You Tube and an Old Gelli Plate Town!

You Tube and an Old Gelli Plate Town!

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by this 
You Tube Tuesday!
I hope you like this one.
It is very, very simple.
and not one but two Gelli Plates!
She must be kidding! I hear you say. Two Gelli Plates?!
What is she thinking?!
Well, I did a great deal of thinking before I figured this method out, and when you watch it, you will get it. I promise. 
It’s a straight-forward paint transfer. 
I tried it on a craft mat, and just made a holy mess.
I tried it on a blending mat, and things did not improve.
So finally, I went to the Gelli Plates.
Print after fabulous print. 
If you want to go round the houses (forgive the pun), 
by all means! I’m sure many roads lead to the town hall.
But this for me, was a neat, oh so effective and efficient route. 
What else did I use?
Golden Open Acrylic Paints:
Buff Titanium
Paynes Grey
Quinacridone Azo Gold
(Give us another week, and we will have them in stock.
Otherwise, if you can’t wait, most good fine art stores 
should stock them.)

And now we’re off to France for a week. 
The Clarity Design Team is on Tour!
We’ll keep you posted….
Tomorrow I shall be blogging from Bretagne!
much love,

38 thoughts on “You Tube and an Old Gelli Plate Town!

  1. Will you stop it!! Can't believe another fantastic technique! Love it and lucky me I've got 2 gelli plates too. Must try this ASAP! Have a Bon temps en Francais!? Jealous………

  2. Happy Tuesday morning, I love this technique and we do have more than one Gelli plate just need to find those paints, grand job,, have fun this week….

  3. Brilliant! I love using the Gelli Plates although not used the larger one very much yet as I find the paint dries quicker than I can work! These Golden Open paints look great to use, so I will definitely be adding them to my shopping list. It is really good to see how the two Gelli plates can work in tandem and just how different each print looks. Three different, yet all lovely, pieces of artwork. YouTube Tuesday just gets better and better. Have a lovely time in France! x

  4. Fantastic demo! Just a thought…. could you flip your jelli plate over once you have your black bit done? Hope you all have a lovely time in France.

  5. Oh my, an amazing technique. I'm lucky to have both Gelli plates and look forward to getting some of the open acrylics to give this a go. Have a fab time in France, no doubt lots more ideas will be generated between you and the DT. xx

  6. Hi Barb, what a fab technique great video explaining the steps, I am lucky enough to have both sizes of Gelli Plates, so look forward to giving this a go, when I get my hands on some Open acrylics. Have a wonderful time in France, looking forward to all the ideas coming back with you and the design team – Hopefully they will materialise into stamps and stencils as well as step by steps and videos. Bx

  7. Hi Barb I am lucky to have the small gelli plate at the moment but not the larger one yet. I want to bold and italic my yet x

    It is a great idea to use both and I haven't really got why you used the slow drying paint until now, that really makes a lot of sense.

    Great tutorial on you tube Tuesday it was fab you are so good at what you do and make it so easy looking. I really must practice using the make up sponges as I need to get better at it.

    I thank you for you tube Tuesday and although there were some rumblings from some over losing the classroom but I much prefer the You Tube Tuesdays as we get more a little more. I just hope it is not detrimental to your health.

    Denise x

  8. Super results, Barbara. You make it look so easy. The mono print looks so like the Old Town and fish sheds in Hastings, but I have just one gelli plate so will have to find another way.
    Have a great and creative time en France.

  9. JEALOUS !!!! But still hope you have a wonderful time. Fabulous demo with the two Gelli plates. the prints are really great. Thank you for sharing. xxxx

  10. Great demo – only have one gelliplate and as I'm still getting to grips with that, I think I'll stick to the simpler techniques for a while! Fab prints though. Enjoy your week with the team! Susan x

  11. The lovely prints Barbara and all so individual. Thanks for the lovely demo. Hope you have a great time in France and Bon Voyage! I look forward to your blogging en francais. x

  12. Oh how amazing. Trouble is I now need open acrylics, town stencil and another gelli plate. Going to spend time playing with gelli plate tomorrow, what a shame can't do much else as kitchen fitters keep turning off electric. Enjoy yourselves in France. Oh goodness hope someone has warned them you all arriving!! XX

  13. Really stunning Barbara what a fantastic idea. Only got the small geli plate but I wonder if you can put the paint onto the stencil directly with a brayer …… May give it a hoe when I have time. The prints were so different they were fab. Have a great time in France everyone I hope the weather is good for you so you can sit in the sun with vino and baguettes ! Love Diane xxx

  14. TWO GELLI PLATES!!!! Are you mad? Is what I was thinking before watching the video…………. now I'm thinking two is the way to go! Love all the prints you got and although reluctant at first I may be tempted to give the open acrylics a try. Hope you are having fun in France. XX

  15. Fabulous video, thank you! Oh dear, need to think about getting a second Gelli plate! I have the larger one already but now in am thinking I neeeeeeeeed the 6 x 6 one too! xx

  16. What beautiful prints! I'm going to try using the technique you showed us using the seed head stencils and embossing. Always worth a try until I have an arsenal of gelli plates. Have fun in France and take care. Thanks, Jan

  17. Really hope you are staying with my mates Holly and Cha. If by some fluke you are, you'll have a great time and be well looked after. Have a great time in France.

  18. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous! I have the two Gelli plates, now all I need is the paint – oh! And the stencil!!Really liked the prints that you pulled and the video was superb. You are so inspirational. Have a brilliant time in Brittany – beautiful part of France – had a brilliant holiday there many years ago at a place called St Lunaire not far from St Malone. Love Alison xx

  19. Loved the you tube today Barbara and I will be getting my Gelli plates out at the first opportunity…. Might even do it tomorrow evening! The prints you got were fantastic.
    Hope you're all safely in the cottages by now and getting settled in!
    Love and hugs xxx

  20. Hi Barbara. Was not sure about this stencils but after watching your you tube my mind has changed. I love it your prints and the technique are amazing.
    Debra x

  21. Hi Barbara. Was not sure about this stencils but after watching your you tube my mind has changed. I love it your prints and the technique are amazing.
    Debra x

  22. Apologies for my late post on this – I watched this quite late last night and was a bit groggy with sleep! So I am going to watch it all again later today when I get home from work as it was full of explanations and great demo's. I have both sizes so will have to give it a go with a different stencil though as I do not have this one! Really really loving the You Tube xx

  23. Hi Barbara. I love it! Every time you amaze me how quickly you turn a plain piece of card into a beautiful piece of art, with just a few items and your fabulous shading etc! I wish I could master shading : ) Oh well, I will keep on trying to get it right, using the video really helps as I can pause it while I have a go at each stage, so thank you for making them : ) Take care.

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