Thursday Garden Heart Show in November ?!

Thursday Garden Heart Show in November ?!

Hello there,

Thought I would share a new stamp with you. I drew it last week, and the finished effort – one super, large Claritystamp – landed on my table today. So I had to try it out, and I have to say, it is absolutely delightful! So much so, that I decided to showcase it here, on Thursday the Blue Blog day.
Why the blue? Our stamps are indexed with blue. 
Always have been. 
There’s a perfectly logical reason for this. Nay! There are three! 
Firstly, it’s a great quality control method. 
If there is an imperfection on the clear stamp, it is difficult to detect, it being see-through and all that.
As soon as we index it, we can see the details. Now although we seldom make a dodgy stamp, this is our way of keeping them in the building!
Secondly, although we have developed a way of handmaking the stamps without having to handcut them all, there are still some images which are handcut. 
We need the blue indexing to see what we are cutting! 
Let’s take a closer look….
 Thirdly, it helps you see what the image looks like, too. Once you get it home, you can wipe the indexing off easily with nail varnish remover or by rubbing well with a baby-wipe, but with Claritystamps, it’s all in the detail. 
Shall we get in a little closer?

So now we have established why they’re blue, let’s enjoy the artwork. I am very happy with the way this heart came out. I was worried it might be too busy, but it really does stamp up well.
I used a new Archival inkpad here, called Cornflower Blue
It is lovely second generation inked, too. 
In other words, blot it first before you stamp it!
There is a darker Archival blue called Cobalt, but it yields a very different blue at any generation.
Anyway, I do hope you like the artwork. When I get a sec, I shall turn it into a nice card. Bit busy just now, getting ready for TV this  weekend. Hope you can join me.
Just had a thought. Wonder if it would shrink well….
Have a great day!

66 thoughts on “Thursday Garden Heart Show in November ?!

  1. It's a very beautiful stamp Barbara and I can see it being used on lots of occasions . Looking forward to the weekend shows even though I have to record them ! I love them when I catch up x take care x

  2. Lovely new stamp Barbara and I can see it will be another ' sell out ' for you. I do love the cornflower blue archival stamp pad and may just try your suggestion on the shrink plastic …. just to see what it shrinks like. That is when I buy mine of course. Good Luck this weekend xx

  3. Absolutely beautiful Barbara another stamp to add to my ever expanding "must get" list. I have just started creating with your stamps after seeing you on C&C, you are very talented. I have joined your club and look forward to my monthly stamp and your newsletter. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and also the clear tutorials on your dvd,'s, (yes am collecting them too) xx

  4. What a fabulous stamp, I absolutely have to have it. I can think of so many uses for it. Thank you for sharing it with us Barbara, it's fantastic. I will add it to my ever growing list!! xx

  5. Morning Barbara, I have just found your blog page after a friend recommended it to me. A lovely stamp today. Will definitely follow your blog daily from now on. Janice x

  6. Just wonderful Barbara. I can envisage you sitting there drawing it. A lovely stamp yet again, looking forward to seeing the card when you get some time. Will be watching the shows at the weekend. xxx

  7. This is such a lovely design, Barbara, and I know it will be well used, and a total sell out. Not sure if all that beautiful detail will shrink as it is, but a smaller version in the same style would be good. Have a good weekend. xx Maggie

  8. Gorgeous stamp Barbara and as it just happens to be pay day today, I've ordered it already. Then I'll use it to decorate candles to give to everyone as presents because I've got no money left to buy presents!!!! It's more fun to make them anyway x

  9. Well that's a WOW if ever I saw one!!! What a magnificent stamp ….I definitely want that one!! Thank you for being so clever at designing new stamps! Hugs xxx

  10. Well, that is an absolutely stunning stamp Barbara! Very intricate and just goes to show what good quality your stamps are that all the detail still shows on the image.
    Thanks Susan

  11. What a gorgeous stamp. This one will be right at the top of my very next order. I love the detail and versatility. Looking forward to seeing what else is new this weekend and to another fab classroom session x

  12. Absolute beauty. I am going to Janet Pring's fab Clarity Workshop on Sunday so will be recording the shows. You have really inspired me to start stamping (and brayering, and using brushes etc!).

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