Wheelie nice Twees and Leaves

Wheelie nice Twees and Leaves

Happy Sunday!
Thanks for stopping by. 

A couple of ladies called this week, requesting a 
how-to-use-the-new-Wheelie-stencils blog,
so here’s one using the 
Branch and Leaves Wheelie stencil

It’s pretty clever.
Wheelie wheelie clever, in fact!
Take a closer look; 6 different leaves, 3 different sizes.
And 4 different branches/twiggies to dress.

A Gelli Plate background piece
Make-up sponges.
It really doesn’t get any easier than this!
Simply dial in the branch or the part of the branch 
you want to use, hold it in place, 
and sponge through the stencil.

Move the stencil to the next branch or twig you fancy 
(there are 3 different sizes)
Build your scene…

Now dial in the leaves. 
There are different leaves and different sizes, so lots of scope.
Add the leaves along the branches, using Library green.

The upper wheel acts as a shield, so you don’t add ink through other parts of the stencil.
This is the same for any of our Wheelies, whether they by images or ABC’s or numbers.
Wheelie wheelie clever!

You can set the scene to fit the layout.

 Just add a fitting sentiment.
All done!
As for cleaning? The little swivel rivet in the centre pops off, so you can clean the stencil as you would any other stencil, with warm soapy water or thinners ( for permanent inks and paints). 
Just watch where it pings !!! (Sam!) 

much love,

60 thoughts on “Wheelie nice Twees and Leaves

  1. Hi Barbara. Thanks for the demo. It's my birthday this week, guess what I asked for? Yep….£'s, than I can make a final choice from all of the lovely Clarity goodies : ) Take care.

  2. Great card Barbara. I hadn't realised you could remove the centre of the stencils. I'm going to use one again later and that will make it a lot easier to clean. lol x

  3. Hi Barb, fab step by step, my first wheelie stencil arrived yesterday, along with my other ordered goodies, so am hoping to have time to play today. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Sunday all. Bx

  4. I love nature and especially trees and leaves, I ummmmd and arrrrghhhd about getting this stencil on my last order but I wasn't sure how it exactly worked, now I know I'll definitely invest. Thank you for doing this.

  5. Morning Barbara wheelie like the look of this stencil it is very versatile and will have lots of uses. Thanks for another great tutorial.
    I've just taken advantage of the club membership offer and signed up looking forward to receiving my first months freebie etc
    Jackie x

  6. Hi Barb,
    This is one of the Wheelie stencils that I ordered so I'm so pleased that you have done a step by step today. I will be having a play this afternoon. I really like how you have built the scene and added the twigs/branches under the words – how versatile is that! Thanks again for all the inspiration you give us. Love Alison xxx

    1. Get them all….I've got the men and now want the alphabet (can't decide which font), and I think this tree is a "must have" too….am thinking ahead to Christmas – I think it lends itself to hanging Christmas baubles from them with silver & gold leaves & snow…….
      Anything on the horizon Barbara for a lady wheelie?…..Hope so!
      Take care, Carole 🙂 x

  7. Not tried your wheelie stencils yet but think they may become a priority order very soon as they look so versatile and because of your clever design, you actually get a lot of stencils for your money. Lovely, helpful tutorial and fab card. Have a lovely Sunday xx

  8. This looks exciting Barbara I will have to have a look at these wheelies. Thank you for the demo and have a good Sunday. Love Diane xx

  9. Hello Barbara. I got the wheelie numbers and alpha at Ally Pally and haven't stopped playing since. So many wheelie great things you can do and with no mess. This is wheelie highly recommended and now I wheelie need the rest of the range. Sorry bit carried away there! xx Margaret Col.

  10. Thank you for showing us I recieved my lovely bundle yesterday from my £100 voucher I won on here and I got some of wheelies in my parcel so will try this later it was a wonderful surprise to win and to recieve such a wonderful big bundle yesterday is will try this one later today thank again I am one very happy crafter xxx

  11. That is just so clever, Barb, and so effective. Also very good for using up random Gelli prints – saves wasting paper/card. Are you going to supply those rivets for those of us who emulate Sam? xx Maggie

  12. Barb this us great and so simple. I have the grunge alphabet and the numbers and twiggy twigs are next. They are fab.
    Have a lovely day and I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.
    I hope you had a good day at oyster stamps yesterday and hope you get some rest today x
    Denise x

  13. Hi Barbara, wow another stencil to add to my ever growing list of must haves!! lol. It was lovely meeting you and Dave yesterday at Oysterstamps, thank you for the advice you gave me regarding getting the right colours to make the Harbour scene. Also all the demos you did which were fantastic and very inspirational, especially with the Gelli plate, ( its now on the list!). I will see you in June as ordered my ticket for your Open Day, now just got to book the day off work, fingers crossed they allow it or will have to have a sickie tutt tutt lol. Take care xx

  14. Viva La Barbara . Been waiting for this weelie demo and can t wait to get started ! Have two bundles of Clarity goodies wating for me at home – shall get started on Thursday , can t wait.
    how many words to describe Clarity ? Truly artistic, wonderful, ingenious, beautiful !
    Hope to see you again at NEC in November………..Evelyn X

  15. This is simplistic but very effective – I'm going to see what backgrounds I've made and go through all my stencils and stamps today – I need to make a card for a 12 year old and I'm thinking the wheelie jumping boy and maybe one of the shaped aperture stencils for him to jump through…….mmmmmm – we'll see……
    Hope everyone's enjoying their Sunday, Carole x

  16. I did not think I needed these but guess what now I have seen how versatile they are I will be adding them to my stash. Will be so useful. Thanks for the demo always helps to get the ideas flowing. Off to cook lunch now then maybe some lovely time at my desk. Lynne xx

  17. Straightforward but so effective Barbara and love that Gelli Plate background which is a great starting point. Hope you are having a good weekend. x

  18. A timely warning about pinging the rivet as I've just spent the last 10 minutes carefully stroking the floor looking for the little **+$^@!! Found It! Love the stencils though x

  19. Really clever – can't afford to get any yet, but they look like they would be a useful addition to my crafty stash. Well, the garden (or should I say wilderness) beckons, so best get out there with my fork and loppers, and then I can have some time in my craft room this afternoon. Thanks for the inspiration! Susan x

  20. This was the stencil I got at Ally Pally and I love it. I have used it to make a twiggy edge to a card and it looked really effective. I really like that it has different shape and sizes of leaves so it can be used in lots of different ways and at different times of the year – already got my eye on the branch with the holly leaf and the NDC robin for that 'C' word 😉 I must admit I didn't even know the rivet came off! I will keep it in mind when I use it again. XX

  21. Barbara thank you for showing the weelie branch stencil as I ordered it last weekend with my sale things so awaiting my parcel brilliant been able to see how it works super card with the gellli plate background happy crafting xxx

  22. I feel another order coming on, hehee!!!
    Love this card, I have a thing about trees and leaves. This would look sensational in Autumn colours, my fave time of year, oh yes, deffo need to order, right now – resistance is futile!!

  23. Thanks that tutorial, I was like a lot of the other girls and was wondering. Now just have to wait for my order to arrive and try them…..
    Laurence x

  24. Another for the wish list!!! Have been playing gelli plate this morning, at last, and having a great, messy time. Might even get some backgrounds worth using soon!!! Thank you, Jan

  25. This stencil will certainly become part of my collection as I can see so many uses for it. Really need to start using my Clarity stamps and stencils as you have been bringing us many brilliant techniques.

  26. Ah so you saw that I had lost my first one then? I think the Wheelies are a great idea (see how I resisted the Wheelie good idea thing that you do)?? Just playing myself actually and you just gave me an idea??? See ya later.

  27. Love the man wheelie, it so versatile I've tried a couple of different inks & things brilliant. I know I have asked before but could we have a ladies one when you are next designing. Now i have got a wheelie i will collect as many as i can. xx

  28. Great idea Barbara, I'm sure you've loads of ideas for future themes. Nice to see them action and I look forward to seeing what the design team have produced with them next weekend! Xx

  29. How do you do it Barbara, another really clever invention and you didn't go reinventing the wheel!!! (sorry couldn't resist) Can't wait to get my hands on these.

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