Wednesday’s Blog is something NEW!

Wednesday’s Blog is something NEW!

What is it with candles this week?! I even sent Dave (nicely) to Morrisons to buy some, so that I can make a candle on Telly on Sunday afternoon! But here’s one of our lovely new Stained Glass stencils – The Candle!
What you need:

Candle Stencil
or check out 5 for the price of 4
Stained Glass Stencil Windows

Finger Sponge
Blue Card 
(actually, I used the blue paper stencil insert! It is lovely, and it was lying all forlorn on the table, begging to be dressed up!)
Talc and brush
Right, here goes. 
Remove the white wax paper from the sticky sheet and place the stencil in the centre-ish!
Sprinkle Large Gold Gilding flakes over the window onto the sticky.

Using a sponge finger, buff to a glossy finish.

Peel the stencil off. 
Takes a bit of coaxing, but we can do it, and the stencil will be fine xx

Remove the yellow wax paper 
and lay down the very sticky candle onto the blue paper.

Dust with talc

Wipe with a baby wipe and cut out, ready to mount.

The red window? Red paper? Nope. 
White card, then coloured in from the front with a red Promarker.

Which one do you prefer? Red or Blue?
Go on, say it: Green!

I hope you enjoy this trick. The stencils are brilliant for this job.

47 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Blog is something NEW!

  1. Another great set of stencils, Christmas list getting longer. I have been making the candles that you blogged about a few days ago but want to try them with your suggestions of mica and embossing – thanks for the tips. Selling at a fair this weekend so hope that they sell. Really enoy the blog, thanks

  2. I am waiting for my 'window' stencils to arrive in the post, now I've seen the effect using Gilding Flakes, Angelina fibres -you're dumped! Looks so effective, thank you.

  3. looks good in both colours i say and i'll bet it would be ace in green too. Do you think brushing the stencil with talc before putting it on might help to release it quicker off the sticky? And Barb could you remind people to look out for sticky on back of stencils? I've been caught too many times now! xx

  4. Blue, without a doubt. A lovely way to use those stencils. Can't wait to try them. Which size of stamps go with the stencils? I could not decide. xx Maggie

  5. This blog post just goes to show you don't always have to do complicated….sometimes simple can be so very beautiful….like this xxx oh and I think the red one for me with gold for traditional Christmas…maybe do blue and silver flake for more contemporary Christmas waiting for mine to arrive and I'll give it a go xxx

  6. Love the Blue and the red but I might have to try Pink or purple…but then you know me! Looking forward to the shows at the weekend although I am going to have to record it on Saturday as I am going to meet my daughter Amy in Manchester at the Christmas Markets! So looking forward to that! Hugs xx

  7. I love the stained glass and guilting flake look, I don't have the stained glass stencils yet so will have to see how well it works with some of the others

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