can't afford them all, will get 2 sets as they're on special offer at moment. Now only thing to do is decide which 2 sets! Have a lovely day. Love Alison xx

  11. Morning Barbara, love today's picture very clean looking, I am looking forward to getting the pencils, the team look very engrossed but I don't envy them the cold dip x
    Its very quiet on fb without you all xx

  12. The dress looks really nice with the flowers stamped on. I have one box of pencils from spectrum noir and I think they are super, so easy to blend and group for great effects. Have fun with your crafting and swimming?!!!!! Very brave! Xx

  13. I am crying with laughter at Adam Ant that is so so funny. Skye my 9 year old is looking at me very strangely but I couldn't help the laughter, it was so unexpected.

    I learn so much from you Barb and I knew that squiggles were effective but never realised how easy they were to draw as I have never been very arty and thought it looked too complicated.

    Have loads of fun x
    Denise x

  14. Hi Barbara. Glad that you are all safely settled into Hobbiton : ) I loved the white houses on the black card yesterday, really striking. Lily looks beautiful among the delicate frame, (that's another thing that I struggle with, I think I try too hard to keep the lines flowing and loose. More practice needed me thinks! ) I bet the ladies regretted their dip if it was that cold, sure it was very funny watching them though : ) Carry on relaxing and having fun, you deserve it. Take care.

  15. You have a really wicked sense of humour. Great to see you all enjoying yourselves. Those delicate squiggles make all the difference to the picture, one for your personal gallery I reckon as it is so beautiful. Pouring with rain here today, our poor kitchen fitters are out under a gazebo trying to cut worktops etc. Will have to keep the coffee flowing, at least I can use the time for some craft. Lynne xx

  16. Morning Barbara, what a great start to,the morning, what a laugh you are! and by the time I came to Adam Ant I was just taking a mouthful of coffee and, well, suffice to say I nearly choked trying not to spray my computer with coffee!
    Loving Lily and her gorgeous dress, you are so clever. She is beautiful.
    Keep having fun! Hugs Annie

  17. Bonjour Barbara. Looks like it's definitely not all work and no play. Not sure the sun was shining enough for a swim though. I'd rather be colouring. Lovely picture which would look so special in a little girl's room. Have a happy day. xx Margaret Col.

  18. Love today's post and Lily is so beautiful. Just shows how little you need to create a beautiful piece of artwork. However, I reckon you have been talking to Maria. Two things I don't get on with you have used in this one – Spectrum Noirs are not for me (I really tried hard and gave them a good test, but I am sticking to my various sets of Derwent) but the real pet hate is having to cut out a stamp from the centre of a Post It. Don't know if I need to practice more or avoid the exercise completely. Maria will tell you how slow and rubbish I was at it – she actually finished it off for me as I was concerned that I was holding everyone else up. Carry on having a wonderful time over there. I can't imagine anything better than a whole week of crafting, especially in such a wonderful setting. xx Maggie

  19. I love Lily, just made a 'thank you' card using pretty Lily in peach. Love Lily in blue though. Thank you for further ideas to use with Lily.

  20. Thanks for todays 'digi-postcard' Love what you've done with Lily's dress … just a small detail but it makes all the difference. The Ladies are all making best use of their time although a dip in the swimming pool at this time of year …whoa…gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. The idea of pencils that blend sound very tempting … may have to hint to OH for my birthday …. Hope the sun comes out to play. xxxx Annie M

  21. Oh you do make me laugh Barbara, you made my day! What a lovely card simple but so pretty. My doodle lines would be too controlled and organised! I'm so pleased the sun is shining but I think they were a little rash with the swimming! Sounds like you are all having great fun. Keep enjoying yourself and have a lovely day. Love Diane

  22. I love this demo Barbara and Lily is ideal, with her long skirt, to add those pretty flowers to. The SN pencils look good too. What I really love about this is the pretty doodled frame and the extra stems and leaves, a really inspired touch which works perfectly. I'm glad you and the team are having a great time, and the French air is obviously getting the creative juices flowing. Looking forward to more blogging a la France.

  23. Just bluetiful Barbara, I have some of the spectrum noir pencils and I have Lily so I'm off to give her a makeover, thanks for the inspiration xxx So glad you are all having a great time xxx

  24. Photos look great. Card looks lovely. Your 'simple squiggles' are brilliant, although not sure I could get any squiggles to look half as good! Loved the Grunge Paste in yesterday's blog too. Amazing how great it looked on the black card. That us something I can definitely have a go at trying! x

  25. Such creativity in one room!! Hope you all have a wonderful time and that the weather is kind to you. Lovely card, I'm trying to resist the pencils as I'm rapidly running out of storage!! x

  26. Hi Barbara and your fellow campers. Looks like your having a lovely time. What a setting for creativity I see how it comes to you now. I love the card with Lilly so feminine. Just perfect for a summer birthday
    Debra x

  27. I'm late as usual but this is funny, clever, instructive and just typical Barbs. I love it and I do get inspiration from you all the time. I've followed you since about 2002 and you never fail me. Thank you – when are you coming to Sedgefield again? love xxoo

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