Boxing Day Blue Blog…

Boxing Day Blue Blog…

Happy Boxing Day! 

Had enough turkey yet? Today we’re on cold Turkey and potato salad German style. But before I crack on with celebrations and family affairs, I thought we’d look at a picture of what Christmas weather is like in my deluded mind.

Remember this snowed in scene? Not this Christmas! Certainly not here in the south of England!
But please allow me to briefly explain how this picture was created.
Using your Black Archival inkpad, stamp the Snowed in Clarity scene directly onto an A6 double-sided adhesive sheet, and attach it to an A6 piece of white card.
Flip to the back, and use a scalpel blade to scribe the lineart. Create a little scene, with hills and a moon (I did the moon by lifting that particular piece of wax paper off completely and using a punch.
Then piece by piece, lift off the wax paper and add Perfect Pearls. You can mix and blend colours to create new colours. I lay down the silver and white mica powder where I want snow first.
Then add blues to create sky and shade.
When the whole wintery landscape is finished, buff it with a tissue
Finally, add an A6 sheet of acetate. Perfect
And what’s the betting that we see snowy scenes like this a month from now, when we are trying to get to work?!

Ah well. 
Let’s spare a thought and a prayer for those poor people 
who wish they had a house to live in. 
Sometimes I get caught up in such banal piffle, that I forget how very, very lucky we really are.
with love from

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  1. This is so gorgeous, but I think I need to read through it again before I try it. Hope you had a great Christmas with the family and that Santa was good to you. I've had a Clarity Christmas, received Gelli plate, membership to the NDC and lots of vouchers which I can't wait to spend; also will be booking a space on one of your workshops – brilliant . Thanks again for your ramblings. Happy Boxing Day.

  2. Hi Barbara! Happy Boxing day to you too! Cold cuts day is always a good day! And to join our turkey leftovers we have some fillet of beef cooked quite rare just how it should be!
    Love the little card you've done here! I think it's a lovely technique this one!
    Have a good day! Xxx

  3. Hi Barbara love this card and this tecnique. We wont be having cold cuts because we had steaks yesterday. Lol. Enjoy you boxing day and having your family with you. Xx

  4. Santa brought me some Perfect Pearls for Christmas so this is very timely! Hope you had a great day yesterday and you're getting a chance to chill today. Off to do a bit of Clarity sale shopping now. Xx

  5. Hi Barbara, I can't think of anything better than cold turkey and kartoffelsalat today … that takes me back to the six years lived in Germany when I learned to make proper potato salad, German style πŸ™‚ Lovely card and super technique. I have a box of new Clarity stamps to play with, when I find the time. Hope the worst of the flooding is over, for you and everyone else that has been affected down south. Happy Boxing Day. xx

  6. Love this stamp it makes such easy quick cards …and now Barbara you have shown us how to take it up a notch and make fabulous cards with it, Today for us is a leftover day… not as bad as it sounds it's Christmas dinner all over again … but the easy version.. I think I like it better than my Christmas day dinner because it's a bit more relaxed as I can have a bigger slurp of wine and a snooze after πŸ™‚ xx

  7. Great card a must try! Can I come to yours for leftovers.? We went out for dinner ( first time in 40 odd years of cooking the Xmas lunch) so we got no leftovers for today! Dinner was very nice out though with the family . Enjoy your Boxing Day x

  8. I love this stamp but I have never tried this technique with it. I will of course be having a go now though. I have had a very quiet christmas as hubby is laid up in bed with a bad back…means I don't have to watch old movies though. I have been given a lot of money this year and of course everyone knows where I will be spending it! Enjoy the rest of the festivities with your family barbara. xx

  9. I think you are so right in your last comment Barb. we are so lucky in life . what a lovely card . You are giving us so much to do and think about. Hope all went well for you and your family today and yesterday pxx

  10. gorgeous card Barbara – the turkey and potato salad sounded good! My sil is german and she makes a fabulous potato salad …..hope you have a great time today and yes – we are so lucky xx

  11. Another fun technique, I gave some Clarity stamps to a friend here in Texas and she went to YouTube to watch you and Dean play with shrink plastic… She is she laughing, love this technique very chic.

  12. Ooh this card looks so ingeniously difficult, but when I read it through a few times I thought I'd have go when the family has all gone home and the house is nice and quiet. I know I'm lucky. I have a nice house with tremendous views, a caring family, some great kind friends and I live in a really beautiful part of North Wales. I couldn't ask for more.

  13. After reading your blog today, I think I shall go and make some good potato salad. Boxing Day lunch here is cold turkey, jacket potato and pickles. I also have decided that after I have had my lovely massage tomorrow morning, I am going to come home and find some stamps to have a proper play, with a bit of Gelli plate thrown. I am lucky enough to have a dry house to do these things in. Good luck to all those who are not so lucky. xx Maggie

  14. The turkey left overs were put in the freezer for another day. A visit to my daughter today and it was lovely. I do feel sorry for all those poor folk who have had no power for the last few days. Mother nature is certainly a force to be reckoned with! The card is lovely. Joan x

  15. A beautiful atmospheric design. Fingers crossed we don't experience scenes like this one this winter and if we do lets hope that the poor flood victims are spared, after all they've certainly had enough already. x

  16. Lovely. I think I have this stamp too, so I can try it. Can you explain just how you punched out the moon please? I can't quite understand that bit -did you peel back the wax paper and punch the moon in an approximate place or did you do it before you stamped the image?
    Many thanks, Janet (in Kent)

  17. Lovely scene and a technique that I've still got to master. Having a lively time staying with my family in kent for christmas. Enjoyed cold meats & chutney today but back home to Cumbria tomorrow. Where there's jyst an empty fridge!!!

  18. This is a lovely scene. Boxing Day for us was cold cuts, salad and pickles – delicious. Let's hope the storms forecast today don't impact on those already affected. And yes let's spare a thought for those who are worse of than ourselves. xx

  19. I've been away from the world of Internet for a few days so catching up on your goings on. Another gorgeous project. Glad you are having a fun festive time and you are very right – many people have had a terrible time over the last week or so – which should put a lot into perspective for us. Lx

  20. Hi Barbara, I have this stamp and have used it in several ways but this looks great, will give it a try while its fresh in the mind—- although the thought of making another christmas card at the moment doesn't thrill me to bits! Jane x

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