Full Moon, Whimsy Village…

Full Moon, Whimsy Village…

Hi there! 
Saturday’s Blog a new technique…well new for somebody!

Here’s one I did earlier, using the funky cottages and the garden gate. I think what I like about it is the huge orb for a moon and the blue black sky.

Most of what I have used here you probably already have. I think that’s important. If you have been following me for any length of time, be it weeks, months or years, you will know that I always go back to the same ingredients, the same ink pads, the same card. Why? Because all I need is some ink pads and a brayer really. The rest is just icing on the cake. 
The stamps? Now that’s different. We are a stamp company, so naturally, we are constantly designing new images. 
Now we have even branched out into stencils, because so many of our stamp designs make brilliant stencils, too. 
But let’s take a look here…

Here’s what I used:
Let’s set the scene first. I love these whimsy cottages. We’ve had them a long time, but they are so cool. Our friend Melanie drew these. 
Here’s where the masks come in very handy. Of course, you can cut them out from Post-Its if you don’t have them.

The Cardstock is Theuva Card, cut to A6. 
Excellent for Promarkers and brayering.
Colour in the cottages with Promarkers and mask them again, so that we can do the sky.

It’s amazing how a background can transform a picture.
If you look up at the coloured in cottages, you can imagine lovely green grass and light blue spring skies. 
Or you can go the other way, as I have done, and create a fab night scene. That’s what I LOVE about stamps. 
Literally transformational.
The masking helps with depth, so that you can set cottages behind one another.

The stars and the smoke?
I used the tip of the scalpel blade and just picked at the sky. 

 The brickwork on the houses? 
I added them with a black Micron pen. 
You could even add door numbers, if you wanted make a card really special and personal.
There. Hope you like it. 
Now I really must dash. We have got 25 coming round to this quirky cottage for Potato Salad, gammon and games this afternoon!! 
with love from

69 thoughts on “Full Moon, Whimsy Village…

  1. I put in quite an order for stamps yesterday, looked at this one and didn't order it, guess where I'm off to when I've finished this?! It is a quirky cottage and one that I'd like to x stitch too. I'd better get quirky gate too and the masks! The colours are magnificent! I can see that there are many backgrounds this would suit too. xx

  2. Brilliant Barbara, I bought these some time ago and ha e used them a few times buy I think they could be coming out for another airing. Thanks for the inspiration and ha e a lovely afternoon/ evening xx

  3. More potato salad- Yum! Lovely night scene and it is so good that you pointed out how you can do so much with so little. Mind you, as most of us have large SABLES we can probably cope with most ideas. Love the way you did the stars and smoke. Ingenious! xx Maggie

  4. I love your moon so striking. Very atmospheric scene a bit eerie looking. I'm having a lazy day, your having 25 people in your home, I'm sure there will be lots of laughter…. enjoy. Joan x

  5. Barbara can you tell me where I can buy the template for the hill & cloud as I have got all the rest, hope you can help, hope you have a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the new year, I enjoy all your brilliant work after the new year I am going to have a go I expect it will take me some time to get rose

    1. Rosemary, I know that Barbara did not actually go through the background bit, but all you need is a brayer and/or make up sponge and a piece of torn copy paper. If you look back at some of the other project that Barbara has shown us on her blog, she will explain the process far better than I can. I would think that the moon is created by punching out a large circle from a post it note, and adding the colour through the hole. If you need any more help, just ask. Have fun and do show your results on Facebook. xx Maggie

  6. Love the night scene with the cottages. Haven't feel brave enought to use my cottage stamp, but here is a great card, so might have a go at it…..And try the brayer…..Again!!!!
    Enjoy your party.

  7. These colours are really nice and a great change from all the Christmas stuff. I have put my Christmas head in a box for a while and your card has inspired me to think spring. Thank you and have a great day

  8. I actually have the whimsy house stamp but not inked it up yet. I love this picture so I've got my inspiration now to do some artwork with it. Hope you have a lovely day with your friends. Lx

  9. hope your games are going well barbara! you're a brave soul having 25 around! love the quirky cottages – they're fabulous and i love the bricks you drew on x

  10. This is what I very first admired about you, the ability to make a picture look like a print and to show other people how it can be achieved! I love these picture and I love the Quirky houses, I have the gate but not the House, how did that happen?

  11. I love the sky on this card, would not have thought of getting the smoke and star effect in the way you did. Will have to give it a try now, I have got the small quirky cottage which came with the NDC. Hope you having a fun afternoon , always good to get a crowd together so much fun usually. Lynne xx

  12. I love this card it really reminds me of a scene from fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. I am creating quite a shopping list for Clarity products and am having difficulty in deciding what to buy first. Maybe it should be these cottages but I do so love the florals… decisions, decisions!

  13. The moon is amazing in that blue/black sky. Don't know how you've kept up with the blog over this busy season and you are a glutton for punishment 'another 25 coming this afternoon for food and games .. how lucky they are !! enjoy xxxAnnie

  14. Goodness – today I just want to put my feet up after all the festivities! Don't know where you get the energy for another big party, but have a fab time!! Love this little cottage scene…

  15. Oh I love the quirky cottages and I love big moons! Both featured on last year's Christmas cards so I think it's time it get them out again and start playing with them. Thanks for reminding me how cute they are :). Xx

  16. Wonderful, love the cottages and that sky is lovely not to mention that moon!!
    25 for lunch and fun and games – sounds absolutely the greatest of times…hope you have got a dishwasher!!!!

  17. I love these cottages, i have one of them but am going to order the other. I used the smaller one on some of my cards this Christmas. Hope your day went well. Janet

  18. Wow how fabulous I love making backgrounds now I have got your stencil brushes they're fantastic to use with inks might have to buy the quirky cottages now and gates . Thank you for all your inspiration .
    Sheila xx

  19. Hi Barb, lovely card, the cottages are fab, only have 1, but it could be coloured differently, I think there is more to add to my list, may just be taking a little peek at the Members sale items. Thanks for all the ideas. Bx

  20. Great design – I love the little details especially the roses around the gate and the little paths leading to the cottages. Your games day reminded me of many boxing days as a child very close to where you are now. 19 cousins 6 aunties and uncles mum dad gran and grandad. Shove 'apenny, darts, board games, card games, skittles plus toys and games we had for christmas which we all shared and swapped with each other. Fantastic days, lots of laughs and noise and memories which last a lifetime. xx

  21. Thank you so much for the idea Barbara, I have a new home card to make for early January and you have just sorted out the design for me!! Hope you had a great time with your friends and family! x

  22. Well finally sat down and made a point of following your blog! Have been reading your posts for a while now and have wanted to comment on every one, finally made the time to do it. Yay! I love your blog and always watch you on C+C you are my craft guru, I so want to be able to do the things you do……… maybe after a lot of practice………..maybe! I have started to build up my stocks of inks and have a brayer (still in its box) so my new year task is to learn how to use it. Keep crafting and bringing us your fantastic products. I look forward to commenting more (maybe not such an epic one next time)
    Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2014!

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