What a week! Take a peek…

What a week! Take a peek…

Hello Friday Campers!
Today’s blog is a Private Peek, so come on in!
Well, to be frank, to be honest, to be truthful,
this week has been hard going.
I think we have good days and growing days,
and this week has certainly been a growing week!
It all started out fine, full of beans and P for positivity.
but the P for pressure started piling up on Tuesday,

and by Wednesday, I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
You know. When you are just standing in front of what looks to be an insurmountable task, your eyes just glaze over…
An imminent Tradeshow, 
goalposts getting moved, 
difficult decisions; 
I was ready to go and sit in a field 
and drown my sorrows.
depending on which field I picked around here, 
just drown.
But then a little voice said, 
“No, no, no, Barbara! This won’t do!
Your problems are just 
By this time next week, 
you won’t even remember what you were whining about!
Pick yourself up, 
dust yourself off, 
get back on the horse,
You have a great team,
and you’re frightening them!”
Glass half full, remember? 
Have a great weekend x
Much Love,

75 thoughts on “What a week! Take a peek…

  1. Oh Barb such great photos to show us you have life full of drama after working so hard at the beginning of the week to make us look positively… Yes glass half full but only for a moment you only only visited it for a moment..and who can blame you. Have some 'me' time for a few hours to recharge your battery, let the team fly the flag for half a day…they are great. It will be fine… You have taught them wellxx do you like 'Miranda'? I watched a re-run of series one on Gold the other evening- great belly laughs – did me good – such fun! (If you do like it you will get that!) – have a gallop round Clarity Towers. – doing what I call – having a wild moment xx it will relieve the stress xxx

  2. Having been woken from a deep sleep at 2.45 by some unknown lowlife, I have some understanding of the frustrations of life, and how easy it is for them to become major traumas. I know your natural positivity will win through and raise you above the flood of annoyances (and the real floods too). Don't let the ….. get you! Positive vibes, Barb, you can do it. xx Maggie

  3. Find a quiet corner…I know I know…. Take slow deep breaths, say "I am Barbara and I am loved" a few times, out loud if possible, deep breathing.
    Head up high, come out of the hidey hole with your beaming smile. You are tough when the going gets tough!!
    Many hugs to you Barbara.
    From one of your many thankful fans. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Having had a particularly crap week myself, I fully appreciate where you're coming from here! I've been awake since 4.30am churning over the events of the week, hence the reason I'm fannying about on my IPad at this early hour! Oh well, 'onwards and upwards', 'he who dares wins Rodney' and 'keep smiling, it confuses the enemy'!

  5. Morning Barb, sorry to hear you are having a tough time, you'll get through it. Try not to worry (easier said than done I know) but you'll get there. Keep smiling and rember all the good stuff and just address your problems one at a time and you will win I'm sure. Jx

  6. Being of a very anxious nature I wish I could jump on your bandwagon of positivity! Alas not works for me at the moment so it's on with the good days and try harder on the bad days. But loved the inspiration of the blog advice today. Thank you and keep up your good spirit x

  7. Good morning,do the arms wide open Tada stance and reflect on how lucky you are. I am sorry you,have had a tough week, it must be frustrating. Here's to a fab day today, one day at a time as you say. The photos today are very cool. Happy Valentines day too.

  8. Hello Barb, sorry that you are having a bad week, yet you are obviously a glass half full person, and with your amazing ability to still bring a smile to our faces with these whacky photos and the inspiring comments with them. I think you should definitely give yourself some me time, and just sit quietly with a good book and take a break. Hope you have a good Valentines day. Take care. Bx

  9. Oh Barbara you do make me giggle! I love reading your blog and I know you have had a tough old week but like those meerkats you have a great team of people around you and because of that you know you can depend on them. And I am proud to be one! Have a great trade show and keep thinking of that glass half full and that P for positivity.
    Love and hugs xx

  10. Hope today is much for you. Someone once told me to set aside a space of time to contemplate your worries eg 6pm. Half the time what was really niggling you earlier no longer seems so major then 🙂

  11. It's funny how just writing your feelings down it helps and those wonderful picks help. You do an amazing job keep us all going to lots love just take a few hours to you self xxx

  12. Hi, Barbara….I was laughing, too, by the time I got to the end of your blog ( well, halfway through, actually!) But your blogs always make me laugh! 😀 You have such P(ositive) M(ental) A(ttitude) and just get on with life, unlike so many people who suffer from P(oor) M(e) S(yndrome) and just whine their way through life! I hope your day gets better by the minute! Thanks, Barbara xx

  13. Just arrived at work and read your blog. You have cheered me up immensely as I have also had a tough week due to a customer quality audit on Wednesday which could have gone better plus being full of cold was the last thing I needed. But my attitude is to keep smiling and hope the day gets better. Roll on 1pm when I finish for the weekend. Hey ho nearly 8am so better start planning my work activities for the morning, trying to fit 8 hours of work into 5 hours. Thanks again for cheering me up, making me laugh and putting a smile on my face!

  14. Oh dear I am sorry to hear your week has not been good. Sending you a hug, they always make the situation better. Keep those arms up and smile through it. Hope your weekend is better. Xx

  15. I really enjoy reading your blogs. Sorry you've had a bad week, but at least you've come through it. Sending you love and hugs. Love the pictures

  16. Hi Barb,
    So sorry to hear you haven't had a good week. Being the person that you are, I don't think that you can ever be more than a glass half full type and you will get through it. ( I really hope that makes sense lol) your blog really cheers me up and the pictures today are fantastic. I especially like the one having a drink and the frightened team! Have a rest this afternoon, let the team just get on with things and take some time to chill for yourself. You know they can do it, they are a brilliant support for you. Hope things get better, love to you ,the team & fellow bloggers on this Valentine's day.

  17. It's OK, all will be well. That's what my girlfriends at work say to each other to help us get through the busy days. If it's a glass half full situation then just make it a double! Simples 🙂 xx

  18. Oh Barbara I have no doubt "it will be alright on the night" even the positivity in the blog shows how you have moved forward from Tuesdays pressure. Enjoy valentines with Dave X

  19. What a hoot! Love the pictures especially your frightened team!!! Keep calm and carry on, thats the mantra for today. Thats what I was telling myself at four thirty this morning when I was tossing and turning. You just have to roll with it sometimes. Makes us human! Keep fighting the good fight Barbara. Joan x

  20. Dear Barbara, I'm so glad you ended up smiling – the best tonic there is, eh? I love the pictures – I think I can see myself in some of those critters. Here's to better days around the corner. xx

  21. Onwards and upwards, my friend. Remember your own stamp "yesterday is history, etc, etc"! Bit philosophical this morning…..always keep your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you……love and hugs to you xxxxx

  22. Who needs to go to a gym to exercise, just read your blog and your face has a great workout. Through your wit about your own situation you have made lots, if not all of us, laugh and smile this morning. Sorry your week was up and down but thank you for uplifting ours.

  23. And they say animals are not as intelligent as us …..I wonder!!
    Great pics , have a good weekend Barbara and smell the roses-well, between the rain and wind etc -but you know what I mean!!

  24. Hi Barbara. Sorry to hear that you have had a bad week, but glad to hear that you were smiling again by the end of your blog. I was too after seeing the pictures. Blimey, that LLama is enough to make anyone laugh out loud and the frightened team….brilliant : )) I hope you have a good weekend and your half full glass starts to fill up even more. Take care.

  25. So sorry to hear that you've had a growing week. Your photos are great and match your wit beautifully, and like others, I found myself laughing out loud. I hope you have lovely weekend to make up for the tough week. xx

  26. Happy Valentines Day Barbara and thanks for those fabulous pictures! Sorry your week has been so stressful and challenging – however you need valleys in the landscape to appreciate the wonder of the mountains! Hope Monday's P returns soon for you. Susan x

  27. Happy Valentines day Barb. Love the pictures today – made me laugh out loud. Remember the silver lining and the old saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Sometimes a little pressure can make us stronger.

  28. Barb, you crack me up! What a wonderful way to start the day! I often feel like a combination of the llama and the bush baby(?) – now there's an image to conjure with…! It's easy to be overwhelmed by the size of the mountain you have to climb – just break it down into bite-sized molehills and you'll get there. As Gandhi said, "A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step"… I can empathise with the responsibility of being the boss and having a freaked-out team when they see you bending under the strain of the pressure… Take some time out – if only a little – it's amazing how well that resets the panic-ometer and puts things back into perspective! Sending you lots of love and big hugs. xxxx

  29. I tell you what, I was really laughing reading your post this morning. At the beginning, I was all "Poor Barbara, can understand the feeling…." and than come the first picture….And here I am, wanting to read more and see the other picture. My favourite ones are the marmot with the bottle of wine and the scared team.
    Please keep making us dream and smile with your daily post.
    Laurence xx

  30. Hello. You are a one! Lovely piccies even if you are a bit stressed to say the least. But … delegate! I bet your team could do more to help if you let them and then you can give yourself time for the important decisions. Keep your chin up and think of all your problems as challenges – this from one who spends much of her time running round in circles! xx Maggie Col

  31. Sorry you are having a bad week Barbara but with your positive attitude and glass half full nature I'm sure things will be fine. Take it one task at a time and let your amazing team take some of the strain for you while you take a few minutes to just sit and relax. Deep breaths and relax…….
    Love the pictures they made me giggle
    Jackie x

  32. Dear Barbara, your pictures are so funny with your comments they made me laugh and brightened my morning so take heart that even tho you feel your drowning your lifting the rest of us.
    🙂 Lorna D

  33. Sounds like your cup was a little half empty for a mo there Barbara, notice I said for a mo. I don't think you're the type to wallow and soon bounce back to being Mrs motivator, thankfully. I saw a few Troll messages on Facebook earlier this week, hope they weren't the reason for your downturn. At the end of the day, you're an ordinary Lady trying her best to make a living out of something that she's exceptionally gifted at, good for you. You have lots of loyal pals out here you know. Crikey, that was a bit deep and philosophical. Happy Valentines Day and hopefully that lovely fella of yours will spoil you later. 😉 xxxx

    1. Nope, didn’t see that stuff. Much too busy for that kind of rubbish. Let the haters hate, because they will, whatever, if it makes them feel better! Happy Valentines to you, too xx

  34. Thank you so much Barbara, I've been feeling rotten all week with a throat infection but now at last it seems to be getting a bit better and today's blog really cheered me up, laughed so much had to spray my throat again but worth it. Don't change, your humor matches mine it seems, I love animal funnies. Have a super day, Andy

  35. Thanks for the great thoughts and wonderful pictures. I don't think you are alone in getting a touch of the blues. We need some sunshine and lots of it. While the real deal is off playing hide and seek your blog is a really good substitute. Hope you have a good day and a much better week to come. x

  36. Hi Barb,
    Just me again! My new stamp storage binders have just been delivered and can I just say a big thank you. They are fabulous quality and worth every penny. Would recommend them to everyone out there who has any remountable stamps. Absolutely brilliant idea. Thanks a lot. Alison xx

  37. Sorry to hear you have had a growing week but P for pleased that you are feeling P for perkier have a great trade show whilst yiur fantastic team look after everything else xx

  38. Ha ha those pictures made me laugh, no wonder you were too by the time you had finished blog. Sorry that you have not had a good week, suppose it depends on the decision to be made as to whether you can delegate. Some things maybe only you can do, but sure the team will support you. Hope the trade show goes well. My hubby just taken me out for lunch and bought some flowers, has never done that for Valentines(married 43 years). When I commented on it he told me all good things come to those who wait. I hope you and Dave get some time together later to spoil yourselves. Lynne xx

  39. Thank you Barbara for making me smile…those photographs and just brilliant…hope you are all sorted for the Trade Show and that you have a great time….enjoy your evening …Happy Valentines Day to you and Dave….x x

  40. Hi Barbara. Last week´s in the past. This next week is the challenge and Like always, good or bad, you´ll get through it and come out fine at the end.´
    I´m having a good day. It´s my birthday, so who wouldn´t.
    Love Val x

  41. You will get through it Barbara because you always do. Take a breath, have a cuppa or something stronger, your family is there waiting for you and willing to help. We will always have good days and bad – the trick is to enjoy the good and shake off the bad xx

  42. i know just where you are coming from this week. Its over despite the wind and the potential to get tree through the roof! Hoping to dance at the weekend and whirl away all troubles with a waltz or two! PMA that is the attitude. Better week next week.
    Best wishes
    Anne A

  43. I now have the biggest smile ever. My Valentine's evening has not gone to plan as my better half has been called out to help with flood defences…. but hey there are much more important things going on than my glass of wine, box of chocs & a foot massage ! I don't need that as I have the Barbara Gray Blog

  44. Well it's been a "growing week" and a half at this end but your photos really made me chuckle, thank you. Let your fabulous team help you take the strain, a problem shared and all that xx

  45. Sorry to hear that you've had a stressful week, you're such a positive person the problems must have been bad for it to affect you so. Hang on in there and keep your sense of humour.
    Great pics-they made me smile.x

  46. I'm sorry your week has been hard going Barbara, but that week has gone and next week is a whole new ball game! I don't know where you found all those pictures but they fitted all your comments perfectly and so funnily. x

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