The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

Good Monday morning y’all!
Sorry I’m a little late, but had such a good Sunday that 
Monday rolled round way too fast! 
One thing we did was watch the new Lone Ranger film, which stars Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger.
Well worth watching, although I spent a good portion of the film outside the living-room door with my hands over my ears, asking Dave whether it was safe to come back in! Is it me? Am I really that super-sensitive? When a film is rated PG, do I expect brutal carnage? Is it normal to rip a man’s heart out and eat it? I mean, I know I get brassed off sometimes, and could happily strangle the occasional individual, but eating them? That’s a bit strong for me to swallow, if you’ll pardon the pun.
Well worth watching? Really, I hear you ask… 
Yes, the photography and the scenery was breathtaking!
So here’s a tribute which I rustled up just now, using a Gelli Plate scrap again. All hail to the Gelli Plate scrap stash 
when you’re running late!!!
I also used:
How did I arrive at the background?
Well, it all started with an 8″ x 10″ Gelli plate. 
That much I can tell you!
I do know I have been hanging on to this scrap of copy paper for months, just waiting for the right occasion.
See what you think…
Yep, you do have to have a vivid imagination, I know, 
but as I just explained, I spent most of the film either 
outside the room or with my eyes covered, 
so that would be the vivid imagination box ticked!

Stamp the Forest ridge where you can see it in your mind.
You need a permanent ink pad, like Cobalt Archival, 
because of the acrylic background.

Stamp again. You do realise them there trees is full of Injuns…
Ahhh. There he is. 
The Lone Ranger, trying to work out whether to jump across 
the creek, or go round…

Time to trim back…head ’em off at the pass….

…and add some depth. 
I used Stormy Sky round the lower edge with a 
Blending Tool and Blending mat. 
Well worth investing in if you are starting out on your creative journey. Horse or no horse.
 Use the tip of the blending tool to get in under the trees 
with the Stormy Sky.

Time to mount on a mottled card. 
This copy paper is a bit flimsy, so spray mount works best.

Trim back. 
He still hasn’t decided whether to go for it 
Hi ho Silver!
or take the scenic route. 

Meanwhile, Tonto is desperately sending smoke signals over the ridge. I knew a bloke in Gillingham who could blow awesome smoke rings like that too…

Cracked desert…midday sun…

Let’s add a little heat with Dried Marigold.

Sun Factor 30

This will take you back…
I hope it makes you smile.

Thanks for stopping by

59 thoughts on “The Lone Ranger

  1. Hi Barbara. Haven´t seen the new film yet and I´m intrigues. By the sound of it I´ll have the cushion over my face most of the time. Love todays card. Also love my Geli Plate but I seem to get a lot messier that you when you demo on C+C! I have lovely memories of the Lone Ranger as a child. Thought Jay Silverheels a great name. Just going to watch the clip.
    Enjoy your day.
    Love Val in Spain x

  2. Oh fabulous. I dont know how you saw that picture from that background y ou are just too clever . This has really brightened my day . Very funny I do know that whenever you get aroubd to writing your book it will be hilarious. Have a monumental Monday x

  3. Hi Barb, love your take on the Lone ranger. We also watched the movie on the weekend, and were both in hysterics, it was so funny. I think I need a dead crow on my head to feed seed/crumbs to (hopefully have not given too much away). That scene was a bit gory, but at least the rest was great. Loved the old version too. Bx

  4. Love your sense of humour Barbara, your comments are so random and of the wall, especially when you gallop off at a tangent. ( notice the link 😉 ) I so often get accused of the same. Oh, the card's not bad either. 🙂 xx

  5. This is brilliant, I would not have thought of making that scene from that Gelli scrap. Your sense of humour is wicked. I used to love watching The Lone Ranger but that was many moons ago. Not sure will enjoy if it is gory, usually leave hubby to watch those films. Might give it a go but will have a cushion ready. Hope the day goes well for you, I am being treated to going to choose new lighting and tiles for kitchen. I want it all done but wish I could wave a magic wand. Lynne xx

  6. Good morning,
    It amazing me how you take a piece of left over paper and work your magic,. This is fav and the Lone Ranger took me back to a different time, thanks for,the memory walk.

  7. This is my second attempt to leave a comment this morning. Computer turned itself off completely in the middle. I reckon you have been mind reading again. Barb. I have been having fun over the last scouple of days, downloading and transferring to my Kindle a load of episodes of old programmes from my childhood – Robin Hood, Laramie, Champion the Wonder Horse among others. I was horse mad and would dream of owning and riding Champion and Silver and Fury. These stamps have captured that era perfectly and are so easy to use. Your background fits perfectly into the black and white period of those programmes and I love Tonto's smoke rings. I probably will not watch the new film. I am a bit of a wimp. My kinds never got to see The Birds when they lived at home. They would set the video to record it, and I would creep downstairs in the middle of the night to cancel the recording because I found it too possible to be able to watch it. xx Maggie

  8. Remember the original…Clayton Moore! Showing my age no doubt, used to see it on little black and white tv and also at cinema on Saturday mornings..ABC Juniors! Happy days!

    Back in the room….love this card and this background was made for the Lone Ranger. Love the light effect….very original….thank you maestro

  9. I have spent the weekend playing with the gelli plate and various brands of acrylic paints – a mixture of results – not too many waste sheets yet. The ones that I think don't work either on a pattern combination or colour combination I have "improved" by versamark through a stencil/mask, then heat emboss with black and take a strong yellow/orange ink and colour – brilliant cannot see what was wrong now. When I am happier with what I am producing I will sent you some piccies as per your request in an earlier post.

  10. You are on a roll this morning. Your fabulous Sunday obviously did you the world of good. This post is creative, brilliant & hilarious. I don't know how you're going to follow that

  11. Loved your blog today, very wicked sense of humour. That bit of scrap copy paper turned out great…just love the finished card, off to read the blog again for a wee chuckle! x Beverley x

  12. Barb. love the piece of art today. Wouldn't have thought of using yellow as a background, but it looks fantastic. Gonna get me my gelli plate out! Jean.x

  13. We watched the film last weekend and yes it is brutal in parts but I did enjoy it. I wouldn't have chosen to watch it but hubby wanted to.
    Love your card and what a great use for your geli plate background
    Jackie x

  14. Lone Range at Saturday morning pictures – 3d to get in! Kids today don't know what they're missing. Fab card Barbara and I love your sense of humour, you had me chuckling. Pat x

  15. Hi Barbara. I love how you saw the scene from the scrap! and hen to produce a fantastic piece! Brilliant. Thanks for the video clip. Me and hubby watched, had to play it again as hubby couldn't remember the words first time(ever get the feeling he loved The Lone Ranger) He is now a very happy chappy as he was looking online for the whole theme tune and by chance found the 1st episode of Joe 90, his all time favourite show as a child : ) Thanks for the blast from the past. Don't ever change, you inspire us in all that you do and give us so many laughs along the way. Take care.

  16. This Gelli Plate background is perfect for this so it just goes to show it's worth saving scraps for later use. I'm not sure if the new lone ranger film would be for me though. I do remember watching the original as a child and I think that is probably more my style although I'm sure the scenery and the up to date filming techniques would be great to see. Thank you for the demo Barbara and I particularly love the Forest Ridge trees so another stamp for the list. x

  17. Gorgeous creation again. Been watching a lovely show about "France Wild Life" on BBC2, and some os the scenery look a bit the same…..With a bit of imagination….. But no cow-boy, and no smoke signs. xx

  18. Hi Barbara – I don't think you're super sensitive at all – i wouldn't expect to see that in a film rated PG! My word! Having said that I am the pufty pants of the cinema world – sooner see a new disney film with my kids that watch most adult films! Just a big kid me! Love your gelli plate creation – and yep – i agree the gelli plate pile of backgrounds is one well work having! Hugs rachel xx

  19. You are soooo funny!!! Gorgeous print! I love what you did with it. We used to love watching the Lone Ranger as a family, don't think I will be watching the new one though, eating heads, just no need for it, you can get a descent steak in Tesco for six quid these days!!

  20. Hello Barbara I'm with you in that I wouldn't expect blood and gore from a PG rated film either. Really love what you've done with the Gelli plate background – all hail the Gelli plate!! I love your imagination, and the way you show us how to see possibilities in all sorts of things. Thank you xx

  21. Gorgeous creation – the paper was worth hanging onto! I can't cope with the blood, gore and violence in most of these movies – it just turns my stomach and I have to look away whilst constantly saying to DH has it gone yet lol! I have always been that way but the movies seem to be getting more violent than they used to be Karen x

  22. Great card Barb – and I love the youtube clip – real child hood memories there! Hi Ho Silver Away!!! I love the horse rider stamp – one for my wish list I think xxx

  23. Hi Barbara I'm sat here after work with a cuppa having a good chuckle. Just what I need. Not sure I would watch the film either which is a shame as I will miss Johnny Depp!! The back ground was fab to start with and with the addition of the stamps and inking it became amazing , I had seen the stream just before you said it so was very excited when tonto came along. Beautiful Barbara thank you . Love Diane xxx

  24. Hi Barb,
    How clever are you! I would never in a thousand years have thought of using that "scrap" for a background like this so that it actually becomes the landscape! I think the finished article is fantastic – well done. Used to love the Lone Ranger, Champion the Wonder Horse, Flipper etc when I was young. You've brought back some very happy memories so thank you for that. Love Alison xxx

  25. I love the way a gelli print can be used for anything. With a little imagination you can see all sorts of things! I think they could be the crafters equivalent to the Rorschach inkblot test. I love the way you have built up the picture and added colour to create the sunshine and shadows. Every time you do a gelli card I want to get mine out and see what I get! XX

  26. What a great scene you have created Barbara -love the colours, love everything about it.
    The clip takes me back , so many memories!
    I think the old Lone Ranger and Tonto are better for our nerves Kemo Sabe!!

  27. Wow! lovely pic from gelli scrap-must keep playing. Happy memories too. Hubby now wants to watch the film, so, you're not just inspirational for my 'art' but a film critic too. So clever! Thank you, Jan

  28. Hello Barbara ,well i just loved the lone Ranger one of my faverite films used to see it on sat morning pictures and tv love what u done great nead nead jelli plate xxx

  29. Wow that gelli plate print was perfect for that design. My hubby loves this, he's as real western buff. The pay off for letting him record and watch lots of cowboys and Indians is that I'm allowed to watch create and craft uninterrupted every first Sunday of the month at 9 am! Xx

  30. Only a true artist could create this piece of art from that geli plate scrap page! You are amazing Barbara. There's no film on earth that would give me that amount of inspiration. Just one thing missing – where's the red to represent the gorey bits lol?

    Hugs Alice x

  31. That is a beautiful arty creation – I am so trying to save for the gelli plate but keep getting swayed by my first love -stamps 🙁
    As to the Lone Ranger , that was Saturday morning TV waiting for swap shop lol!
    I have yet to watch the new film but will as find myself oddly drawn to Mr. Depp as he plays some intresting roles !
    As to the the content of PG films I am with you it gets a bit much – we don't want our kids to see the every day horrors on the news but they get to see allsorts in films – the worlds gone mad l!

  32. Amazing what you can do with an old Gelli print. I too remember watching the Lone Ranger as a child. Don't think I want to see the film though. I don't like blood and gore. Doesn't sound like it should be a PG film. Maybe they are relaxing the ratings a bit. x

  33. Fabulous scene you created there Barbara! My Gelli scraps are never so generous!
    I loved the Lone Ranger as a child and yes that clip did make me smile!…but so did the new version …only because it has Johnny Depp in it….Have a good day! xx

  34. Wow that was a blast from the past. I forgot that I loved the Lone Ranger funny thing is there was no blood and guts in it back then and I don't think I will let Skye watch it now. Thanks for the warning she is only 9 which is a shame as I would have sat her down with me to watch it. There are too many films that are PG but have too many things a young one shouldn't watch really. I think the grading of suitability is a little too broad, the only thing to do us watch things first and then watch with Skye. Rant over lol, don't know where it comes from sometimes, I was perfectly happy looking at your gorgeous piece of art. Lol I have to laugh it is actually funny.

    I have to get my gelli plate back out and build up some backgrounds and use things also with texture in them to give interesting effects.

    I will be commenting on your next blog very soon as I forgot to leave my reply yesterday. I cannot wait for you tube Tuesday. Just had a funny thought, do you remember when it was a polite(ish) insult to call someone a Tube he he memories came flooding back as there was no swearing but it was ok (or deemed to be ok) to call someone a tube. The mind boggles where does this stuff come from he he.
    Denise x

  35. Hi ho Silver, away! Oh my goodness, that brought back memories 🙂 my Dad used to blow smoke rings too. I love this Barbara! and your sense of humour is as good as your art. Thanks for a great post. Maddy x

  36. What a great design. Although I am not old enough to have seen the Lone Ranger when it first came out I was a big fan when it was shown on TV in the eighties.

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