And now for something very tasty….

And now for something very tasty….

Friday’s Private Peak, and I decided to let you in on a very specialecial secret… my world famous, 
Nothing to do with making cards, but certainly something to serve friends and family. 
It’s so easy!
Here’s what you need:
Red Potatoes
Lardons (German Speck)
Chicken Stock cube
Onion (red for a little colour
Salt and Pepper to taste
If you want to make a batch for say 8-10 people, use a 5 lb bag of spuds, a medium jar of Mayo, a pack of lardons, 2 small red onions and 4 large gherkins.
Steam the Potatoes in their skins, and allow to go cold. I usually let them stand overnight. 
Peel and dice.
Slice and dice the onions, and add.
Dice the gherkins, and add.
Dissolve the stock cube in a 5 tablespoons boiling water, and add.
Stir it in gnetly, so that the spuds soak it up.
Fry the lardons in a pan until well done, and add the lot, fat ‘n all.
Add Black Pepper
Finally add the mayonnaise.
Carefully mix it all up so it doesn’t go mushy. 
Add salt to taste. 
Serve with cold turkey, ham, frankfurters – whatever!

We just had it with cold turkey, and it was delicious. I don’t think I have ever been to a party and not taken a batch of my German Potato Salad. And the best thing is, the bowl is always emptied!
Give it a go. 

I was talking to Grace and Mum Christmas Day, whilst cooking Christmas dinner, and Grace was saying she really wanted to learn how to cook some recipes now, like Mum’s Potato salad. 
So here it is. 
Grace and I made this batch together.
with love from,
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84 thoughts on “And now for something very tasty….

  1. Love recipes that use up the leftovers after Christmas this sounds very tasty and ideal to serve with the remnants of turkey. When you mentioned German potato salad in an earlier blog I wondered what it involved so thanks for the recipe. Hope your Christmas was a good one xxx

  2. Ooo that sounds very yummy! I'll give that a go!
    Grace should get your mum to write her recipes in a little book! I have my mum's and it's lovely to see her handwriting! Hugs to you! X

  3. Definitely, I shall have a go at that one for dinner. I might have to do a couple of slight substitutions to replace things I have not got. Pudding on Christmas Day was one of my Mum's recipes – raspberry and hazelnut meringue. Just one slight problem with it – I forgot to put the left over raspberries back into the freezer and two hours later it looked as though someone had lost a couple of pints of blood. The pudding tasted good though, a real blast from the past. xx Maggie

  4. Your recipe sounds yummy and will be added to my own little recipe book! I'm always copying recipes. I usually peel the spuds for my salad and use spring onions but never used gherkins which I must try. I also love devilled eggs. Which is hard boiled eggs halved and drowned in a mixture of Mayo and mustard! . Barbara you'll be doing a recipe blog next x

  5. Thank you for this tasty recipe Barbara, I have my Mother-in-Laws recipe for Viennese Potato Salad which we usually have with Schnitzel but will have to try with turkey now.
    Glad that you hae managed to enjoy your family Christmas despite floods and gales.
    "Lang may yer lum reek"

  6. Hi Barb, No, not a card, but looks good and really sounds very tasty, and ready to enjoy with cold meats. It is always good to hand recipes down the generations, and must say that 2 of my Mums recipes get used every year, pressed and pickled Ox tongue (not everyone's taste), and homemade pressed gammon. Keep safe and take care. Bx

  7. Sounds a yummy recipe. Germany is very much in focus for us as our daughter is there. Her husband is in the army and away in theatre at the mo. We went over before Christmas and absolutely love the Christmas markets, but also like Germany very much. Will def try the recipe. Thanks.

  8. Going to give that recipe a whirl ! It sounds delicious. Love your blog Barbara, so different it's informative,inspirational,with step by step pics and always has an element of fun too xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Well, your talents have no bounds! Was a surprise ( a very pleasant one) to see a recipe this morning. Sounds fabulous and as I've got the ingredients including lardons, I'll give this a go as my husband loves potato salad. Sorry haven't commented for the last couple of days, but just ran out of time, but can I just say now that yesterday's card was gorgeous. Hope everything is drying out well and that it didn't spoil things too much. We are taking a battering today with the winds, but still far better off than many people who have had a miserable Christmas. Thanks Barb. Alison xxx

  10. Good Morning Barb
    I think its important to hand down recipes in the family! My daughter in Australia had a BARBQ for Christmas day, but they used my Sprouts recipe, and my Stuffing Balls, and even with the heat they all loved it. I think it reminds us of so many good times, and that's a comfort!
    So glad your Mum is still around to give you her recipes Barb, and you must write them all down before they are forgotten!
    Perhaps in her writing too!
    Glad Grace is showing an interest too!
    Love Marg

  11. That looks so Yummie!! I am doing the same thing with my kids. I am dutch, moved to england 6 years ago, but I still cook Dutch-style 🙂 The kids love it, and I am sure when they grow up and live on their own, they will ask my how things are made 🙂

  12. thanks so much for sharing the recipe Barbara – now I don't have to wait until the summer to ask my sil in germany for hers ….. I wouldn't remember until I saw her!!!! Lol!!! My senior moments are increasing – which is a bit worrying at 45!!!!

  13. I love potato salad so thanks for sharing the recipe Barbara. My girls have copies of recipes that I got from my Mum and I wonder just how many generations will have them handed down and use them. Pat x

  14. Thank you Barbara, I've always wanted an original Kartoffelsalat recipe after spending so much time in Germany, I could eat mountains of the stuff, love it! So thanks this is Brill , and please thank your Mum xxxxxx

  15. Thanks for this receipe – great one to share as this can be used all year round. Grace will be very popular knowing this in the US. Maybe you can sell Grace's Recipe Book and raise some funds for charity?

  16. How lovely, thanks for sharing.I too have a book of family recipes, giving me ideas to make a scapbook of these.Future stamps maybe Barbara? How good would that be? Do enjoy the rest of the hols, love to you and your family and looking forward to more of your wonderful ideas x

  17. Eat your heart out Delia! Just another work of art but you can eat this one. I will give this a try I'm sure it will go down great guns with my lot. No one cooks better than your mum, so a lovely idea to pass down your culinary secrets. Have another great day. Joan x

  18. Sounds delicious will have to ry it. i have a recipe for gooseberry chutney that was my great grandmothers it is a family favourite and something i have never seen in sny book. even better when suing gooseberry's from the garden.

  19. I love potato salad, it is something that I always have made up in my fridge. I spent most of my childhood in Germany (army brat) and they do know how to make salads of all sorts. Being a veggie I don't use the bacon (obviously) but love extra gherkins, red onions and I use half a veggie stock cube and add the mayo to the warm potatoes with skins on. This recipe was given me by a sweet old German Frau who also used to make us those lovely fancy little cakes to go with morning coffee. Now that I've got my lunch sorted out I'm having a Clarity afternoon making room for the new stamps I have ordered in the sale (my Christmas pressy to myself). Keep up this wonderful blog it makes my morning, look forward to tomorrows, Mrs Andy Day.

  20. How kind of you to share your recipe, I find so many people do not like to share their recipes. I found my mum's recipe folder this year when clearing out their house, she was a fantastic cook. Will definitely give this a try my hungry family will love it, we were all together yesterday playing silly games and eating too much. I am suffering with a rotten cold today so just curled up on sofa think it will be a case of checking out your stamp sale to cheer me up. Enjoy rest of your break xx

  21. Sounds really delicious, just like my german 'grumpy' used to make, I will have to add it to my mothers cookbook which is so often my saviour.
    I look forward to seeing your blog each day.

  22. gluten free too sounds really tasty. I am very much a beginner stamper and have not dared attempt to copy your stuff yet but I am working up to it and getting braver. Also planning to buy one of your hampers if they are still available in January

  23. Coming from Alsace, not far away from Germany and the Black forest, my mum and grand mother used to make it regularly……and should admit, now that they have both gone, I am not doing it as often….. So thanks Barbara, will begin to do it again, as my daughter and me love it.
    I agree with Jane, your mum should write the recipes for Grace in a small book……that you can always decorated for her……. And it is so fun to try to "read" them.
    Laurence xx

  24. Hi just wanted to say thank you for starting this blog – i thoroughly enjoy reading it! I don't leave a comment everyday but i do read it everday, it's one of the first things i do when i get home after work. Recipes are an added bonus! Thank you

  25. Mum sounds tasty, but unfortunately we don't have any left overs was at daughters for Christmas and we didn't get our turkey as there was no electricity , no heat so nothing hot for 3days.
    Turkey went out with all the other turkey in the close. We had Christmas by candle light which was great fun, have you ever built Lego by candle light. Must say its nice to be back home and to be warm and have light. Our daughters electricity came back on this morning.Xx

  26. And there was me thinking I wouldn't be hungry for at least a month! Now my mouth is watering. Might even warrant a trip to the shops in this terrible weather for the necessary ingredients. Hope you're having a lovely, chilled day. Xx

  27. Will have to try this in the New Year, thanks. Activated my NDC membership today (a big thank you to the person who answered the phone today at your office) I am having difficulty in choosing ….so many I want. When will the dates be posted for your workshops? Really do enjoy your blog so much. Thanks

  28. Just done an Ocado shopping order and I have now added the correct ingredients for this potato salad to the list, and I intend to take a bowl to the New Year's get together with friends, together with my Mother's Raspberry and Hazelnut Meringue (not to eat on the same plate, I hasten to add). My variation today was great, but I need to do the original next time. Thank you so much for sharing your family recipe. xx Maggie

  29. This sounds lovely. I was lucky to go to my niece's for Christmas so hence no leftovers! but I think I will definitely give a try in the New Year. xx

  30. My other half HATES potato salad but he's just read your recipe & has begged me to make some….. so here goes. Verdict in a couple of days x PS Fabulous blog – thank you

  31. I love your blog……. always something interesting to read on even the most dark winter day!! you're always keeping us busy….. not just crafting now cooking too!! Thanks for sharing all your ideas.x

  32. love German food. got introduced to it by my German friends. and i love their potato salad. now i have the recipe too. coooooooooool! and you can find speck from places like lidl or Italian delicatessens stock it as well as it is highly used in northern Italy as well xx

  33. Hi Barb, having not long got back from deepest Cornwall where I have spent a delightful 4 days in a wooden cabin in the woods in a wooded valley, with no phone or internet..its great to come home and catch up on your blogs. Sorry to hear about the flooding..on that same day I drove to Cornwall- boy what a journey that was in that awful weather and shortly after settling in to the cabin a tree came down blocking the only road in and out so I can sympathise with your 3 feet of water! However, once over that it was lovely to be in a tranquil setting of tall trees, birds and running mill streams – simply beautiful. The box on your blog – how beautiful that it – a true work of art made with such care and love – inspirational. Your snowy scene …lovely – I think if you had been where I have just been you would have brought out your trees in abundance for a lovely scene! and then to the recipe – yes I will definitely be giving that a go. Many years ago I worked with a lady who has remained a friend…she like you has a german at Christmas when we were at work she used to bring in lots of german goodies which I fell in love this will be a treat to have a go thank youxx You sound like you have all had a wonderful time surrounded by family in the warmth of your lovely house… I feel that I can feel the warmth of your kitchen with all those german goodies!!! Much love..Kim xx

  34. Thank you, the salad sure looks great. I am sure I will have to try that. We listen to lots of German music and watch lots of the folk music progamms on satellite and love them. Hugs

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