A little Star gazer.

A little Star gazer.

Thursday’s Blog is always Blue.
So here is a charming little rabbit, 
basking in the moonlight, gazing at the stars in the deep blue sky.
Actually, the M25 is over the hill, and he’s counting white vans!
This is a real step by step, so here goes…
You will need:
Stamp the bunny in black and cover with a mask.

Add the moon mask.

Load your Speedball Brayer with Lettuce. 
Stage the ink on the Blending Mat

Tear a hill out of copy paper, using a ruler.

Start brayering the hills into place, starting at the bottom.

Move the copy paper up the picture, so that the hills get lighter.
Let’s turn it to have a look. Because I’m left-handed, I brayer from that side (naturally!), so the artwork is on its side.

Load the brayer with Denim.

Load the sky. Notice I am coming in at an angle. 
Helps prevent lines.
Add a little black over the top. Much better night sky.
Another quick look to see where we are headed….

Now cover up the grassy area with the mask.

Load the grass stamp with the green ink from the Blending mat,

and stamp a couple into place.

Go back and forth between the Lettuce and the Denim 
with the grass stamp;

Add a couple of darker grasses,
 At the front of the piece, too.

Tear another piece of paper, to add some hillocks and shadow.

The grass is really useful for little hedgerows.
Go easy with the black and a make-up sponge.
 Use the blending mat to pick up colour and mix it up.

Carefully add a little black shade underneath the bunny.
Make-up sponge and dab dab dab. Not smear smear smear!

Remove the Rabbit’s mask now. That sounds funny!

Colour in with Promarkers. Beige and grey.

Replace the moon mask whilst you VERY lightly 
water spritz some stars into place. 
Easy does it!! We don’t want a snow storm!
Blot with Copy paper.
Add some little flowers in the grass with your white Pilot pen. Ideal for the job.
Layer up on a piece of copy paper and trim right back, so that you just leave a sliver of white. 

Finally mount it on some lovely matching background paper. 
It’s such a long way from the top of the blog, I feel I should add the finished artwork again!
Where did we get the paper? Jim designed it. 
It’s a Clarity Paper. Maybe we should get them out again. 
We have some gorgeous papers!
I shall be getting the little Rabbit set out this Sunday on TV, too. Create & Craft 9am – 11am.
I hope you watch. You will be intrigued I’m sure, to see just how different the same little rabbit gazing at the M25 looks, when you pick other colours on Theuva Card….

And if you entered the Foxgloves Competition, and were wondering who won, leave it with me. You cannot imagine how many entries we had! It will take me a day to read them all carefully! So that’s a job for next Monday, after the telly. Winner to be announced next Tuesday then!

with love from 

Let’s have a Comment Candy Giveaway! If you leave an uplifting comment (or 4! One each day!) on this blog between now and Sunday evening, I will randomly pick a winner on Monday, 
and send that lucky winner
a £20 gift voucher, 
a brand-new-not-yet-seen Claritystencil! 

82 thoughts on “A little Star gazer.

  1. Lovely card, counting white vans no no no he's dreaming of the wonderful future he's planning for himself and maybe a little girlfriend as well! This would be so nice to send as good wishes for your future to someone embarking on a new stage in their life . Love it ! X

  2. Hello Barb, what a gorgeous card, and great step by step instructions. Whether he is dreaming, counting white vans (must be a lot if it is the M25) or just star gazing, he is lucky to have such beautiful scenery around him, lovely lush grass and little flowers. Very serene, love it and looking forward to see what you do with him on the show. Bx

  3. Oh Barb… I love the van gazing bunny! Maybe he's looking out for you and Dave coming home after the show on Sunday!
    Really looking forward to seeing the show, your demo's and the rest of the DT's work! Hopefully some of us will be watching and having a live chat at the same time!
    Love and Hugs to you xx

  4. Beautiful! More things to add to my wish list! I definitely need to start practicing using the brayer, as you always have such inspiring results. x

  5. I always wonder what your little bunny is thinking about whenever I see him/her.we are often so busy we forget to let our minds relax and wonder. Hope all your TV prep goes well x

  6. Must be nearly spring time…makes a nice change from the rain, wind and possibly snow. Think bunny is checking out the set for a re-make of watership down! Looking forward to the weekend x

  7. I just love the bunny star gazing. Yes you should think seriously about issuing the papers, that background paper is stunning and fits so well – you would think you planned it! 😉

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha counting white vans !!! – bet he's ready for nodding off now – like sheep there are always lot of them .

    Another great card and another lovely picture tutorial xxx

  9. Loving the bunny! Star or van gazing maybe but I think he is more likely to be looking for a person building an ark! Oh well off to work soon, watching the school field turn into a lake, but at least the children are excited to see the ducks which seem to have moved in! Looking forward to your shows at the weekend. Xx

  10. So Watership Down these bunnies, so cute and so tempting as usual!!! Just as I tell myself no more now Kim you really must reign your spending in – there is the weekend looming with your show peeking over that horizon drawing me in!!! This is a great blog/tutorial which I will have a go at with slightly different stamps as I do not have those bunnies!!! Your blog is in itself uplifting… I openly confess to not being much of a morning person – especially at this time of year…but I open my laptop or iPad up armed with my cuppa and anxiously search for your blog as it sets me up for the day! So I see this bunny watching you and Dave leave on your journey to the studios – waiting for you to come back on what is a lovely crisp evening with twinkling stars in the sky! I love that background paper by Jim….mmmmm – me thinks yes you should get them out again!!! Bring on the next four days and all the lovely blogs topped off with you on the TV and the DT hosted chat on FB which is real fun!!!xxxx

  11. I think this little bunny is gazing at the moon but reaching for the stars (or possibly the field of carrots he can see from the top of the hill). 🙂 I'm really enjoying your blog each day Barbara. It has become a must and if I didn't have to go to work today I'd be heading straight to my craft room to start playing. x

  12. Love it haven't got bunny stamps maybe I could try it with the hare stamps. Probably thinking 'I go away for the winter and look what I come back to, How do I cross all the water down there?

  13. Hi Barb,
    The first thing that crossed my mind when I opened the blog today was yes you've guessed – Watership Down! I can even imagine him being animated and hopping around with Art Garfunkel singing in the background! He is so cute ( the rabbit, not Art Garfunkel). The background paper is gorgeous too & yes I think you should bring them out again. Looking forward to the shows at the weekend. thanks Barb, love Alison xxxx

  14. Amazing how expressive the back of a rabbit can be.She is doing some serious deep thinking. Wonderful set of stamps. Oh and that backing paper is divine.

  15. Barbara. Your art is so good that it always inspires. I have received a Gelli plate for my birthday 2 weeks ago and must put aside a day to do nothing other than play.

  16. Think the bunny is seating along side the A1 waiting to see you arriving in Peterborough this weekend to great you as you arrive on last bit of your journey have safe trip going to try this card now as was wondering what to do this morning before my grandson arrives xx

  17. A view of the M25 never looked so appealing. More than that – it's making me think of the warmer weather when I'll be more likely to sit and gaze at the start. It's a gorgeous scene, made all the better seeing it in the making from my angle – being a fellow leftie.
    Beryl xx

  18. This is a gorgeous image. The background paper is beautiful and I would certainly like to see the others and get them! I also loved your cottage artwork from yesterday and was saddened by the reality behind the stamp – especially as you and your family were affected by anothers' greed. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday.

  19. Barbara,
    Interesting tut, will try with a different stamp, bunnies not my scene, but that background paper is to die for. Please resurrect I have a quirky cottage, just crying out for that paper.

  20. Wonderful image – even though I prefer to think of the bunny looking out to a loch or hilly landscape! Memories of the M25 are becoming more distant by the month for me thank goodness!! Looking forward to the shows on Sunday – recorder all set up in readiness. Susan x

  21. Morning Barbara,
    Such a lovely card the bunny looks great I will have to invest, and I'm looking forward to Sunday (record button already pressed). Backing paper looks good it would be nice to see the other designs as I don't always manage to re-create your designs.
    Lorna D

  22. I love this card. I thought the background paper was a print taken from the splodge mat at first (silly me) as the colours were so well matched. I too have the recorder set for Sunday and usually watch the show whilst ironing – makes it a much more pleasant chore!! Shirley G

  23. Love the bunny, the background paper and the whole card, looking forward to Sunday for more demo's and laughter. It's a joy reading your blog, always puts me in a positive mood.

    Thanks Jx

  24. Beautiful card and love the sky, will have to give this a whirl. Oh and pleases no van watching, lets have something much more romantic as valentines is only a short hop, skip and jump away! Jane x

  25. What a fabulous tutorial Barbara thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent so generously. I love the idea of the rabbit counting white vans on the M25 as we live very close to it.
    I love visiting your blog each day it always makes me smile and brightens up my day
    Jackie x

  26. You really inspire me Barbara. I look forward to your daily blogs. Another fabulous tutorial as usual. I just love my Clarity stamps. Thank you, thank you, thank you,

  27. You tease. An unseen Clarity stencil would be too much hoppiness (sorry meant happiness). Looking forward to Sunday already – it does seem such a long time till the classroom begins again. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration. Maggie C xx

  28. Hi Barbara. That bunny is so cute, and the whole picture is gorgeous. I love your tutorials, you always add every last detail so that we can get a finished result similar(ish!) to yours. I wouldn't have thought to add the white dot flowers for a start-or finish:) The backing paper is beautiful and it matches perfectly. Thanks as always for the inspiration. Take care.

  29. Beautiful artwork as always! I bought the bunny stamps, so I'll get my scissors and cut some masks ready for the weekend craft-along-a-Barbara – looking forward to it….seems an age since you were last on TV 🙂 x

  30. Another day, another blog,
    My, how my mind’s agog,
    You find the time, I know not how,
    To write each day, so take a bow,

    Each day you share your ups, your downs,
    Even things that make you frown,
    From Gelli’s, stamps, now stencils too,
    I know you have a lot to do,

    Your blog is loved by one and all,
    Your projects displayed and to us call,
    To spend some time being creative,
    Until to us, the brayer’s native

    Your talent’s very clear to see,
    Which is why you’re Queen of Clarity

  31. hello Barbara – what a wonderful creation – i love this – those bunnies are just so cute and the step by step is just brilliant! Hugs to you Rachel x

  32. What a cute Little rabbit. And an awsome step-by-step introduction. Love it! Stamps is on my Wish-List!!! Have a wonderful day, dear Barbara and all of you 🙂

  33. I cannot believe it has taken me so long today to get round to reading your blog. My excuse was definitely Clarity based. I booked my place. Can you tell me if the M25 that the bunny is watching is nice and clear? That is such a lovely card, all achieved with minimal equipment, but still a beautiful result. I will have a go at this one this afternoon and I shall definitely be watching on Sunday, and the Tivo is already set and so is the DVD recorder (belt and braces). xx Maggie

  34. What a wonderful card background papers would love to see and buy cannot wait for sundays show excited just received my stencil order yesterday good old royal mail . now I need to order the bunny and masks will have to see what comes on 1st feb offers too
    thank you for another wonderful tutorial .xxx

  35. You have a wonderful sense of humour, poor bunny counting vans, wonder if he saw my son go past. He just loves the M25 ( OR NOT ). Lovely card as always, glad you showed how to do the hills, still not too good at those. Hope it is better where that bunny is, so cold here today. Sunday marked on calendar would not miss it . Lynne xx

  36. Hi Barbara,

    This is stunning, I tried having a go at doing some hills last night, total mess lol! So I am glad to see this on here today I shall have to have another go. Love how you have done the stars in the sky, bet I wont get them looking that good, love the flowers, bushes, everything. Thank you for your step by step instructions they really help. I have set up your programmes on Sunday to tape but hope to be able to watch.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  37. What an adorable set of rabbit stamps, I'll certainly be watching on Sunday! Love this card the details are striking and the step by step so helpful, thank you! x

  38. Another super tutorial, Barbara. Love the bunnies, which are highly appropriate as I am currently reading Linda Lear's 'Beatrix Potter'. Eventually, Beatrix tired of drawing rabbits, but I am so glad you haven't! And I could never tire of your wonderfully clear step by step blog posts.

  39. Hi Barbara,

    I have only just started following your blog by email, I have a few Clarity Stamps, and would love to have the time to use them, I work full time as well as being a 24 hr carer, so not a lot of time now left for my crafting. The bunny stamps are adorable and your step by step instructions look very easy to follow. I love watching you on Create and Craft, (recorded and watch in the middle of the night) You just make me want to join in and have a go, maybe if I get carers allowance I would be able to have some time to my self and have a go.

  40. Barbara you absolutely amaze me! I only discovered you a few months ago (how shameful of me!) and I am completely in awe of you. I am yet to get any clarity products, but it is definitely on my to do list! Love the little motorway watching bunny!

  41. At least the vans wouldn't have been moving!!! I need to spend SO much time practising the brayer that I'm sure I'm losing weight at last. Love your blog and can't wait till Sunday!

  42. You are funny Barbara. I love the idea that the bunny is counting white vans on the m25! Lovely design and what gorgeous paper. As always thank you for another informative and detailed step by step. X

  43. Another stunning card. Using the brayer seems to easy when you do it Barbara, really need "private" lessons… still can't have it right. Great idea to sell the Clarity papers again. x

  44. Uplifting comment? Well, I don't work on a Friday so that makes me feel uplifted!!!!! As does this gorgeous card, you make it look possible. And I need to get a splodge mat….
    Thanks, Barbara!!!!

  45. You make it look so easy!!!!!!!!!!! Uplifting comment a Sunday with Clarity will be uplifting enough for me, maybe not if you are my husband, who feels you are part of the family. " Oh it's Barbara again" he says as if he knows you personally x

  46. I am enjoying your blogs and learning such a lot, while being inspired by ideas of my own!!! Can't wait for the seed stencils to come, then I'll have a think about the bunny!
    Thank you. Looking forward to the Sunday show,

  47. I got this set of stamps when they came out last year and used them to make mt Easter cards, and I've used them for a couple of other cards since. I think they are great and looking forward to seeing what else you do with them on Sunday.

  48. This is one of your best yet. I am going to try & follow your lead with this but stamp 2 rabbits side by side for the Valentine's card I want to make. Thank you for the furry sprinkle of inspiration

  49. I love this bunny, Barbara, and your gorgeous brayered scene. The colours you have used are nice and strong, and your 'how to' tutorial is so detailed and clear to follow. You make it look so easy, and I know to my cost that it is not, but practice makes perfect as they say. The shadows and highlights make that bunny look as though he is about to hop away any minute it all looks so realistic, and the little little flowers with the white pen finish it beautifully. I used to live about two miles from the M25, but now instead of white vans we have a steam train which chuffs away quite nearby. Anyway, I always try to watch you at work on C&C, and I look forward to seeing more of this rabbit and his friends next Sunday. x

  50. Beautiful card and really love that paper. These are my favourite stamps and i even used them for Christmas cards lol Looking forward to Sunday 🙂

  51. That is a stunning stamped scene Barbara, those bunnies are now on my 'really want them' list! That is such a long list anyways. Now I am on my knees begging you to not bring out any Clarity papers, lol, that background is so gorgeous and I have so much hoarded paper already. I have gone without purchasing background/designer paper for two years and I still have a lot that I need to use up and I know if Clarity brings out beautiful papers it will be another pad that I open, stroke, sigh and put away again because it is too beautiful to use. Have a fab weekend xx

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