Calling all cat lovers!

Calling all cat lovers!

Saturday’s blog a new technique. 
This one’s for all those cat lovers among us…

You will need:
Parchment paper
And embossing tool and an embossing mat (or a mousepad)
Fine Sanding paper.
Grey card.
This is so simple, but so effective.
Stamp the kitten in Black Archival on the square piece of parchment.
Sprinkle with Detail Clear embossing powder, dust off excess powder, and heat emboss.
Turn the work over and lay it on an embossing pad, or a computer mouse pad. Now emboss the parchment with an embossing tool.
Along the whiskers,
in the ear,
around the eyes…
This is what it looks like from the front.
Now we have to carefully lay the parchment piece down 
on a double-sided adhesive sheet.
Easy does it…
Next, we peel the orange wax paper off the back of the double-sided adhesive sheet, and attach it to a piece of grey card.

To get that distressed, scratchy background, get some fine sandpaper, and start sanding around the kitten!
Trim the parchment and grey card down to one neat edge, and mount on white card.
The white frame really makes the kitten look 3-dimensional.
We’ve got an old black cat, called Romeo. 
Juliet is already at Rainbow Bridge, waiting for him.
And if he doesn’t stop using my leather sofa as a scratch post, 
he’ll be joining her sooner than he thinks!
We are having a spelling dispute here! I am outnumbered! Help!
much love,

57 thoughts on “Calling all cat lovers!

  1. Lovely picture, and you know you don't mean it really x. Laying in bed reading your blog with the wind causing havoc and damage outside – feels worse than the great storm of 87!

  2. Hmm…intrigued by this technique – so completely different from anything I've seen before. Might just have to give it a go… Rainbow Bridge – how sweet! Oh – and it's 'miaow' – hope that evens up the numbers a bit! 😉 xx

  3. Actually according to the Google English Dictionary they can both be used! But Miaow is the one I grew up with, but then I can't spell for toffee!! Love the card, have admired this cat somewhere else J didn't realise it was one of you's. Really good technique. Xx

  4. Miaow! That stupid predictive text turned that into Moscow. How do you think of all these different techniques? The sanding just adds the extra which makes this picture. I have four cats and three dogs waiting at Rainbow Bridge for me. I hope we managed to even up the spelling dilemma, and that you have a slightly less stressful week. Take care with the weather, the wind is whistling around here again. xx Maggie

  5. Never given embossing parchment a go, but as it's half-term I've finally got some time to play. I'll be looking back through your blogs for a few ideas. Think this card is cute. Reminds me of ladybird book i had about a kitten. Our cat began to claw the sofa too, but then we put his scratching post in front of the arm and he used that instead. Was worth tripping over it a few times as it did save the sofa xx

  6. Meow……. That's the one I use, but have seen both used. This is such an effective technique, glad it is half term this week so I can have a try at all the new things I have on my list (all yours by the way!) What a horrible night we just had! Hope you are ok and haven't had any damage. I cry every time I read 'rainbow bridge' but I would love a Clarity stamp or stencil (or both) of this theme. Just don't explain it on TV as you will have the whole country in tears! Xx

  7. Love this in fact anything to do with cats. Have used the cat stamps from the birdhouse collection in numerous cards. Understand about the sofa also even though mine have a large scratching post they still use my cream leather sofa.

  8. Lovely stamp and great way to use it. Our cat likes to use the leather sofa as a scratching post too, even though she has a perfectly good scratching post. We put a throw over our sofa when we changed it 4 years ago, so it has survived reasonably well, although our 3 year old son keeps removing the throw. Miaow for me.

  9. What a lovely stamp and a great technique. I love cats, I have four. The eldest Molly uses my walls as scratching posts and of course has taught the others to do the same! Love them really. Miaow. Joan x

  10. Hello Barb, lovely card and stamp and great technique, I love the thought of Juliet waiting for Romeo at Rainbow Bridge. I say it is Meow. Have a great day and stay safe in this weather everyone. Bx

  11. Lovely card. Barbara and great technique.
    I love this stamp it is not so awfully cutsie as some cat stamps are .
    I have 2old lady cats and they have been meowing all night , one has to be lifted on and off bed as she is blind and the other just wants food all the time!
    Have a good and safe weekend Barbara and to all,

  12. Hi Barbara. Love the stamp and the embossing technique. (I would use miaow) The comment about Romeo did make me giggle. Have visions of you doing your nut over fresh scratches and him just sat there washing himself in that smug way cats have when they have done something wrong : ) Hope you are wind free….no, I'm not being personal, you know what I mean. Seriously, I hope everyone is safe and sound. Have a good weekend. Take care.

  13. I used to have 5 cats but now have one great big cuddly Labrador so cats don't live here any more they have left the building and are on the bridge as it were. Great technique so will experiment with other stamps, thanks

  14. Another wonderful card – I've seen you do this before with the feather stamp, but it's really effective with the lovely kitten. Maybe one for my partner's mum who does a lot of fundraising for the cats protection league! Miaow for me on the spelling front!! Thanks for sharing Barbara, and I hope the end of your week has improved since yesterday. Susan x

  15. I've just consulted with Daisy, Bramble and Poppy for the correct spelling and they all say it is Meow. I love technique you have shown us today and will be having a go later once the normal Saturday morning stuff is out of the way. Sending furry hellos to Romeo as well as you Barbara. xx

  16. Hi Barb,
    Love this as I am a big softie when it comes to cats – I just love them! Never tried embossing on parchment, but it looks gorgeous. Miaow is the spelling for me I think it's the traditional way. As for scratching posts – we have three at various places around the house and does the cat use them? NO!! She actually uses the bed! It used to be a lovely padded divan base but now it's down to bare wood but won't change it until she crosses the Rainbow Bridge hopefully in many years to come. Love to everyone & hope you're all safe and sound in this terrible weather. Alison xx

  17. Love todays card. My four cats – Babe, Harvey, Olive and Kit all agree that the spelling is Miaow and they should know, especially at feeding time – they all do it enough! Love them to bits though.
    Love Val x

  18. Meow, is the correct way to spell it Barbara, so did you win ?? lol This beautiful kitten looks just like one of my cats her name is Tigi and she is quite an old lady now but still has her kitten looks. I love the stamp and this card is gorgeous x

  19. Old cats Barbara eh? When our cat had to be put to sleep aged 17 and a half I bought a new sofa. I'm not keen on the new sofa and I miss the old boy so much guess what? That's right, I'm thinking about getting a kitten. We've got a nine month old puppy who seems to think the whole sofa belongs to her anyway so we may as well have a cat to complement her:) love the card. lynne.x

  20. I have seen both spellings used, but I would normally use miaow. I have two cats who will be four in April. Jester is currently asleep on the bed upstairs and his smaller brother Mischief is asleep on his blanket on the dining room chair here in the living room with me. Love this picture and agree with some of the other comments that it is technique I will have to add to my growing list of things to try. Still need to get myself a heat tool yet, shall have to give in when I get paid and make this the first thing I buy as it is fast becoming a must have.

  21. I, a dog person, but this cat is really lovely. Haven't a clue which miaow/meow but a red line has positioned itself under miaow, so the computer spellchecker must think that meow is the right one. I don't know.

  22. We have a mad black and white rescue cat called Finnegan although he is Mr Grumpy at the moment because of the weather! He thinks your card is the cat's whiskers and would definitely use a mouse to lean on. I told him it was a mouse mat but he didn't believe me! Oh and I think your card is terrific too. x

  23. Oh wow! lovely effect. Can't resist a cat – 3 black ones at Rainbow Bridge (assuming the third one is as he went out one night and never returned a year ago last week, we lost one at 19 years of age and the 2nd one at 8 with cancer). Now have two black and white rescue cats so might just have to have a go at this one. That's another stamp I need now! My stamp storage folders arrived this week so now have to sort those out and then find some space on the shelf. I reckon some cook books will have to go – don't have the time for everything! Rescued the bin from the side of the house this morning – it escaped a shut gate which must have opened in the wind, it had to turn a corner to get out the gate so no idea what happened. It was definitely a bid for freedom I think! Hope everyone else didn't get damaged.

  24. We never used be cat lovers but then one son and daughter bought kittens and guess who looked after them at holiday time. Since then I am quite intrigued by their clever little ways. Very clever card almost looks like a photo. Will have to try stamping and embossing on parchment. Thankyou for another wonderful tutorial. Lynne xx

  25. Beautiful stamp and I love the technique you've used – I've never tried using sandpaper, but would imagine the aged-look works wonders on many types of surfaces, especially if they're embossed. For me it would be meow, I've never used miaow, but it's not a word that would regularly feature in my role as a Payroll Supervisor 🙂 ….just a little aside about the spellcheck – my boss was re-writing a company policy and she wanted the document to state "standardising the wfh (working from home) policy" and the clever spellcheck changed it to "scandalising the wife policy"……just as well it was proof-read first before it was issued to the whole company!!! LOL 🙂

  26. This is a lovely card and fabulous technique! I must have a play with parchment…I'll have to use another stamp as I don't have this one!!!
    I would go for Meow I think but I have to say my DOG Charlie say it quite well!!!
    Love and hugs xxx

  27. I love this technique but I am wondering if you do a puppy stamp as I have four dogs, if you don't do a stamp maybe draw one with Irish Setter? Thanks for the inspiration. Liz Spooner.x

  28. I love your patience to do all these different techniques to a stamp. We're not cat people, I'm afraid but I think the English spelling is miaow!!!
    Take care all,
    Love Jan xx

  29. Great stamp, will be adding this to my must have list. I would go for meow myself. We have had a variety of cats over the last 40 is years and the only one that had ever scratched is the one we have now. She has been through one upholstered chair, two carpet steps and the blown vynal wallpaper on one particular corner in our hallway.

  30. My two cats really love this card and have given it the paws up. It's one I'm certainly going to try. The boys say you can spell miaow either way. More cat cards please!

  31. This cat image works perfectly with the parchment embossing technique, and the double sided adhesive sheet means there is no horrible glue to be seen. So clever, and that cat is so cute. Thanks for that Barbara. x

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