Centre Ville !

Centre Ville !

Bonjour from France!
Greetings from Bretagne, where the Clarity Design team 
are having a retreat treat!
Here we are, after a rather gruelling drive through torrential rain.

Loosely translated,
Il plurt bowcoop !!!!
Trying to maintain a convoy with this lot 
was nothing short of ridiculous!
We hadn’t gone 500 yards – nay, metres – outside Calais, and I got the first distress call from Car No. 3 (out of 5), “We’ve lost you!” 
250 Km later, they caught up with us.
But now they are all tucked up in their little hobbit houses,
and I can spend a moment with you, 
showing off that Town stencil from yesterday’s You Tube again.

What else was used here?
So tape up a panel of the stencil on black card, like so.

Drag Grunge Paste through the stencil with a spreader, 
from top to bottom.
Best done in one sweep.

Carefully remove the stencil from the black card 
and put it in warm soapy water asap.
The stencil, not the artwork, Mrs Literal!

Then let the Grunge Paste dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

Looks very cool on black card.

If you like, you can replace the stencil 
and add colour with a stencil brush.

Touch of Butterscotch and Red Pepper…

But sometimes just plain old white looks pretty sharp, too…

Anyway, I really must get back;
the corks are popping in Hobbiton.

Bonne nuit!

52 thoughts on “Centre Ville !

  1. Lovely!
    And tomorrow the fun starts! Lots of pictures please Barbara! And if you want to set a couple of crafty challenges I'm up for that! Xxx

  2. Bonjour tout Le monde! Glad you've all arrived safely and the wine is now flowing. ..could be some interesting hangover creation in the morning. Love your hobitty gite. Look forward to seeing what you create.Have a fab time and hope the rain stops soon xx

  3. Beautiful little Hobbit houses … what a gorgeous place for a retreat .. hope weather improves but sure you'll all have fun xx Annie ..plenty of pics pls

  4. Note to self, if I have a go at this project, which I just might, make sure I wash the stencil immediately. Getting acryllic off the leafy swirl has taken most of the day – could have something to do with the fact that I forgot to wash it about three months ago and then used the other side at the weekend. It is fascinating to see how you can take just a small piece of a stencil and make a great piece of artwork from it, and I do like it just simple black and white – stylish, less is more. Hope the rain has gone for you tomorrow (but please don't send it her3 as I need to gather my hay) and you all have a wonderful time. Love to you all. xx Maggie

  5. Hello Barb, glad you all arrived safely, what a beautiful place for a retreat. Hope you all have a good time, and we see lots of pics. Love this card, and it does look superb in black and white. Bx

  6. Hobbiton looks fabulous, I love France. My little old Aunt lives in a lovely but a little run down very quaint french farmhouse in Brittany where we have always took the 7 hour drive through France from Calais. Have loads of fun and laughter xxx. And I love the look of the grunge paste on the black. I will give it a whirl xx
    Denise x

  7. The very good news is that you all arrived safely – so who was in car number 3????? Love the GP – and this blog has given me some thoughts on a card I need to make by Friday so thank you Barb – it certainly does look stunning on the black card!
    So do you feel like Mum to all the crowd??

  8. I'm having a craft day will try this today will post if turns out as haven't tryed grunge paste yet so here goes glad all arrived safely in end have a fantastic time love pictures really look like hobbit houses fantastic xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Pleased to hear that you've all arrived safely. Definitely NEED this stencil! Thought yesterday's prints were lovely, but this is fabulous! How stunning in just the grunge paste on black! I don't have grunge paste but do use texture paste – both smooth & coarse texture, which seem to work really well. Will give this a go once I get the stencil that is! Have a fantastic time in Brittany. Love Alison xxx

  10. I like the idea of dividing up the stencil and using just part of it and combined with the grunge paste it makes a great effect. Have an amazing time in Hobbitville.

  11. I've never divided the stencil up but really like the effect so I'll be giving it a try soon! Hope everyone has a fab time and that the sun shines for you today.

  12. Oh dear I have to agree with some of the others, I did not think I needed this stencil either but I DO!! Good job I am gold member as well, the list is growing again. Lovely card, would be a brilliant man's card. Hope all well in Hobbitland. Not too many headaches this morning after popping corks. Lynne xx

  13. Hello Barbara. I'm so glad I have this stencil as this technique is a must. What a shame you had rain on your drive – hope the weather is kinder today. Woke up hear to glorious sunshine so the garden beckons. Not sure it will get any attention as I feel a crafty day coming upon me. Have fun with the gang. xx Margaret Col.

  14. Well, I hope the plurt bowcoop is finis by now. Fabulous way to use the stencil Barbara, very creative. Enjoy your time with the team in France and keep those corks popping Pat x

  15. Think i will need buy some grunge pate now! That is really effective. I love this stencil as it reminds me if so many wee villages. I might even try to do a card using it to look like Tobermory for a friend who loves Mull.

  16. I think I like this one even more than yesterday's! Hope you have a great time in France, love the little Hobbit houses – idea for a stamp range? 🙂

  17. Hi Barb, comment allez vous? Glad you got there safe and sound. Love the idea of masking off some of your stencil. I want them all! My airbrush set arrived yesterday, and I could use it on all your stencils. I'm gradually collecting them, but have restricted funds, considering I am a pensioner. (hate using that word). Have a great time while you are there.

  18. Bonjour Barbara et toute l'équipe. No luck for you to have to travel in such a weather. We came back from a week-end in Lot-Et-Garonne yesterday and no rain at all. And still no rain today, just a few kms South of Brittany.
    Lovely card, and you're right, black and white can be as nice as a coloured project. Just used the grunge paste for the first time and the effect is stunning.
    Have a nice break and I hope que le beau temps va enfin arriver. Amicalement,
    Laurence xx

  19. The hobbit house looks beautiful, I hope the wine flows and you have a great time. The mono card is lovely. Just been clarity shopping so looking forward to my order being delivered soon. Joan x

  20. Hobbiton looks lovely, glad you all arrived safe and sound. Have a great week everyone x

    I don't have the town stencil (yet) but I love the GP on black card, looks stunning x

  21. The hobbit houses look lovely, I hope the weather is kinder to you today, have a fantstic time
    What a great project and you are right it looks very sharp left in black and white

    Jackie x

  22. I wonder if a retreat is ever really a retreat now we are all on-line? Anyway it's away from the office, so I hope you have a lot of fun together being crafty!! Today I'm having a go at teaching my 83 year old dad how to use a gelli plate!!!! Wish me luck…. Susan x

  23. Hi Barbara what fabulous cards- I like the simple black and white but I also love the red pepper, what a fab name! I do like that stencil and the grunge paste…. That's on the list! What wonderful cottages ( I can see a stencil or stamp here). I hope the rain stops, the sun shines and the corks keep popping! Have a great time. Love Diane xx

  24. I love the little hobbit houses, and hope that you have a great week with fine weather. I think the town stencil looks perfect in black and white. x

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