Poetry for the soul.

Poetry for the soul.

Friday, and a Private Peek. 
This week’s blogs have brought back a lot of memories for me.
 About the old farmhouse in Cowden, to start with.
And then I got to thinking about when we used to live in California, back in the early 90’s.
The kids’ Dad was a lawyer in the US Army, so we lived on base at Fort Ord, Monterey for a little while. Our lad Mark was born there actually, on base in 1992.
It was really cool, and I made a couple of good friends there.
Fort Ord was literally right on the ocean. You could walk to the beach. And we did, most days!
It was like a fully self-contained town, with schools, a hospital, swimming pool, everything from pizzeria to picture framer. Oh and not forgetting the US Commissary!
But then they decided to close down the base, 
over the period of a year.
The schools closed, houses started getting boarded up, families got relocated. What had been a thriving community ended up like the quintessential ghost town. 

Isn’t is amazing how mankind builds things up, 
just to shut them down again…
And because Rob was with the Judge Advocate General, we had to stay until the bitter end. 
When stress levels rise, bad things happen; lawyers are needed.
So I wrote a poem about change, about having to move. 
This is just the last verse. 
Future Memories
If you never move on,
If you never roam,
How will you discover what was never your home?
Or greet the friend that you’ll never meet?
Or savour the food that you’ll never eat?
So look to the future my friend,
and be glad,
Of having that which you haven’t yet had.
You see, if we hadn’t had to leave Fort Ord, 
who knows where we would be now!
Life certainly is a rich and colourful tapestry, don’t you think?
In fact, on the subject of poetry and tapestries, here is one of the most profound poems I have ever read…
Ain’t that the truth! So, have a great day! 
much love,

74 thoughts on “Poetry for the soul.

  1. Love both the poems, Barbara as someone who had to move countless times because of my husband's job I can relate to the poem you wrote especially as I am now a lot older and can look back over the past years and track back to where I am now, the journey hasn't always been easy ( no one's ever is) but I appreciate where I am now and that is what matters to me. The second poem is very profound and deep but very true, I love poetry and you do come up with some very beautiful quotes … thanks for sharing such private memories … it made lovely reading and made me think about things I haven't thought about in a while xxx

  2. I love your Poem Barbara I would love to see the rest of it. I did a ditty for a card I made with similar thoughts I think? Oh she says everyone is going to quote a poem at me!!! Its OK its only short. – I see the memories in the faces of the people I have met and know that in the future there are many more to get. A free spirit when contained is not a joy to know, for they need to meet the people who will help their spirit grow. Bu Bum!

  3. Hi Barbara. Love the poems, any chance of seeing the rest of yours? The Weaver is a beautiful, thought provoking poem isn't it. Always makes me stop and think. Hope you have a good weekend. Take care.

  4. I don't know how you do it with managing to come up with something new everyday and always so thought provoking. My Dad was in the RAF so you would have expected that I would have moved around alot but we were one of the lucky one's as he did most of his service in Norfolk and we didn't have to move until he retired and got a new job in Nottingham. The only thing was, was we moved over the Christmas holidays, so this was a bit of a nightmare. The poems on your blog are certainly thought provoking and I will have to read them again in order to digest the content.

  5. Love the poetry Barbara, I would also like to see the full written poem that you penned if you would be so kind.
    What a shame that a community has to die on the say so of someone in authority. All the houses and stores left to go to the dogs, so thoughtless if they had been sold off at least it wouldn't seem like such a waste. But life goes on and we move on too ….

  6. Morning Barb, my usual morning fix and cuppa – Friday always brings such pleasure for me as I really feel quite privileged to be sharing your private peeks – sometimes the past, sometimes the present and a little of a tempting hint of the future – you bare your soul on occasions and I think that is what makes you such a genuine person who cares about your family and team – heart on sleeve stuff. This private peek – small but enough gives us a glimpse of what you were and what might have been but for other factors. I am a great believer of destiny and that all things happen for a reason – as much as we make choices at the time – the choices were presented – so either path could lead us to our ultimate destination – your poem is beautiful and the second one so very profound but true – your passion of poetry was destined to be put on stamps…….. thank you for sharing the peek to the past and the photos – you have an amazing stash of photos! xx

  7. Thank you for sharing, Barbara. I would love to live in the USA for a bit, but DH is a confirmed home-boy!!! Saying that, although there is something to be gained in every experience, I think there would be moments where living in a ghost town would be a bit scary! Thanks again!

  8. You do have a way with words! Life is a gift and should be lived well. You have certainly had a varied life and to someone who hasn't moved around much its fascinating. Thank you for sharing, the poems are inspiring and bring goosebumps. Joan x

  9. Morning Barbara….oh the power of words….and the impact that written words have….
    I too would love to read the rest of your poem…I love to read your blog and share your precious memories with you….we are all very lucky to be a part of the wonderful world that is Clarity…..have a good Friday…..Big hug….Jo. xxxxx

    1. I sat here not quite sure what to say, change is only bad if you don't accept it an move on. Reading peoples comments, I came across Jo's and I just couldn't put it any bettee, so I'll join with Jo to say thank you! Big hugs… Mandy xxx

  10. I've had plenty of ups and downs in my life too but don't live with regrets because everything you have been through has made you the person you are today and leads to where you are now. If that's a good place then your life has been worth it.
    Beryl xx

  11. Morning Barbara,
    Everything happens for a reason and as the poem says we can't always see why!
    What would we have done without CLARITY!!! OR WORSE, if you had stayed in the States and we couldn't get the products here, NIGHTMARE!!!
    I too would love to read your whole poem! You are such a talented individual.
    Lorna D

  12. Such thoughtful poems – I always enjoy a trip down your memory lane and it makes me reflect on my own too! Also lived for a couple of years in the US in Washington DC, and I've had a change of career, and now have my own small business. I'm sure there will be many different threads in my life's tapestry to come, but I hope I'll be able to look back and see that they have enhanced the overall pattern! Thanks for taking the time to share with us every day – Susan

  13. I used to write poems when I was young, I filled loads of exercise books with them. Then a few years back, having a clear out and being ruthless I chucked them. I so regret doing that. Never mind, maybe I should take it up again. Love your poem, and The Weaver, so insightful. Looking forward to Sunday, good luck xx

  14. I used to write poems when I was young, I filled loads of exercise books with them. Then a few years back, having a clear out and being ruthless I chucked them. I so regret doing that. Never mind, maybe I should take it up again. Love your poem, and The Weaver, so insightful. Looking forward to Sunday, good luck xx

  15. It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a home grown tomato.
    I am trying to find an uplifting comment every day.
    Hugs x

  16. Morning Barbara, the words of both your poem and the other one you shared are so true. Life is a rich tapestry of ups and downs and who knows where we would all be if we hadn't set out on the journey. We have moved around a lot in our married life and I often wish we could settle somewhere for more than a few years but the journey I am on makes me the person I am and makes me grow and develop and that can only be good…….can't it?
    Take care and have a safe journey to C&C. I'm looking forward to your programmes the recorder is all set ready

    Jackie x

  17. We moved around a lot as my dad was in the army and the experiences and education about how people in other countries lived was priceless. I often reflect on those years and I think all of our experiences, wherever and whenever they may be, make us the people we are today. Love the poems, both of them very true. Have a great weekend everyone – I will as our Barbara is on for 3 hours on Sunday, woohoo!! Pat x

  18. Morning Barbara, what a moving blog today – I love the poems too. Do you mind if I pass them on to my two girls who are both going through difficult times right now for one reason or another?

  19. So, so true – sitting at work in the middle of a boring trial! You cheered me up.
    Must get back to the proper work and looking forward to Sunday.

  20. Gosh that is so true, over the last 18months someone took the bright threads out of my tapestry but thankfully the spring colours are returning, we just don't know whats round the next bend.Wonderful blog Jane x

  21. Hi Barb,
    Love your poems especially The Weaver – very thought provoking. Reminds me of Carole King's Tapestry – " My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hues, An everlasting vision of the ever changing view" – one of my all time favourite songs. Love Alison

  22. The verse of your poem is lovely Barbara and I adore the weavers poem. I reminded me of one I had read about a child playing while his mother sewed a tapestry, all the child saw was colours and different lengths of treads and knots.One day his mother picked him up and he saw the picture she had been making, the poet hoped God would one day do the same.

  23. wow – I love that poem – just beautiful – and so very true. I can't believe your photo of the base when it was closed – what a difference – it seems so crazy – thats life I guess! Big Hugs rachel x

  24. Thanks for sharing the poems, Barbara. Yours would make a great stamp for anyone changing a life situation. You know, leaving home, moving house, changing jobs, etc. x

  25. I love that verse of your poem Barbara. I think change can seem scary at the time, but when challenged I think most of us will step up to the plate, and all experiences good and bad shape us and make us what we are. The second poem makes us think of some outside force or fate working in our lives. I believe that when there are twists and turns, fate lends a hand and what will be will be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. x

  26. Life Barbara thank you for the poems sometimes we need to know other people have problems to cope with our own brought tears to my eyes I love poems they help me cope in difficult times .and where would we be without clarity xxx

  27. Thank you for sharing so much of you Barbara. The last verse of your poem is beautiful, as I'm sure the rest of it is. The second poem is indeed incredibly powerful. We don't always understand or know why things happen. The power of poetry is truly incredible. As you say much good can come out of change and where would we be without you and Clarity. What a truly amazing family. xx

  28. Someone said what would we have done if you had stayed in the States – well I'd have been better off financially! BUT we would have missed out on your talent and it's given me so much pleasure to see what you've produced and what you stamps and the team produce. Listening to you is so relaxing and natural – even hubby listens in! So, although I might have been financially better off I wouldn't have missed Clarity for the world. Can we have a peek at the other verses of your poem in the future? x

  29. Wow Barbara thats a real insight into what you must have gone through. My friend has just moved to Cambridge and is a little homesick. Please can I have your permission to send her that poem to cheer her up and show her that she isn't on her own.

  30. Poems are beautiful, really make you think. Still although it was probably stressful having to move from the army base the positive outcome is Clarity and where would we all be without the beautiful stamps you produce. Maybe a better bank balance, but as you said the other day hearses don't have luggage racks, so might as well enjoy while we can. I think reading your blog that I can be thankful that I have had an uneventful journey so far. So thanks for making me appreciate that. Lynne xx

  31. Thank you for sharing your life stories Barbara. It's good to remember that the difficult parts can have a positive effect. The poems are beautiful and meaningful, thank you.

  32. Beautiful words and a beautiful picture/embroidery. Thank you for sharing both the good and the difficult – it makes me realise that we aren't the only ones who have bad days/months/years xx

  33. A bit difficult for me to understand perfectly well the poem, but will read it again tomorrow morning and ask Dave for explaination. I really like your poem, that one was easier for me to understand…. Thanks for sharing.
    Laurence x

  34. I love these poems Barbara. They have really made me think about my life and how we can all be scared by the thought of change and new challenges. The second one also helped me put things into perspective a bit. Thank you xx

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