1410 The Great Platescape…

1410 The Great Platescape…

Hello, and thanks for popping in!
In yesterday’s blog, I showed you a picture postcard of the wonderful farm we used to rent, 
right up until the kids left home actually. 
And whilst reading all the lovely, uplifting, encouraging comments, I was reminded by my friend Linda Page, that I did actually draw a cottage-stamp which was inspired by our home. You can see the similarities, although the stamp was obviously subject to artist’s license!

I moved the front door from the side, 
added a few beams on the exterior,
which we could see on the inside,
and removed the ugly chimney on the right.
If only it were that easy with a listed building!
Well apparently, for some, it is.

The old Farm actually dates back to 1410.
But now I must tell you the truth.
I sometimes think we paint these idyllic pictures, 
but the reality is quite different.
Why did we move? You may well ask.
The greedy Landlord was speculating.
So we had to leave. And quite quickly, too.
Some of you may recall the Lorry with the bricks, which veered into the kitchen before it ploughed into the pond. 
It just was no good, with dogs and cats. Way too dangerous. 
 They ripped the heart and soul out of it, 
and then ran out of money.
That was over three years ago.
The old farmhouse still stands cold and empty,
to this day.
They have even removed the tiles on the roof.
Compare with postcard…

This makes me cry.
Sad sad sad.
But there you have it: 
we cannot control people, places or things.
I had no more control over what happened to our home than I have over the weather. We just had to pack and go, and let them get on with destroying it.
Heaves a sigh, and carries on.
BUT. We have a Cottage Stamp!
So, how about making a card with it?
We will need:
Theuva Card A5
Oh. And A Plate!
Let’s tear the hill first.
Use a dinner plate to tear a perfect hill.
Stamp the cottage at the top of the hill in Espresso,
using the plate mask.

Use the Clarity mask, or cut yourself a cloud mask, 
and add some Cloudy Blue Adirondack clouds.

Cut a cottage mask from a Post-It, so that you don’t have clouds running through the house!

Add some Stonewashed Adirondack clouds to the sky, too.
Add a couple of sheep, 
a couple of trees,
and then the Meadow Adirondack meadow.
But make sure you cover up the sheep with little masks first, too.

I used a brayer to add the meadow. Simply switch to the other part of the plate mask, to cover up the sky.
Add a few more trees, a fence and a waymarker.
Can’t have sheep roaming around without a fence!
Ask my Dave; he was a sheepfarmer most of his life. 
Still is at heart. 

Colour in the cottage with Promarkers. 
I used Skintone and neutral colours.
Add the lovely Verse in the sky.

And before you know it, the sheep are penned in, the kettle’s on the Aga, whistling away, and it’s time for tea xx
This picture cheers me up. 
I have to look on the bright side.
After all, what could we possibly have done?
We could have saved it if we had had a million pounds. 
Woulda coulda shoulda….
much love

45 thoughts on “1410 The Great Platescape…

  1. Greetings from the plane, we are waiting for it to be de-iced. The stamp is fab, lovely technique today, tomorrow I will be back home in England… Some packages from Clarity await me… Yippeeeee

  2. How lovely to hear the story behind the stamp, but how sad to see it in that sorry state. Now that I have found my desk at last (even a bit of the floor, enough for the dogs to lie down) I shall have a go at some of your great tutorials, and this one might be first on the grounds that I know exactly where it is. Only problem is I am not sure I have the sheep (sorry, Dave) so I shall have to find something else to take their place. I do have sheep but they are not Clarity sheep, and I am not sure I can draw them yet. Oh, yes, and I shall have to find something else round, cos I am awkward and all my plates are square so they fit better in the cupboard. I am the pupil who always has an excuse. Sorry, Barb. My report will say "Must do better" but your blogs always give me a smile and inspiration. xx Maggie "Time for bed", said Zebedee.

  3. Oh, Barbara how sad to have got leave that lovely old house, even sadder to see what they did to it. Still no one can take away your memories. Love today's project this is the sort of thing that first got me into Clarity stamps….whatever techniques I try nothing beats starting with a blank piece of card and ending up with a picture similar to this (well a poor replica anyway) xxx Annie

  4. I've already said I would like to physically harm them for doing that to that beautiful cottage so best keep quite. Too many shoulda woulda couldas, just have to let them go. Fabulous tutorial, thank you, you have inspired me to get my cottage stamp out x

  5. How sad, it looked a beautiful home when you had it. What a waste and maybe all because of greed. But like Annie says you have the memories and no-one can take those away. Plus a beautiful creation has come out of it too. X x

  6. Hello Barb, that is so sad, to see so much history left in that state. Love the card, can just imagine that this would have been the scene had you been able to buy the cottage/farm, and I am sure Dave would have kept some more sheep. Bx

  7. What a sad demise of a wonderful building, but woulda, coulda, shoulda? If you had shoulda… you would not live where you are now, and from the small glimpses you gave us over Christmas of your warm home and visions of a french bed…well I am guessing that they would not have happened….well not quite yet! I am a great believer of things happen for a reason…they pave the way for our ultimate destiny, we learn and live valuable lessons along the way so must not spend too much time on the woulda, coulda, shoulda xx The card is beautiful, a work of art worthy of a frame and going on the wall… The old place….seems like Channel 4 – Grand Designs – could have a go with that one! x

  8. Barbara I love reading your blog, it cheers me up every day though sometimes dont have enough time to comment on it as there's not enough time in the day. But I love this card beautiful and keep the memories coming its so good to hear.

  9. Hi Barbara. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that feels heartache at a home being ripped apart then deserted, all in the name of greed – these greedy people have the nerve to call it redevelopment! Take heart that before "they" got hold of it your old home was much loved, and you have happy memories that "they" can't ever take away. Onto the gorgeous stamp and card, it is beautiful, and those sheep….brilliant : ) I had a "doh" moment when I saw how you use a plate to make the hill shape, never thought of doing that, I just sit and struggle to get a reasonable rounded shape freehand(that always ended up a lot smaller as I tear more and more off trying to get it even(ish). So obvious when you you know how! Yes, thought that might make you chuckle : ) Have a good day. Take care.

  10. Beautiful stamp, beautiful card! It is so sad to see the house in such a sorry state! It makes me very cross the way listed buildings are allowed to deteriorate and then the second someone genuine comes along to rescue them, they can't do this, that or the other!!!

  11. You've done it yet again….beautiful card and lovely story. Wish I had your way with words and stamps!!!! Keep it all coming….lucky for me I have everything used today so purse gets a rest!!!

  12. Hi Barb,
    How sad to see that beautiful cottage in such a sorry state & all through greed! It does make me cross. However, you do seem to have a lovely home now and as we know you have wonderful memories. Love today's card too. I have the cottage and way marker set but for some reason no sheep! I can always fill the garden with flowers and bushes and trees though – have plenty of them! Love Alison xx

  13. This was such a lovely cottage, it is such a shame to see it so derelict now. This cottage has so much history and I bet the walls could tell a few stories as it will have seen so much drama in it's lifetime. the stamp and card are beautiful and there appears to be a lot of feeling gone into the design.

  14. I remember seeing you at local shows all those years ago and the little boxes that used to arrive that had been packed in the farm house kitchen. I was even lucky enough to do a workshop with you at a show in Worthing one time. I am really enjoying reading your daily blog and feel inspired all over again. Jocelyn x

  15. What a real shame, the house was beautiful, so sad to see it in such a state of decay, the owner should hang his head in shame. Still you have many happy memories and while you were there the house was loved, now its just an orphan till someone kind comes along! Love your stamp, need it. Joan x

  16. Oh wow. Just in time. My daughter is moving next week and this stamp was going to get another outing but I hadn't decided which way to go. I'll be using this fab card as inspiration if you don't mind.
    How sad to what has hppened to that lovely farmhouse. Such a pity you couldn't have taken it off his hands at the time. I've learnt never to look back after seeing what was done to the beautiful garden I created in the Fens.
    Beryl xx

  17. Can't believe what greed makes people do..so that lovely cottage could still have a heart with a lovely family making memories..and instead it stands empty and soul less. ..hope his wallet has taken a real bashing!! ….but the artwork is beautiful as always. ..oh no just can't get the credit card out again….can I? xx

  18. That's terrible – a listed building and they'll probably get away scot free for what they've done – and it's cost them a fortune in the process. Just think about the good times there and the gorgeous stamp as a reminder and try not to dwell as you said. Easier said and done, though. Another lovely demo on a grey and rainy day here so it's cheered me up no end. thank you xx

  19. Oh great card Barb, I remember well the story of the truck and the house and the move but what a sin and a shame for it to be left like it is. Its scandalous.
    You know thatbook you keep threatening to write, well I think when you finally get to it, it will be great yiu can tell a story so well. Xx

  20. The cottage stamp is a wonderful one and you still have all the great memories of the house and all the wonderful times you and the kids shared there. Some things can't be destroyed so easily. xx

  21. What a shame that your former home has been left in such a sorry state. Still it inspired a fabulous stamp and contained a happy family life for you and your children, so we will hope that it will one day emerge from it's current hibernation to be a lovely home once again! Susan x

  22. How sad…I do hate to see lovely old houses left to go to rack and ruin…but like you say we can't control everything and we are better putting our energy into things that we can change…
    It is funny but when I make cards up I have little stories in my head about them……and the new stamps for the weekend gave me lots of stories…..have a good day….hugs….Jo. X

  23. Another beautiful card barbara you have your lovely memories and the fabulous stamp you designed shame on them for letting such a beautiful place go like that .xxx

  24. Dear Barbara, it is such a shame what happened to this lovely Cottage you used to live in. I like this stamp so much – so I will just put it on my wish list! Long list BTW – I still hope you will come to Germany wih the gelly plate 🙂 And I also love you blog and the life expierence you are willing to share with us. Tanks! XX

  25. Another lovely card and many happy memories of your time at the farm house. It's such a shame the things people do to roperty but as you so rightly say you don't have any control over it

  26. such a beautiful cottage and such a shame to see it now – I bet it breaks your heart when you do see it Barbara! Love that you have a cottage stamp though and a really cool card! Hugs rachel xx

  27. What a shame, at least you can bring it to life again with a stamp. I'll have to make do with the quirky cottage stamps if I have a go – don't think I have the sheep either but you never know what is lurking in the drawer that I've forgotten about. That is a waste of a lovely cottage though…..

  28. I remember you telling the story of the lorry and the bricks, see I am paying attention even if not quite managing to follow all instructions to achieve end result. Greedy landlords need locking up when they do that to such a lovely cottage. Just what have they achieved. Anyway the stamp and the finished picture are beautiful. Love the trick for tearing a hill. Looking forward to my Clarity fix on Sunday. Lynne xx

  29. this is a beautiful card and I NEED that cloud mask!!! Sad to see your house in the state it is now but everything happens for a reason…even if we don't know what it is yet x

  30. Beautiful work Barbara, what a shame about the farmhouse though, so sad and it must be heartbreaking to see it like that as you have some lovely memories that were made in there, no doubt. Still nothing can take them away from you and who knows maybe someone will come and rescue it ….. I do hope so xx

  31. Feel so sad that your old home is so neglected now, what history is must have to tell. Maybe it will be on Restoration Man one day. Well you have now captured it for posterity in a stamp for us all to enjoy. Love the tutorial. Thank you & best wishes Jeanette x

  32. Lovely card but sad to see the farmhouse in decay, I understand why you would be upset. Now have to put the cottage and definitely the cloud mask on my list. Thanks for sharing your stories, Jx

  33. this looks so idyllic! it's so sad to see such a grand building in that state. but you are right. there's nothing you could have done. so whilst sad you should be at peace with yourself hugs xx

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