Through the Opening, in the Glade….

Through the Opening, in the Glade….

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by on You Tube Tuesday!
Last Week’s Gelli Plate Video was so well received! 
Thank you for appreciating our efforts!
Remember I asked you to send in some homework, 
showing your results? Well, hats off. Respect. 
Take a look at this….
Karen Brookes
Sarah Stacey

 can’t find artist’s name…

can’t find artist’s name…
can’t find artist’s name…

 Diane Green
Hilary Thorogood
Hilary Thorogood
Angela Simpson

Carol Simons
Alison (Alimecca)
Julie Little
Donna Brooks
See how Angela has added her name to the photo? Perfect.
Not only can we promote her, but I save hours trying to marry up names in emails and artwork. If you see your work here, and want me to add your name to it, please clue me in, and I will add. 
So that’s your next homework: how to add your name to the homework photo !!
A while ago, I blogged a stencil piece inspired by my friend Mandy. Today’s video is a variation on the theme.
This weekend on TV, Create & Craft Sunday 9am-11am
We are showcasing a set of Landscape stencils:
I shall be tackling the same Woodland stencil, but putting a different light on it; moonlight.
Here’s a peep…
Very atmospheric… Watch on Sunday morning, 
and I will finish it off for you.
But today, let’s tackle the early bird here, shall we?
Spring is in the air!

I have used:

Got the stencils? Plan on getting the stencils? 
It would be great to see your work!
Email in a photo to
(try and add your autograph, too!)
Maybe we can showcase your work here on the blog 
not next Tuesday, but the Tuesday after. 
I think a fortnight to master the task is better than just a week, 
don’t you?
And if you would like to join in the 
Charity with Clarity Movement, 
where we gather up your handmade cards,
 and send them to worthy Charities to sell,
then please send in to:
Barbara Gray
Charity with Clarity
Gaywood Farm
Hole Lane
Hope you can join me on Sunday morning on Create & Craft, 9-11, where I shall be showcasing some lovely new Stamps and Stencils, and finishing off that moody night scene….
much love,

59 thoughts on “Through the Opening, in the Glade….

  1. Beautiful…. really look forward to You Tube Tuesday & I really enjoyed taking a look at the homework pieces. It's such a great idea to display others' artwork here based on your daily guidance. This blog is becoming rather addictive. Brilliant idea about Charity with Clarity too…. your "Gray" matter must be buzzing all the time & never switch off

  2. Morning Barb – what wonderful works of art people sent in! and a challenge from you regarding names on photos!
    I loved this you tube and have added it to my watch list in youtube! I have this stencil and stamp – so when I get the time (week of nanny duties this week) I will give this a go – maybe when she has gone to bed tonight!
    I loved the fast forward bits in the video and the background music – how professional is all this!!! so damn good Barb – hats off to you and the team
    Love Kim xx

  3. I forgot you set the challenge last week I was thinking could do with some sort of challenge at least once a week so I will catch up on last weeks and do this one too loved this video haven't got this stencil but I think ordered it the other day if not will have to have farm house one so will see if I can do similar with that for now thanks have a great day x

  4. Oh Wow, they were all brilliant, so well done everybody. I'll be with you on Sunday Barbara, it's very rarely that I miss on of your shows. I'm not that good with a brayer, but I've been really naughty and ordered a compressor and airbrush pen set this morning, and I'm having great thoughts about your stencils and the airbrush!

  5. I think I'm going to get the thesaurus out so that I can find a whole load of different words to say brilliant, just brilliant!

    Thank you for your time and talent and inspiration……..

  6. Great project today – just love that boy and birds stamp, but I have promised myself to reduce my stash a bit before I buy any more to add to it (unless something runs out of course!). I'll have to send my homework in late, as I haven't quite finished it – hope you won't make me write lines!!! Thanks, Susan x

  7. Thats Brilliant ,love it will need those stencils they are great,have already set recorder for Sunday i will be in Knedworth its our first flower show of the year ,think of us i will be sleeping in the van (not caravan) things we do xxx

  8. Great video Barbara. I have two of the stencils and the boy stamp. Made my closest friend a card using them for her birthday, based on your earlier blog entry. Thanks for the tips in the video re the shading on the hills. Looking forward to Sunday, although my recorder is broken 🙁 and I won't be able to see the whole show!!! Hopefully I'll get it fixed in time. xx

  9. Weeee it's got a mind of its own, I love it.
    The you tube vids are fabulous I learn so much from them and have got further ahead with my crafting. Thank you thank you thank you. I cannot wait until Sunday also and want to get some more stencils I love them, I have decided I can do so much with the stencils and sometimes do not even need stamps some times. I really need to invest in the word chains, that is next as soon as I have saved for them as I think they will do so much good for my cards and the planned canvases.

    I have learned today how to do the landscape and the sky a little better. Now I have to practice and I also have to learn how to add a signature to my pictures.

    Fabulous that we have a fortnight as I don't have too many stencils and stamps at the moment and this gives me some time to get some more.

    Have a happy Tuesday Barb.

    Denise x

  10. Love the samples. Have done a few at home but only new to Gelli Plating so not good enough to show yet.
    Joined your Clarity Club yesterday and looking forward to my first goodies arriving and so looking forward to the weekend show.
    Just off to look at your video.

    Love Val in Spain x

  11. Hi Barbara. What a clever lot, all of the homework shown is fabulous : ) I love the moody scene and will be watching on Sunday to see it finished. Love the Charity with Clarity Movement, I'm sure you will get sack fulls if the homework is anything to go by 🙂 Will be able to watch the video later. Have a good day. Take care.

  12. I just love Tuesdays now! thank you so much for YouTube Tuesdays …. I have to be up early on Tuesdays and am never at my best first thing. Now I can enjoy a leisurely breakfast cuppa along with you and the clarity family. What a positive start to my day – Thankyou! I'll have another go at the homework …. tho a couple of months might be more my time scale based on my exploits this week!

  13. Well done ladies, beautiful homework and such a range of colours. Look forward to tuesday's video, but cant wait for the weekend shows. Thanks xxx

  14. Lovely video – I need to practice more .I have no excuses as I have lots of time on my hands You have a lot of very talented followers – great to se their work also. looking forward to sundays show.

  15. Fantastic tutorial love this stencil will have to give it ago hopefully I can get one made to send in was going to do gellli plate but was not well enough is it too late to make and send in now ? Just put Sundays show on record happy crafting xxx

  16. As always, great demo, Barbara and so many little tips to learn. That set of stencils are so adaptable and work so well with many stamps. Just looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow to see if it is a crafting day or a lawn cutting day. Can we send in other cards, using Clarity stuff, or do we need to keep to the homework of the week? It is good to see that being revived without the Classroom shows. xx Maggie

  17. This is my fave You Tube tutorial so far, the scene just pops out of the page so of course I'm off to shop with Clarity and once I've had my Happy Post I will do my homework and find out how to autograph my work …… I am the NAMELESS one… I was thrilled to see my 3 cards shown even though I was Incognito. Once I have attempted this new challenge I will send all my work in for Charity with Clarity…. I love the idea that my playtime with Clarity which gives me such pleasure may help someone somewhere. xxx Annie

  18. Just lovely, I am going to do this one, still practicing with the sponge but this stencil is beautiful. I am going to get the bullrushes next. I think it is great to do your charity cards again. I will definitely be joining in (hope it's good enough for someone to buy!) Looking forward to the shows at the weekend, I will not be working either so I will be able to watch you live! Yay! XX

  19. Oh wow I'm so excited to see my card and have just text my cousin to say her Easter card is on your blog (how sad am I!). I love the Video today. Thank you for showing how to add depth around the edge. I bought the bull rush stencil to use with the canal boat stamp but work has got in the way so I haven't played yet. I did try putting an aperture under another stencil which seemed to work ok so I may send that one in for homework. I love the stencil brushes they are fabulous to use aren't they. Right now to ask teenager to help me with my computer homework! Love Diane xxx

  20. Have been trying to work out how to add my name to cards for a while, think I will have to ask my clever son-in -law. The cards sent in are amazing well done everybody. I love your tutorial today, I am gradually improving on my scenes so this will help. Something to refer to. Great that you are setting homework will take part in the future. Will not be much chance in the next two weeks lots of home improvements going on. Thanks again for wonderful video. xx

  21. What another stunning card, and it only takes you 5 min….And am not talking about the "Fast forward" bits…!!!!! Very Rock & Roll, well chosen. I said I won't buy anything anymore for a while, but will have to buy those stencils. xx

  22. Hi Barb,
    Sorry for being so late today – thought Id sent a comment earlier! I think it's an age thing!! Love the video today and how you've added so much depth to the scene. Have two of the stencils ( not the bulrushes but will rectify that) and will have to give this a try or something similar as I haven't got the boy stamp either. Love all of the homework and thank you for showing my hubby's card. Will attempt to put my name on next one although not sure how to do it! Thanks again, love Alison xx

  23. Hi Barbara, have just watched your youtube and your picture is fantastic! I'm in the library and watched it on my laptop here but had forgotten my earphones, but what the heck, live dangerously, so I had the volume up! I can only get on the internet when I'm in the library now so can't keep up with your blog, can't wait until our internet is fixed and I can read your blog in one go, will have to have a mug of cocoa and a bag of revels to myself – what heaven! I'm so sad about next week, have a lovely time and hope I can be with you all another time 🙂 xxx

  24. I absolutely love what you have done with this stencil Barbara, and the demo is just great. I think the scenery and the using a promarker round the edges for emphasise. That boy in flight stamp finishes it beautifully. I think I must try to find out how to add a name to photographed work, it would be quite useful to know how. Thank you for making us think about things more. x

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