Heart and Hat Notelets…

Heart and Hat Notelets…

Happy Sunday to you!
Thanks for stopping by.
I’m on TV this morning, 9-11 Create & Craft,
so let’s keep this blog short and sweet.
Actually, this stamp kit will be on the show at a cool price I’m told! Check it out!
I designed these little box montages years ago, but they do work well for little notelets, birthday cards, weddings, bonbonnieres – all sorts! And the Corner text stamp is another clever one. 
I’ll show you how to place it well.
I also used:
cream card
colouring pencils
Ready? Steady? Go!
Stamp the 2 montage stamps in Black Archival on cream squares of card about 4″ x 4″. If this sound a bit vague, that’s because I’m working from home and the card’s at work! 
Let me play it even safer: make sure the cream card is a little bigger than the stamps, and there is enough room to stamp the words around the edge, too.

Stamp the Text corner so that the start and end of the actual writing line up with the centrepiece.
Look here:
See how LOVE and WISHES line up with the edges?

Now line up and stamp the same corner into the other corner. 
Easy really. Maybe a good idea to try it on scrap first!
Do both.

Layer and mount them on black card.

 Decide how to position them on a long cream card.
Colour in the rose and bow.

Add a pleasing ribbon. I LOVE dotty ribbon. 
Always looks fresh.

Told you it was quick and easy!
Do swing by tomorrow;
We’ve got prizes and treats in store,
and reasons to celebrate!
1001 reasons actually!!!!
Maybe your name will be drawn…
And don’t say you never win anything!
I remember my darling Nan won a Television once.
Didn’t believe it when they arrived at her door with it.
Sent them away! 
Bless that woman.
much love

82 thoughts on “Heart and Hat Notelets…

  1. Morning Barb, how delightfully 'Gray' this one is and so quick to do…. You are right about that dotty ribbon too.. Guessing that you will soon be hitting the studios… Have a great show … Flying the Clarity Flag xxxx

  2. Great card and does look quick and easy. I expect it wouldn't be as quick or as easy if I tried it but practice makes perfect.:-) Not got these stamps yet but now want them. Congratulations on more than 1000 followers! Hope the show goes well. I will have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday to watch it, assuming I have set to record properly! x

  3. Have a good one lovely! By the way 40 years ago on our wedding night, hotel we stayed at sent a bottle of champagne to our room with their compliments, my new husband sent waiter away with a flea in his ear because we hadn't ordered it!!! I managed to get it back though! What larks!!! I definitely won FIRST PRIZE that day…..still got it too!

    1. What you kept the champagne lol!
      Thats so lovely – I have never found Mr right ( or even mr. Nearly right or his brother Mr. I will do lol!) but it's lovely when people who have celebrate they have as gives us all hope – congratulations 40 years is fab – think you deserve some more champagne xxx

  4. Good morning Barbara, have a great show. Did I miss the classroom yesterday? These stsmos would be good for a series if little note lets , as you say, to give as a gift. Just need to make a box for them. Xx

  5. Morning Barbara – expect you're preparing right now in the studio 🙂 This is a lovely set and I've seen you demo this I think. I haven't added the, to my collection yet, but they are so versatile and I'll be looking out today – I'm trying to save my money for next w/e at Ali Pali, but I expect (as always) I'll be tempted today. Still, it'll give me more free hands to carry more goodies next w/e. Looking forward to the show – Good luck! 🙂 Carole x

  6. Lovely simple card. I am sure you make it look simpler than it is. Watching today so must get everything organised and ready before I sit to watch. Valerie

  7. I think I saw you demonstrate this before, i
    The stamps look great, really like black and white with just a touch of colour. And Inam made for dotty anything, ribbon, paper xxlooking forward to your shows xx

  8. What a sweet card & so simple too. Had a quick peek at the new stamps for today's show on C&C and they look fab, especially the dolphin, new word chains and … well all of them as usual. So glad I've been paid and it's free p&p in April on Clarity website too. Xx

  9. Fresh and simple, love it. Looking forward to the show today and also looking forward to youtube Tuesday. Silly C and C, their loss.

  10. Very useful stamps and looking forward to the TV show. Disappointed you will not have the Classroom, but I think the new YT channel will be spot on. Anne x

  11. I love this idea, so quick and easy got to go and make coffee to settle in front of the telly for your show at least I don't need to watch c and c on Saturdays now!!! love your blog.
    Pam xx

  12. Have to record your shows Barb, as I have a visitor. Shame as I bet a lot of your things will sell out. I don't think C&C buy enough of them from you. Congrats on the 1001 reasons Barb, and I certainly wouldn't be like your Nan and send anything back that came from you. I'm currently waiting for the postman to bring me something I ordered from you, so that will be good. Have a great day.

  13. Good luck with the show Barbara love your work today can't wait to see you on tele again my son is running the Manchester marathon today just going to see him off xxx love June

  14. Morning Barbara! What a lovely card! And so simple but effective all the same!
    Talking of prizes I got one the best ones ever 25 years ago today….my daughter Amy has her birthday today!
    Right well almost time to watch you now. Have a great show! X

  15. Just caught up on your blog whilst sitting here waiting for the Clarity show to begin. This is such a quick card to make especially if you need one at the last minute. Anyway better go as I do not want to miss the start of the show.

  16. Hi Barb, lovely idea using the word corners as a frame. Recorder is doing it's thing while I type, so good luck with the show. I am sure there will be quite a few sellouts. Congrats on the 1001 (which has just jumped to 1003). It is no surprise that you have such a strong following. Bx

  17. I love this Barbara, those small stamps will be so useful and the words corner die is great, another set for my wish list
    Just about to watch you on C&C don't worry that I'm late the recorder is set as I have to go out before you finish
    Jackie x

  18. Morning Barbara,
    Lovely stamps and so elegant!
    It's my birthday today so I'm off out with friends so I have hit the record button.
    Lorna D

  19. Morning Barbara, I too am recording the show as I'm out soon. I am sorry the classroom has finished, but I love your blog and now the uTube tutorials will be just as good for us, and probably a bit easier on you. Thanks again for all your inspiration.

  20. I'm recording the show because I didn't think I'd be up in time LOL but of course I'm up bright and early and raring to go.
    I love some of the new stencils and hope that you get the grunge paste demo done as it's next on my list of things to try.
    Good luck for the show – although you don't really need it as your shows are always brilliant.

  21. Loving the show today lots of inspiration. Had a good laugh yesterday when the NDC newsletter arrived, looking at the ceiling at the NEC can just imagine it, rest of my family wondered what the heck i was laughing at so had to read it out to them. Sandyxx

  22. Loving the tv show. .great techniques as always, in case you are wondering the TV is on and I am watching whilst e mails are being read out! You and Nigel work really well together. Must go now as you are back with the Gelli Plate …x Hugs Beverley x

  23. I am flitting from telly to computer so I don't miss anything. Fab demos and only us Barbara groupies know how difficult some of the techniques you show, are. Or is it me? Probably. Anyway great show and stamps cant wait to get stuck in. Have a lovely Sunday


  24. Your Nan sounds just like mine! Hubby has the remote and is watching the news. How bad is that? Love your card, and the spotty ribbon does look fresh 🙂 maddy x

  25. Just watching you on the tellybox and marvelling at how confident you were and how much you're enjoying yourself. I remember when you just started on C&C and how nervous you were!!
    Looking forward to tomorrow. Jean.x

  26. Hi Barb,
    Love this card with just the splash of colour on the rose and bow – makes a very sophisticated card. Watched the first hour of the show, love you with Nigel( nearly as much as you with Dean!), but then hubby came in! Don't worry though, I am recording it. Loved the demos with the little boy & girl stamps. Also the NDC stamp is fabulous & so useful too! Well done on reaching the 1000+ – just goes to show how popular you are. I hope C & C realise what they will be missing out on – still we will have u tube Tuesday! Love Alison xx

  27. Love the demo and I'm really enjoying the show – luckily I can type without looking at my fingers, so I can watch and comment at the same time! Sadly I can't craft and do housework at the same time, but maybe if I keep practising and buy one of those robotic hoovers…. Hope the shows don't do your neck in too much, and have a safe journey back home. Susan x

  28. Hi Barbara,
    Your story about the TV surprise made me chuckle. My dear mum used to enter all manner of competitions that were all the rage on packets and in mags in the 70's. She rarely won anything until …. she won an automatic washing machine! No way was that getting sent away! The twin tub was swiftly dispatched to the twin tub graveyard, and she was tickled pink at having not had to spend more than a stamp to get a washer. That's twice in a week you've had me thinking back to mum …. she would have loved clarity and all the crafty stuff available these days. She was a woman before her time, always making something out of nothing. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    1. That's why I love Barbara's blog she not only end ugliest my love of craft but feeds the heart and soul as like you I often find she sends me on a trip down memory lane .
      I usually end up thinking of my Auntie Sylvia who like your mum could make something out of nothing .
      She was the one who encouraged us to enter competitions and I remember wining a giant easer egg for a Easter bonnet competition she had encouraged me to take part in – amazing what you can make from a cardboard box , a cereal packet, some recycled tissue paper , colouring pens and paper and the luxury additive of glue lol!
      Thank-you for sharing as I love remembering special people and times x

  29. Organised the team this morning to prep the veg & roast for our lunch today so that I could sit down & spend a couple of hours with you. Great post, love the very subtle colour but what an impact it has

  30. Congratulations – 1007 and counting !
    I think it's the best kind of convention (party) on the web – It's all because you are blooming fab and share ideas so freely and insure us just to have a go . So 1007 and more amazing thank-you to you and your team .
    Right enough of my prattle I am just home from work so going to go watch this mornings show . I am hoping your with Dean. I love the comic pairing of you both , it really brightens any day – a good giggle and a healthy dose of crafting .

  31. Was working this morning so will watch the shows with a cup of tea. Got my order for the new set of word chains before the show so at least I learnt my lesson from last time! I am so SAD to learn from my newsletter that the lessons have been cancelled! If it was your decision then I'm sure it was done with a heavy heart. If it was a decision made by bosses at C&C (which I rather suspect it was) then boo to them. When I think of how many hints, tips and techniques I learnt from watching you (and also how many products I brought from C&C as a result……….short sighted on their part??) Oh well I shall just have to look forward to You Tube Tuesday and send more of my business straight your way. Have a good weekend. XX

  32. Hello Barb. What a shame about the lessons, but great that the youtube you is up and working. In actual fact I'm a bit tired of C&C as their prices are always just a bit higher and the postage is way over the top. Much better to buy direct. Thought the freebie tree with the newsletter was so pretty and will look lovely in so many ways. Thank you for being so inspiring. xx Margaret Col

  33. Ha ha I think that really funny about your nan, it is the sort of thing my Mother-in-law would have done. Lovely card looks very classy, mind you my husband never likes any I do with black on but I still use it. Show was great this morning you seemed to get through quite a lot and the design team cards were amazing. Sad that classroom has finished but somehow I think we might be better off. I agree with previous comment postage is high when buying from C&C would rather deal direct. Hope trip home has been ok and neck not too bad after this morning. Lynne xx

  34. Brilliant show today Barbara:) There were some great offers. My youngest Granddaughter (9yrs) loved the gelli plate artwork. She asked me to make one like it to hang on her bedroom wall. The word chain stamps will be perfect. Can't wait for them to arrive. xx

  35. Really enjoyed the show this morning Barbara – fell in love with the little girl and boy stamps and the masks and the word chains. Oh no how will I ever choose.
    Am now heading off to the website to spend my birthday money.

  36. Hi Barbara
    Love the card.Enjoyed the show this morning and the sample cards are great,you have a very talented team and enjoy seeing what they come up with,I also find your demo's inspirational. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  37. Hi Barbara. Loved watching you again this morning……..funny story from my great niece who misheard me when I said "I must watch this lady she's marvellous". She heard …"Must watch this lady, she's Barbaralous!!". And so you are. Off to practice some stencilling now.x

  38. Lovely card. Missed your show this morning and the recording didst work as there was "no signal". How unfair. However I am looking forward to my parcel coming from you soon so I will be able to craft with my lovely new stamp sets. Getting excited!!!
    Looking forward to tomorrow blog now.

  39. I have these stamps so no excuse not to use them. I've also gone for the little boy and little girl today with some more words. If you have a cold you need a treat I think!

    I won a microwave oven once – I'm sure I must have been the only one to enter the competition! Know how your Nan felt – I couldn't believe it either!

  40. God Bless your Nan what a sweetie x and thank you for a fabulous show as always, I am actually watching it for the second time today. I learn so much from your shows and really enjoy watching them. Lol at Nigel and his blow hole, I don't know how you kept a straight face I think I might have creased. I love the new stencils and the word chains. I missed the stencils after I thought they were in my basket 🙁
    I shall be reading to see what you have up your sleeve tomorrow x

  41. Just back from a family baptism so missed the show. Looking at some of the samples on facebook it looks like it was a good one. Really hoping the recorder behaved and that I can catch up tomorrow.

  42. fab show. it was good to have nigel with you. watched recording whilst ironing this afternoon. love that gelli print. and i'm always saying i never win. ask your young assistant. she knows as she heard me saying it at nec. but it's true…. hugs xx

  43. These images are both gorgeous, and love the small corner and sentiment stamped around all four sides. These would certainly be great as notelets. That little touch of colour and the dotty ribbon work perfectly. I didn't think it would take you long to reach 1000. x

  44. I love those images. You might know that by the time I got home today, they were sold out, but that does mean that Clarity gets the business anyway, and with P&P it probably is not too far off. You almost don't need colour with these stamps. Hope you are getting a good break after all your rushing around. xx Maggie

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