Time and Tide wait for no man….

Time and Tide wait for no man….

Happy Saturday! 
Saturday’s blog is mostly a new technique. Well it’s new to me! I was happy with the result today, so I thought I might take this opportunity to show off a couple of new stencils which I am airing on TV on Sunday, too. I may well be able to do this demo for you on the day, but in the event that we run out of time, I thought we would get in close and have a good look.
All we need is
Stencil Brushes and Make-up sponges
An embossing machine (optional extra)
Sandwich time first.
White card
Cog Stencil
Time & Tide Stencil.
Secure the stencil sandwich at the top and bottom with low-tack masking tape.
Load the Clarity Brush with Juniper and lightly apply an undercoat of light green all over. Then load the brush with Pine Needles green and start twirling the brush around the perimeter of the cog stencil.
Round and round and round….

Using a make-up sponge, carefully wipe the green on the stencil into the openings and gaps, thereby add depth and sharpness of colour, and cleaning your stencil.

Now comes the trick. Carefully slide out the cog stencil, leaving the Time & Tide in place. And that’s why we only taped the top and bottom!

Very cool. Now it’s time to sort the words out.

Let’s take another colour. 
Load a new brush with Pumice Stone or Old Paper Distress Pads, or Latte Adirondack.
I sometimes get asked why we sell the Clarity Brushes in sets of 4. Here’s why. Although they are easy to clean by simply holding them under a running tap, when you’re in the middle of a project, you don’t want to have to wait an hour while the brush dries between colours!
Lightly dust the whole area with whichever neutral colour you have picked.
Remove the masking tape at the bottom, flick the stencil to the top, and let’s have a look. Make sure you leave the stencil attached at the top.

Now you need a Pastel Beige Promarker WITH fine nib.
You can eith go round all the letters freehand, as I did, or you can lower the stencil and carefully draw round it.
Then add the logical letter lines afterwards, to bring them to the front or drop them to the back.

Flip the Time & Tide stencil back down over the artwork. Add some Tumbled Glass Blue, or Stonewashed Adirondack with a make-up sponge, Here and there – not everywhere!

Time to remove the stencil.
Let’s take a closer look…

So now comes the embossing with the Gran Calibur,
 or in my case, E-Bosser.
Back on with the stencil, in exactly the same place, which is easy, because it’s exactly the same size as the card. YAY!
Run it through and then …

This is pretty nice. The Promarker work sits right in the dip.

So the clock and cogs are in the background,
But the white, profound words sit right in the front.

 So with all this poetry and meaningful exchange 
going on right now,  I’d say 
“Time & Tide wait for no man” is rather profound.

What does it say to you?
To me it says
“Whatever it is you plan on doing – it’s later than you think! 
Best get a wriggle on!”
Maybe we should add a little WO in front of the MAN, too!
Nigel and I will be working together on Sunday’s TV shows, 
both at 9am-11 and 2pm-3.
So that will be great. 
Hope you can join us.
much love,

72 thoughts on “Time and Tide wait for no man….

  1. What a fabulous technique – and more great stencils. It's an expression I've often heard but never give much thought to what it meant. I think it means that you can't stop either time or tide so you should just get on with what you need/want to do. Like you say Barb – get a wriggle on.. Looking Forward to Sunday. Lx

  2. I shall be there on Sunday, hoping that the DVD has got over its tantrum tonight. I love the way the letters gradually came to the fore as you went through the various stages of this demo. I don't have those particular stencils but I am sure the technique will translate to others. xx Maggie

  3. You always do think outside the box. This is a great technique and I love how it looks outlined once you emboss it. Of course I would have to have two because its always a guess which way its going to go, in or out|?? I know I should know by now. I am looking forward to the shows on Sunday, love all these stamps we have been playing with. xx

  4. Love this technique, will definitely be giving it a go. I agree with you Barb it is later than we all think so get on with it and enjoy. Looking forward to tomorrow. Jx

  5. Lovely lovely… wow the combination of all these technique s work so well together guess it's the sequence you do it in that matters.Wonderful typography is so on trend as they say. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday xxxx

  6. Morning Barb, Happy Saturday….this time tomorrow I shall be getting myself comfortable for no interruptions to watch you do this one live on the TV – you most definitely should fit this one in as indeed 'Time waits for no (wo)man' and we don't want to miss this one as it is so cool! Not sure what stencils I have to give this one a go with but must find something! Have a relaxing Saturday – and Bring on Sunday with yourself and Nigel xxxx

  7. Very new to stencils, only really discovered them after getting a gelli plate. These two are great, cogs are very steam punk! That saying is so true, sitting here reading your blog and then doing some Clarity browsing and before I know it the time has gone and I need to get on with daily chores! Oh well Sunday will be sitting reading your blog and watching you on TV. Double treat! Xx

  8. Lovely Barbara and so intricate looking. I must get a set of your brushes. I had the stencils out last night playing, trying to make a valentines for my husband. Still a work in progress. Keep up the fantastic work you do. X

  9. Hi Barb, oh wow more stencils to add to my shopping list. Love the idea of this, and the profound words. Thank you for the inspiration I am looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Bx

  10. OH NO!…..now I need an embossing machine!!!!! 🙂 This is lovely and would make a great framed piece of artwork – probably for a craft room! 😉 x

  11. Love the card, never thought of using two stencils at the same time! Will be setting the DVD to record on Sunday as I will be at church when you are on air – hope it behaves itself and records the right channel this time!

  12. Hi Barbara. I love the double stencil technique, must have a go as it looks great. Only 1 more sleep till we get to sit back and see you on our screens…it's been too long 🙂 Have a safe journey to and from the studio. I hope the weather is the same as it is here, at the moment, for you, we have a beautiful clear blue sky, going to have to get out for a walk and soak it up : )) Such a fantastic change from the grey, wet weather of late. Take care.

  13. Hi Barb,
    I love this! Very arty and an uplifting saying that I've heard time and time again ! I agree that it would be nice framed and hung on a wall. I'm really pleased that you explained what logical ones lines were as I didn't know either. Love the way it makes the letters "pop". Looking forward to tomorrow's shows – I've set the recorder already, but will be watching also.

  14. Yes I really like this, doesn't need anything else it says it all. Glad you did it as a blog though because doing from the telly is all start and stop the recordings so thanks

  15. Love it Barbara,but unfortunately like many others I don't have an A4 embosser so my Cuttlebug will not take your fabbie new 7×7 stencils, 🙁 please can we have more 6×6 stencils so we don't miss out on being able to emboss with them. I ordered 3 of the new ones but won't be able to do the technique you blogged last week with the copy paper and using the embosser as a mangle unless you could suggest another way to get the same result?
    Lorna D

  16. Good Morning Barbara
    I really like the idea of trying this technique. The first thing that struck me was it would make a great retirement card with the sentiment inside wishing a happy retirement doing all the things you've been promising yourself you would do one day. Surely if you've retired that day must have arrived! Looking forward to the show.
    Shirley G

  17. What a great idea. I'd never thought of using two stencils together. Must have a go at that later. Love the sentiment and how about this one for tomorrow – One man's meat is another woman's Sunday ruined! xx

  18. Agree with Viv, one day I will get on with having a gi at your many projects instead of just reading about them. This is such a great technique and will definitely have to have a go but will need to try it with different stencils as I do not have these ones.

  19. Great project, would be lovely in a little frame in your office to keep you motivated You could match it up with your decor easily. Loving your blog, though work means I'm often reading two or three days together!! Istill keep up Aileen xx

  20. This is my second trip back to comment, having read this early over breakfast, I have been mulling over how i would use this beautiful project…. and suddenly it came to me as I was hoovering ( a very alien thing for me to do 🙂 ) My grandad's hobby was tinkering around with clocks, pulling them apart and putting them back together, he was also so obsessed with never being late, he set all the clocks 10 minutes fast.. how confusing was that. I was told that I arrived in this world just as the grandfather clock struck 3 am …. actually that meant I was born at 2.50am 🙂 lol. Anyway this technique with these stencils would absolutely make a fabulous tribute to my dear old grandad …Time and Tide wait for no man was the mantra he lived by bless him xx

  21. Wow Barbara you never fail to make a beautiful piece of work.I absolutely love stencils and what a fantastic effect – inspiring.Looking forward to the shows tomorrow.Hugs Debbie x

  22. Stunning as always and I just adore the colours. I have tons of stencils from years gone by – not as good as the modern ones – but would never have dreamt of using a technique like this. Will be glued to the TV on Sunday

  23. Not sure whether it will be having the time to show stencil or whether it sells out first as so often happens. Lovely piece of artwork though and the colours are so soft. Will be watching tomorrow so have a safe journey to C&C. Lynne xx

  24. Well you do challenge us to think about doing things differently – love the way the two stencils have been used together as it really makes the letters pop out of the page! Time and tide – guess that's my cue to go and put the second coat of paint on the bathroom walls as we have guests arriving next week! Looking forward to seeing your shows tomorrow. Susan x

  25. Those stencils are just amazing & I love the colour combination. I should take note of your blog message today & stop dithering as I have bath, book, bed routine to do with my 2 year old & we're running behind. He has just reminded me – I am amazed as he is never eager to encounter a bar of soap !!

  26. super effect achieved here. love colour scheme. are you turning over to the dark side with the distress inks? and one question…. when embossing the stencil is then underneath the card otherwise the words would dip or am i getting it all wrong? hugs xx

  27. What a really interesting piece of artwork you've created there. Haven't thought about embossing after colouring in. Great idea! Thought the wording was quite apt for the awful weather some poor people are suffering from this weekend. Let's hope the tide isn't as high tomorrow. Thanks for sharing X

  28. This is a great technique Barbara, and the finished result is spectacular. I suppose you could try this with any two stencils, but obviously works better with the top stencil having sufficient spaces to see the underneath shape through, and these two of yours with the time theme are excellent. Thank you so much for the splendid 'how to', as it must take a lot of time to do.

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