Happy Christmas Day!!!

Happy Christmas Day!!!

Happy Christmas !
I hope that you are on high ground, and enjoying the festivities?
I have just retreated for half an hour to chat to you, and left the family to clear up the breakfast things. One nephew is playing the piano (well, sort of), the other one is moping because it is raining again, and he can’t go and play on the trampoline (?), and the adults are all having a general banter in the kitchen. The turkey is in, stuffing is made, water level in the cellar is down and we are set to have a great day. Yesterday was suitably chaotic, due to flooding, but we are back on track. We are the lucky ones. Thank God we have got a cellar. That literally saved our bacon. In Edenbridge and Tonbridge, the flooding has been shocking and unprecedented.
But, on a more pleasant note, I would like to share with you something that was given to me as a gift this Christmas. I think you will be suitably impressed, too. 
It is made by Nadia Childs.
 The crafting and workmanship on this beautiful box is quite outstanding. Check it out….

This is the lid.

Then there are the 4 sides…

 But when you lift the lid, POW!

A whole little snowman scene !

What a wonderful gift !! 

So Nadia,
if you are reading this, many many many thanks from: not just myself and the Clarity family, 
but all the creative people reading and enjoying this blog now.
with much love, 

46 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Day!!!

  1. Happy Christmas Barbara and family! What a great box – how talented is that. I have dreams of doing such things! Well done Nadia! I'm having a lazy day, being spoilt as our neighbour is cooking our dinner so off around there shortly. Will be seeing all family over the Christmas holidays and have spoken to them all this morning. Have a lovely day everyone xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Merry Christmas Barbara and all your family and clarity crew. What a fantastic piece of work. I love it and would fell very privileged if I'd received it. Have a great day x

  3. That is absolutely stunning. A fab work of art Nadia. Merry Christmas to Barbara, Dave and family and to all the clarity gang. Hope everyone is safe and dry and Santa brought lovely clarity goodies. Can't wait to play with mine. Lx

  4. Glad to hear things are now back on track and the water in the cellar is going down. What a wonderful gift this is, I can imagine anyone would be pleased to receive this but this comes from the inspiration that you give to all of us. The fact that this must of taken quite some time to make means that is made with love. Merry Christmas to you all,stay safe a d enjoy the festivities xx

  5. Fantastic box Nadia, and such a special present…thank you Barbara for sharing it with us all…
    So glad that you have survived the flooding and that you are on track for today…have a great day with your family……and to all the Clarity family….Happy Christmas….xxxxxxxxx

  6. What a lovely gift from another talented lady. I am glad to hear that the flood water in your cellar is receding. I hope you and your family enjoy the rest of the day.

  7. What a beautiful box a keepsake for many years to come I imagine. I wonder how many hours of work went into it. So glad that you have survived the storm even though your cellar got flooded. I am taking a breather now ,dinner all finished and cleared away, chocs out, just waiting for other son and partner to arrive this evening then the games come out. Happy Christmas to you all xx

  8. That's beautiful Nadia sounds really bad near you barbara hope soon clears no more floods . We are all being sung to by my little gran so who is two farmers in den and abc he sings alway through he is so clever have a rest of a happy time everyone xxx

  9. Happy Christmas Barbara and family plus the clarity family too. I'm glad you are dry and able to cook your Christmas dinner have a wonderful day.
    How wonderful is that box Nadia is

  10. Absolutely gorgeous box. Just waiting for the tea time crowd to arrive, dinner went well except I forgot to put the sprouts on and just found the posh cranberry sauce in the Microwave, so normal Xmas day then! Xx have a good evening.

  11. Stunning gift from Nadia – what a wonderful design! I hope your day has been fabulous with lots of food and family time….we have just collapsed on the sofa and the kids are going through their massive haul of presents 🙂 Have a lovely evening!

  12. A beautiful gift Nadia. We've had a lovely family day, both Paul (hubby) and Trevor (whippet) are happily snoozing whilst I watch a cheesy film with my mum and dad – heaven xx

  13. Glad the flooding is receeding and that your day was not spoiled too much. Enjoyed getting my Clarity Hamper as a present from my husband and was wrapped lovely. What a beautiful gift Nadia made you.

  14. Merry Christmas Barbs and family. Well done to Nadia I'm sure this box will be making an appearance each year. Hope you have a lovely evening and cheers to you all. Joan x

  15. WOW love the exploding box!! well I got what I asked for from hubby so I am going to have a look at my Gelli plate stamps and masks on Friday yeahhhh Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Barbara. Good to hear the floods are going down. Tc xx

  16. Happy Christmas Barbara, I'm so glad to read that the flooding has subsided for you today as the pictures on the TV are quite frightening. The exploding box is a work of art and very impressive. x

  17. Happy Christmas Barbara and all the team. What a lovely present. So glad you managed to have Christmas in you home and that the flooding was contained. Hope you have a had a lovely day. Lots of love Naomi

  18. Hope you Christmas day turned out as well as you hoped, Hows the cellar?
    Have a woobderful time with family and friends. Love the box Nadia is so clever. No wonder you were chuffed to have the box as a present.

  19. What a beautiful present, with so much love put into it. Nadia is so talented. Glad you are recovering from your floods and that your cellar saved you from worse. I feel so sorry for all those who suffered so badly. It will be months before they can get back to normality. I know there are people in our area, who are still unable to return to their homes after the floods early last year. Let's hope we do not get a repeat this week with the new storms forecast. Have a lovely break from work. xx Maggie

  20. Happy Boxing Day Barbara – well it is in the UK – here in Ireland it's St. Steven's day. Either way, I hope you are enjoying it. I'm going to chill out to recover from yesterday

  21. Merry Christmas to you and yours (although a little belated) glad the water didnt ruin it – thank goodness for the cellar as you say. Nadia is SO talented this little box is beautiful.

  22. Hello Barb, belated Merry Christmas to you and your family, grateful that you are not badly affected by the floods. Thank heavens for cellars. This is a stunning gift from Nadia, Merry Christmas to all the Clarity gang. Bx

  23. Hi Barbara, that is a stunning exploding box, I love the trees! We couldn't collect MIL on Christmas day for her dinner due to flooding in Bradford on Avon, she is on a hill and didn't have any problems but was cut off for a day and a half.
    Cazzy x

  24. What a beautiful gift from Nadia. And thank you Barbara for continuing your blog even on Christmas Day. I had to catch up when I got home Boxing Day late evening, as we had spent a couple of lovely days visiting various family. Fortunately ŵe were lucky enough not to troubled with any flooding problems whilst on our travels.

  25. Wow what a beautiful box from Nadia, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and not affected by any flooding or power cuts. Edenbridge High Street was flooded down by the bridge but we are fortunately out towards the golf course so well out of trouble as slightly up hill. Thanks for such a brilliant inspiring blog each day Jane x

  26. Happy Christmas, sorry a little late, but have been computorless at my sisters for a few days to see the family. Had a fab time, hope you did too! Aileen xx

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