And she shall wear a blue dress in Paris

And she shall wear a blue dress in Paris

Let’s wear a lovely blue dress and go to Paris!
Sounds wonderful, at the moment, I am sitting in a cold waiting room at Edenbridge train station, waiting for the 12.10 to London. It’s cold and raining, and I’m dressed for the arctic. What are the chances of getting back home with the hat, both gloves AND the umbrella??
But we can pretend we are off to sunny Paris, can’t we? The imagination is a wondrous thing you know…
I have used fusible Wisteria Angelina Fibres for Lily‘s dress and the Clarity Paris Skyline Mask for the background.

But let’s take a closer look…I love the way we can make the dress look so 3 dimensional by sculpting the fibres. It’s very easy to do. But be sure to use a Black Archival ink pad, or a permanent ink pad .
On Sunday, I will happily do a step by step blog on how to use fibres if you like, but doing it on a train up to London is pretty tricky!
Take a look at the Paris skyline. This is created by simply laying the Paris mask down where you would like to see it, and then dabbing Denim Adirondack ink in light downwards sweeping movements with a make up sponge. Once you have laid down a light Denim layer, go back over, using a tiny amount of Wild plum to create a little shadow.
Take a closer look at the buildings. See how I have added horizontal lines, too? I did this with a sheet of paper, a make up sponge and Denim blue again.
The good thing about using fibres is you don’t have to mask the girl to do the skyline, because the fibres are opaque and you can attach them straight over the background.
Little finishing touches. Add a little ground under her feet with some torn paper and a make up sponge. Add a subtle moon using a mask. Colour her hair with a colouring pencil. Drag a China Blue Promarker chisel end round all four sides to frame.
And that’s all there is to it!
What am I doing in London again? Apart from spending more money on another hotel room yet again? Well I’ll tell you on Friday!

Love Barb xx

66 thoughts on “And she shall wear a blue dress in Paris

  1. Ah the intrigue of adventures with Barbara Gray. I do like this technique and the colors of this card are my favorite. I tried the technique with the circular stencil and it is a lovely card, thanks. I have a friend who just had double knee replacements and she is enjoying my dabbling. Thanks for sharing, I would like a demo on how to create a mirror image…. Xxxx

  2. Doesn't sound a good idea, sitting in a station room on a cold night after a bout of flu! What one has to do for ones art? Your one steely lady, love your determination along with your talent.
    This picture is gorgeous, so striking and romantic too. I doubt I'll ever get to Paris again but I have lovely memories. Bless you Barbara.
    Love Marian x

  3. I just love how the background is so faded and yet the card looks so colourful.
    Its a fabulous technique and works so well with Clarity stamps. You can get so much dimension on the fibres.
    Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs as always xx

  4. Love the way the dress pops out and the muted tones for the background. Great techniques as always – can't wait to fin out what you were doing in London.

  5. Hi Barb, love the skyline background, so soft. I have fibres somewhere in my craft area, probably need to do so some tidying to find them though, great card with great colours. Bx

  6. I love the colours of the background, very romantic. I love using my Angelina fibres. I'm wishing my life away waiting for your blogs, and now I'm desperate for Friday to come, to see what your up to.

  7. What a lovely project, I adore how the fibres make such an impact. Love the sweeping colours of the skyline too, such a contrast. Thanks for the inspiration as always. Hope the trip went well.

  8. Good morning Barbara, I bought the Paris, London and New York masks at the nec but haven't had chance to play with them as Christmas is getting in the way. Hope you gave a good day xx

  9. Yet another wonderful card! Can't wait to find out what antics you are getting upto in London. Liok forward to seeing the step-by-step guide to using the Angelina fibres.

  10. Hi Barbara,
    Really like the muted look of the skyline and the vibrant dress – it's a lovely contrast. Looking at this card makes me think I might just have to get the masks! Hope you had a good time in London. Alison xx

  11. Beautiful card Barbara. After watching and speaking to you at the NEC I've finally cracked fibres. Your trick of lightly ironing them before you stamp onto them makes it a lot easier. I've used them on one of my cards for this month – I hope you like it. x

  12. I love the angelina fibres – can always remember taking my corset stamp and some fibres to a crafty weekend with some friends, and all of them being totally amazed when I ironed onto the stamp and produced the finished card! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration and techniques! Susan x

  13. you are a lady of mystery this ,morning Barbara! Hope the trip goes well! I just love fibres – I don't use them enough but do love them in this paper pieced way – fabulous idea!!! Love the skyline too and how you've built it up in layers using paper. wonderful effect! Big Hugs Rachel x

  14. Beautiful card once again. Hope you get home with all the things you went with, I certainly know how you feel as I am in a bitterly cold North East Scotland – heres hoping the wind down there is a little more forgiving!

  15. I love Paris, have lived there for two years (ages ago) – and I love this blue and elegant card with the Paris-background. Must hรคve vor me – I believe ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Love the background of this card and doesn't she look so pretty done in the fibres? Such an elegant and lovely card with great techniques, just love it! Thanks for sharing x

  17. The dress really looks lovely, beautiful colours and so dimensional. Love the Paris skyline, remember using it at your workshop last year, which I enjoyed so much. Now where did I put those Angelina fibres I bought many moons ago, think I need to find them out! Your blog is an inspiration everyday. Aileen xx

  18. Oh Barb this is a Retty one & a bit of a change, only used fibres once, so looking forward to having a play with a new material . Your mind must never stop, love how you can still blog on the Train all muffled up against the cold, keep an eye on those gloves, nothing worse than losing one. Thanks again for the ideas , bless you. Xxx ju.

  19. Although ladies on cards aren't my thing, your example is stunning. I love the way the angelina fibres make her "pop" off the background. The Paris skyline is fabulous. A mystery trip to London eh?!!!! Hope you arrive back in one piece – the wind down here in the West Country is pretty fierce and icy cold. Take care. jean.x

  20. Loved this technique when I saw Maria do it in Glasgow in March, so obviously had to buy all the bits! Haven't done much but this has inspired me to get it all out and have a good go ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I love using this technique, when I first started doing it I wasn't very good but then I decided to Iron the fibers first and that made quite a difference. Then I saw you do it on TV but you also added the technique of embossing to it too….Just fab Barbara…That reminds me I was given a challenge by Maria when I spoke to her in Glasgow, I think I had better get a move on with it. Loving your blog and look forward to it every day…that one letter a month just wasn't enough, so glad you had decided to Blog! Have a good day in London x

  22. Another inspirational blog post Barbara,,,love the colour tones and the fibres work so well on her dress.hope your trip has gone well and looking forward to hearing all about it….keep warm…hugs. X

  23. Ooohh you are a tease Barbara! Making us wait for the tutorial and to find out about your trip! Still I can be patient as tomorrow isn't far away and I won't have time to 'play' with my fibres until Sunday at the earliest ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a good trip and are feeling better now. Great card and colours by the way. x

  24. This is lovely and Oooh I have this stamp. I've never used fibres before though. I've watched you on telly using them but am very wary of putting an iron near my beautiful stamps! I look forward to your blog on Sunday.

  25. How fantastic, I will be trying the skyline technique it looks awesome. I don't know how you get to sleep at all for all these ideas! I can hardly sleep waiting to try them out! Keep them coming!!

  26. Beautiful, I love the colours xx Added your button to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Not that I'm very good at keeping mine up to date lol! Life gets in the way of my crafting ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Just what are you doing in London again ?? Well it really is none of our business but you do realise that you really are such a tease ??

    That said I love today's Blog and remember watching Maria do this with the fibres at the NEC in March, both my friend Diane and I were captivated by it !! Well done Barbara yet another great Blog !! xx

  28. love the skyline mask – and really must get my fibres out again, not used them for ages……….hope you made it back with all the arctic gear still in your possession!

  29. Have just got home from work to find my newsletter with lovely stencil inside – just love it – the newsletter seems fitting to mention here because of a certain French Bed called Juliet โ€ฆ now I am not sure if thats what you called her or if that is what her model name is..but I am intrigued to say the least! Hoping you are feeling better and certainly looking forward to tomorrows private peek as they are like mini newsletters which make my day and the letter really is something to enjoy each month..xx

  30. Lovely card Barbara. I do like the colour of the fibres you used.
    I think you should definitely stand firm on the bed front- I have a beautiful white French style bed and a memory foam mattress and ooh yes can I recommend this; especially seeing as you spend so much time in hotels! Take care I'm intriqued to find out just what you are up to in London again. xx

  31. I totally missed this lovely post until now. The date confused me. I love this Paris mask and used it earlier in the year with one of the other Clarity ladies in Angelina. The uncluttered look is beautiful and shows just how "less is more". Thank you, Barbara, and I hope you enjoyed your time in London. xx Maggie

  32. Gorgeous Barbara as usual, I must get my fibres out to play with, I have the London Mask (courtsey of Jo Rice) and this stamp (along with her friends) so I've no excuse not to get cracking and have a go! Thanks for the inspiration as always xx

  33. Absolutely stunning, the shading on the Paris landscape is wonderful and her dress is so beautiful. I have used the fibres but never been able to get them so dimensional so I would love to know how you got such great dimension, tfs xx

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