The Clarity Portfolio has landed!

The Clarity Portfolio has landed!

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There was much excitement here at Clarity Towers yesterday morning, when a huge juggernaut arrived with our 
new, beautiful blue 
Clarity Portfolios. 

We have been gradually building a collection of intelligent storage solutions, like our Stencil Folders :
A5 Stencil Folders land next week!
Additional heavy-duty Acetate available .

And now we have further extended our range of useful products with a top quality 

It is absolutely super. We are delighted with them. 
Large enough for A3+ / 12″x12″ mats, papers and arty stash.

Strong Velcro seal.

Comfortable handle.

Even holds a Lap-top comfortably.
Robust, classy and very, very handy.

Well-stitched, gusseted and subtly branded.

All in all, a very lovely thing.

Available on our website from today.
While stocks last!

 Mandy Branston modelling Clarity Couture, 

I see no ships!

much love, 

50 thoughts on “The Clarity Portfolio has landed!

  1. Now we know what Mandy was doing, driving the motorways of England. Those look like a very useful piece of kit. I will have to add those to my wish list. Night night. xxx Maggie

  2. Love it, very posh. Looks good on you Mandy. I still need all the above!!!I Every time I try to order my computer freezes, I must ring up!! This is a really good set of Clever Storage Barbara, slim line, useful, smart looking. I need a computer bag too. xx

  3. You just can't beat a good strong gusset…. Am I allowed to say that? Lol! They are so strong… I managed to carry out half the stock in mine! …opps! Did I say that out loud?

  4. How fantastic are these, another NEED……looks like you all had a fabulous day, great modelling Mandy… they will travel well to France…..have a good weekend all…..Jo. X

  5. Hi Barb,
    Well another good thing comes out of Clarity Towers. Great idea and with the all important well stitched gusset – very important! Also liking the A 5 stencil holder – need one of those . Great & well done. Love Alison xx

  6. Wow beautiful colour Barbara and what a great design, I do like the look of this, very classy. Yes Mandy you are allowed to say a well stitched gusset is essential … is what we were all thinking lol. Thank you for modelling and gusset testing! Love Diane

  7. Hi Barb, another great addition to the clarity line, love the blue. Fab modelling job. Definitely need one, so the wish list conveniently left near hubz has a new addition. Have a lovely weekend all. Bx

  8. Hi Barbara. I love the new Clarity Portfolio, and such a lovely blue : ) They are going to be used for so many things. I'm sure they will sell out fast. Have a good weekend. Take care.

  9. Another brilliant idea, looks very good. Oh dear I just want everything . Very funny pic of Dave using it as a hat. Going to spend the afternoon using some of my new Clarity stash, legs very tired after walking so much yesterday. Enjoy weekend hope you get some sun, not looking very good here. Lynne xx

  10. Another lovely addition to the Clarity family. Looks great and will be really useful. Why do I feel I will need more than one of these. xxx

  11. What a great looking Portfolio. Really like it. Already have the stencil folder and waiting for the stamp storage with acetate. Will have to invest in the portfolio also….. May be even more than 1!!!! Lol!!!!

  12. Love the Clarity storage solutions. They help me keep my stuff organised… well that's stretching the truth a tiny little bit! :))) But my 7×7 stencils are all stored neatly so it's a start innit?

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