Friday’s Blog a Private Peek….

Friday’s Blog a Private Peek….

Hello there!

I have to tell you, usually, I am always alone when I blog.
But this week, mais non!
I’ve got Melanie Turner on my right (human spellchecker), Paul Church on my left, and Dave Roe strumming his guitar!
What did we do today?
Well, it rained chats et chiens,
so we got arty.

I tried to get a space at the table, but alas!
There was so much equipment sur le table, 
I was relegated to the window sill.
It was very warm above the radiators, but I soldiered on…

I really wanted to do a canvas, 
using the 3 Magpie stencils and Grunge Paste.

Magpie 1

Magpie 2 

So this was the idea I had in the wee small hours of the morning.
Use the outer stencils to drag Grunge Paste through first.
However, wait for the first silhouette to dry (15 minutes), 
before repeating the process with the second and then the third bird.
Tackle each bird individually. 
When dry, attach the inner detailed bird, using masking tape;
then place the outer stencil over the top, to protect the outer area.
Using a small spatula, add the texture paste through the detail stencil. 
See how it adds dimension to the original birds?
Découpage Magpies!
Then the fun began, 
and I spent the next 7 hours at the window sill, 
faffing about with all sorts of mixed media:
glass paint
acrylic paint
modge podge 
tissue paper,
acrylic sprays
white spirit.
Anything I could lay me hands on 
from the crafty stash sur le table that I couldn’t get a seat at!
Yellow Glass Paint

Blue Glass paint.
Yikes! Oh mon Dieu!

Salvage job.
White spirit lifts the paint,
much to my relief! 

At one point, I decided the blotting papers were better 
than the canvas. 

But, they don’t call me Tenacious Tallulah for nothing.
So back to the canvas and the window sill….

Added some tissue paper, added the blotted bird images, a couple of butterflies 

and a toadstool.

Then decided against the birds at the top, 
spent 2 hours trying to get rid of them,
and wished I had taken up knitting.
Added the Grunge Paste through our Stripe stencil,
to lighten a dark space,
both in my mind and on the canvas.
And suddenly, I actually liked my finished artwork!
To be titivated tomorrow,
Because it’s time for bed, as the walrus said.
Paul wore his happy little self out,
and here’s chirpy Mel, 
aka human spellchecker and stamp designer extraordinaire,
(getting ready to hit me).

And here’s our Maria, having a ball. 

So all in all, a good day.
More rain tomorrow, but who cares?!

quoi quoi


53 thoughts on “Friday’s Blog a Private Peek….

  1. Great to see more pics from the trip. I really love how you layered the grunge paste with the magpie stencils. The finished effect of that is brilliant. And as for your finished artwork. Amazing. That is truly a wonderful piece of artwork. Definitely another one for your gallery. x

  2. We have rain here too, Barb, but you have the benefit of good company and a beautiful place in which to craft. My principle is that you can never have too many butterflies. Love the canvas so far. Enjoy the titivation tomorrow. Remember your own mantra – you can always add but you cannot take it away. Love to all of you it there. xx Maggie

    1. Just been re-reading today's blog. Several of those interim stages of your gorgeous canvas were just perfect to me. There is one important thing about this – there is no chance of anyone ever replicating your masterpiece, it is totally unique. Just perfect. xx Maggie

  3. I love your canvas would love to do one just don't no how to start will have to have ago will have to read again what you did and have ago is the only way. Next week have to be time Ido it on a day to myself glad your all having a ball such an amazing looking place x

  4. Love your canvas, love your photos, and most of all love that your day sounds so very like mine lol (except I haven't a fab work of art to show for it!) 🙂 Maddy x

  5. Oh dear Barb, how could they relegate you to the window sill? Love the canvas that resulted though, the varied elements and the grunged magpies are very effective, looks like the whole gang is having a fab time, great pics. Bx

  6. Hi Barbara. Wow you got messy today. It's fabulous, the canvas I mean not the fact you got messy. So different from yesterday. Truly a work of art. Keep it coming.
    Debra x

  7. Oh My Gosh! Now I am well jel!!! Looks like you are all having a fabulous time…especially Maria with the bottle of Champers!!! Poor Paul….he looks like you've all worn him out!!!
    Keep the holiday diary coming! Love to you all xxx

  8. Oh Tallaluha!!! How wonderful to see you doing some altered art – I really really love playing around with the mixed media stuff – I love that you can tinker when its not quite right to start again too – what I really love from this blog is seeing the double layer of GP with the magpies – I have the magpies a spare canvas…….hmmmm me thinks I will be having a go with that revelation! The weather in SE London yesterday also pants – very windy, extremely wet at times – then the rain blew away leaving a day of cool damp feeling weather – you know the type when a lovely summer has ended and Autumn pops up! Not very May like at all. Loving the photos – Maria in her pinnie! Oh well I must away as work has to be attended (boring stuff eh) – would much prefer to be doing what you are all doing xx Much love to you, Dave and the DT in rural France xx

  9. Oh Tullulah you certainly know how to mix your media. I think I'd have given up in despair at the blue paint point!!! 😚 Glad you didn't though as your finished art work is amazing. If you teach us nothing else, you teach us perseverance and to look at things differently when at first our creations look a mess. It seems there are many ways to salvage a project and even if we still don't like what we've created we would have learnt loads in the process. Sorry to hear about the rain, hope you all have a fun day again today. xx

  10. Oh so loving this Barbara sorry Tallulah, stunning canvas. Like the effect of the glass paints …..but I am not get any more stash!……….we'll not yet anyway.

  11. Morning Tallulah and crafting gang. Definitely another picture to add to your gallery. I have wanted to do a canvas for a while now as I really like the way lots of techniques can be used to make one. Layering the grunge paste works so well, getting an order together now and the paste is on the top! Have fun today, hope you get a bit of table space………..You should make a sign saying 'First up best seated' XX

  12. I've really enjoyed today's blog and love the effect of decoupage with grunge paste (is it decougrunge or grungeoupage!) and the way you tried lots of different things and kept going with it all until you were happy with the result. I think what I have learnt is that sometimes I should carry on just a bit longer before I give up and consign something to the bin.

  13. Hi Barbara. Wow, I love the magpies, they look even more fabulous (I know that isn't good English but you know what I mean) with the detail added. You have shown us how to keep on playing until you are happy. I think I would have given up mid way. So glad you liked the end result, it's great. I have never been on a holiday where you put a towel on a sun lounger to reserve it, have been told it works though so you could give it a try on a chair at the table so you don't end up by the radiator again. Sure it would give everyone a laugh : ) It's lovely to see the pics of you all. Take care.

  14. Barb you are working Paul too hard lol either that or he is not wanting to leave his crafty space 🙂
    It looks like fun and laughter. It is lovely to see all the pics. Get in early today so you aren't left at the radiator again.

    I love the canvas and I will be making one soon. I am excited about it but a little nervous as it is a keepsake and very nervous because I haven't done one before. Help. I know I am capable though. As long as I ask the correct questions x

    Have fun x
    Denise xx

  15. It turns out to be a stunning piece of art, I really like it. And I also like your French translation…..It's raining Chien et Chat….That makes me laugh, as in French we are left "poetic" and we say "Il pleut comme vache qui pisse" (it's raining like cow havind a wee…..° I bet you're all laughing now…..
    It is very sunny here, in the Pays de La Loire this morning and hope you'll have the same weather. Enjoy your break.
    Laurence xx

  16. Hi Barb,
    Well this is certainly a change from yesterday! Love it! I love the way the grunge paste worked through the stencils – really added dimension. How you managed to produce what you have, I'll never know – I would have just given up and thrown it in the bin at the blue glass paint stage. Wouldn't have known how to rescue it! Anyway, so pleased you didn't because the canvas so far is looking fabulous. Can't wait to see it titivated tomorrow. I have some canvasses ,so might just have to try something similar. Hope you manage to get a seat at the table though – you should just tell them all "I'm the leader of the gang!" To quote Gary Glitter I believe! Love to you all, Alison xx

  17. stunning canvas, look forward to seeing the finishing touches, not that it needs them. Wow you all look like your in Inky Heaven, hope the weather is a bit kinder to you all today, have fun. Jane x

  18. Well personally I think you are entitled to a seat at the head of the table but anyway at least you had a warm radiator. It is raining here as well and I AM FREEZING, doors are wide open while workmen in and out of house. Your canvas is great ,did wonder where you were going with it but then it all came together. Think I might have given in. What fun to be able to be able to share ideas. So is Dave chief bottle opener or is he joining in the creativity. xx

  19. Stunning canvas what a lot of work, but you ended up with a fantastic piece of artwork. Looks like you are all having a fab time..I can't believe its Friday already. Enjoy the rest of your time in France

  20. Hi Barbara. What a great time you are all having. Love your artwork. Get in first today and get your seat at the table before anyone else gets up, or put your craft tools on the seat!!
    Love Val in Spain x

  21. Hello. Well, crafting, friends and champagne (or was that just for Maria?) sounds like the perfect combination! And a great result at the end of it. I hope that will take pride of place in the gallery after so much hair pulling. Sending you some sunshine for tomorrow. xx Margaret Col.

  22. Amazing canvas! Looks like you're having a blast, and I'm glad to see the coffee cups have been replaced by wine glasses in today's pictures!!! Really like the effect of adding detail to the grunge paste with the same stencil – just must not buy any more stash until I have a place in my craft room to put it…
    Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  23. Love the franglais, very witty. Love the two dimensional Grunge Paste stage too. Looks very classy. Enjoy the rest of your time together, so we can enjoy it too!

  24. Your canvas is looking wonderful despite the trial and tribulations you have had. It sounds as if you are all having a wonderful time despite or maybe because of the rain.
    Jackie x

  25. Love the canvas! And the way you incorporated all sorts of stuff including the blotting paper images. They were scared of your genius, a la table. Thank you, Jan

  26. What a happy bunch of little soldiers you look all beavering away. I loved the last image best with the white stripes. The stripes seem to draw the eye in to the rest of the images. Can't wait to the see the rest.

  27. Barb that canvas is pure Genius, well worth your toil, I think it's one for your stair case Gallery, it's good to get messy & away from the OCD Presision lol. I'm into Canvas work just now too, great fun, about to start at an Art Studio for help, can't wait. Enjoy France I love th he place. Xxxx

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