Happy Monday!!
So after a very busy, fun Sunday at the NEC Trade Show, it was also a great relief to get home, take them there shoes off and have a cuppa!
Just in time to get back on the horse, gallop into work and crank up them there stencil machines again! Oh boy! Have we got some stencils to make if we want to fill those trade orders any time soon! Didn’t see that coming….
So today’s blog is modest, pretty simple, but relaxing
I used 
(bear in mind there’s an ANY inkpad sale going on today 
on our website 17 Feb)
I am going to whistle through this, because I am worn out and I need my bed, so forgive me for writing very fast…
Stamp the Bow’r and the little Dayreamer onto Theuva Card, 
using Black Adirondack. See Jack? Under the tree?

Colour in the leaves with a lime green, or something fresh.
You definitely need the fine Promarker nib attachment to do this well.

Colour in the trunk of the bow’r. 
This leafy framer is probably my favourite.

Using the edge of a piece of paper, sponge in some Stonewashed water beneath the Daydreamer.
Using torn paper and Lettuce Adirondack with a make-up sponge,
add some hills and a lakeside.

Add the sentiment and then brush a little Cloudy Blue into the background.

 I also used the chisel end of a Blue Promarker to edge the card.

Mount on blue card. Done.

Told you it was an easy one, and that bed was calling!
So let me think.

 If you like the Leafy Bow’r and decide to buy it, 
we will send you the little daydreamer as a gift. 
The best things in life are free, remember?
much love,

54 thoughts on “Daydreamer

  1. As ever its lovely…hope you are reasonably rested…. so glad the stencils got a good reception…remember not that long ago when you asked everyone for our opinions on stencils!!! boy so not that long ago and look at how many you have designed and produced in that time…brilliant xxx Your team will crank them there stencil machines for you today I am sure …you take it easy xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Glad to hear that you had a good day at the NEC yesterday and hope you've had a good night's sleep. Today's card is very serene and peaceful and you've given us great step by steps. Also thank you for the great offer. Glad stencils are going well – I love them! Thanks Barb, Alison xxx

  3. No apologies needed, I'm just thankful that you write your blog at all, considering how busy you are. Not surprised all went so well at the trade show, your stencils are fantastic.

    Yet another lovely design, the leafy framer is such a lovely stamp, you're always spoiling us, thank you xx

  4. The Leafy Bow'r is just beautiful & I could see myself using that all the time. Thank you for the offer – what a bargain ! I think your design today is just so peaceful, we could all do with moments like that

  5. I wish I could comment from my ipad as you d have lots more comments from me! I'm not often infront of my computer when I read your blog.

    Really lovely card, I already have the day dreamer but the leafy framer beckons!!

    Hope you slept well!

    Hilary T x

  6. Wow! When I saw the first couple of picture, I thought I had played around with that kit and it was nice to work with. Then I saw the background to your scene. That lifted it from nice to stunning. I want to be there under that tree, relaxing in the sun with that beautiful azure sea to cool off in. As I said before: Wow! xx Maggie

  7. Beautiful as per, Barbara, glad the trade show went well. Ditto on that Hilary, except I don't have the daydreamer, so would be a real bargain. xxxxx

  8. Love it Barbara ,Glad all went well wish it was nearer so i could go, I have those stamps,love them .and guess what my granddaughter had a baby boy last night ,he weighed 11ld 9.89 oz what a bought that for a first one xxx

    1. Hi Pauline. Congratulations to you and your family on the safe arrival of your grandson. Goodness me, he is a big lad isn't he, your poor granddaughter…..makes my eyes water just at the thought of it!!! Take care.

  9. Hi Barbara. Beautiful picture, so peaceful. I agree with Maggie, I wish I was under that tree looking over the water with the sun shining down, oh wouldn't that be bliss, the best things in life really are free : ) Hope you (and the rest of your team ) had a good nights sleep so that you are fresh for a busy week filling all of the trade and public orders, I'm not surprised though, your stencils are fantastic : ) Thank you for yet more great offers. Take care.

  10. Hope you've had a good rest and congratulations on your success at the trade show! You could always employ a temporary night shift, then you won't have to listen to the noise of the cutting machines all the time!! Love the little scene you have created in the frame – couldn't see where you were going at the outset, but it's just beautiful now it's finished. Thanks, Susan x

  11. Morning Barbara, so glad that you had a good day yesterday, although I am not surprised as I do love your stencils. Hope you slept well and that today is a very productive Monday….hugs….x
    Nearly forgot …I love this card , so effective…x

  12. Morning Barbara…I should just say SNAP to Jo's comment!
    How lovely to be reading your blog after a very leisurely start to the day! I am off to the dentist in a bit but then I can choose what I want to do today! I love my holidays from work and will be making the most of them….I have crafty stuff to play with and things a need to make!
    Love the card you have made and that sentiment is very true!
    Love and hugs to you! xx

  13. Well done for blogging even though you obviously had a busy time at the show. I love the little daydreamer and I must admit I haven't spotted the leaf border before or I would most certainly own it already! What luck I can now get them both 🙂 first day of half term so I may be able to do some crafting after I put all my Clarity stamps into my new folder! Such a great solution for storage well done to Dave. Xx

  14. Glad all went well at the NEC yesterday. I am sure your team will rally round to ensure all the orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. I really like the artwork as it looks so peaceful and relaxing especially after a stressful day!

  15. This is lovely,so peaceful too. Speaking of peace, it really sounds like you could do with a well earned bit of peace and quiet-and sleep! Well done on what sounds like a successful show.x

  16. Lovely card Barbara, and all these blog offers I just can't resist, every time I place an order I have to phone up and add to it before I'm charged more postage simply love it!!!!
    Lorna D

  17. A beautiful card that made me wish I was the person lounging under the tree! I'm pleased you had a good day at the trade show, hope your feet made it through without blisters! x

  18. Ah you wrote fast so I read fast to keep up with you. Ha ha. Fantastic card , you could have been forgiven for not bothering today after a busy day yesterday. Remember going to trade shows with my mum many years ago when she had a shop, always busy and we were always buying about nine months ahead. Try to rest those feet today. Thankyou for the special offer. Lynne xx

  19. Love this stamp, use it loads and I've just lent it to a friend. Still I can have a go at this technique when the stamp comes home again. Thanks again for the lovely ideas you share.

  20. This looks so lovely Barbara with the scene within the leafy frame. and I love the way you have highlighted the sentiment in blue. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. x

  21. Well I am reading Blogs backwards today, had to ignore my computer for a little while. This is lovely, really lovely, you produce a card like this on your way to bed and I sit for two days looking at the same card that is now on its way to the bin??? See, and all I have to do is rely on the beauty of the stamps!! Onwards and Upwards. xx

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