The Day I spoke at the Royal Institution…

The Day I spoke at the Royal Institution…

Sorry it has taken me sooo long to write today’s blog! Work got in the way today. So much to do, so much to catch up.
But I want to tell you about the last 2 days. I have had the most exciting, amazing, uplifting time of my life! I have met, listened to, and talked with many iconic businessmen and women. And if anybody had ever told me that, one day, I would actually be invited to speak at the Royal Institution, in the very same room as Faraday, well, my oh my…
Dave and I attended this year’s Family Business Place Conference. My friend, Anita, organises it, and she asked me to open the day as first speaker, on the subject of Honesty in the Family Business. So I did!

I spoke for 20 minutes, from the heart. 
I had made some notes which were longer than the Dead Sea Scrolls, just in case I froze.
But I didn’t have to look! Once I got going, you couldn’t shut me up!

We got to listen to some of the finest Business People in the country, too.
Charlie Mullins from Pimlico Plumbers and Victoria Christian, Clive Christian’s daughter, 
were absolutely fascinating.
The venue was spectacular, the guests and speakers blew me away.
There was this fantastic sense of empowerment, and this feeling of “we are in this together.”

And this gentleman stole my heart. He and I stuck together most of the day. 
He will be very familiar to you, even though you do not know him. 
Allow me to introduce 
Peter Thornton of Thornton’s Chocolate.
So yes, it was a day to remember. I was chuffed to be there!!
And today is the day I pick a winner for the £50 random comment candy….
picked a day, closed my eyes, picked a comment, and… 
The Gift Voucher goes to…….
Emma Burns
Well done you!! 
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63 thoughts on “The Day I spoke at the Royal Institution…

  1. wow wow wow Barb, what an accolade for you – to be the opening guest speaker – been to a fair few similar type things in my world of Parking Enforcement and find the opening speaker is the one that either captures you or bores you silly that the rest of it just sends you to sleep – so what a better person could your friend have picked! Amazing and a real feather in your hat after all the hard graft and an amazing year this year. A big well done Barb – I mean that from the bottom of my heart – I would have loved to have listened to your speech as I am sure it was full of absolute passion and sincerity – WELL DONE! xxx

  2. I'm impressed, this is an iconic venue, I went to lectures when I was at school and then years later took my students there as a young science teacher. So many famous people have lectured there, now I actually know someone who has lectured there, the last person I saw on tv from there was Brian Cox on the science of Dr Who!

  3. Oh my god, you must have been trilled and terrified. Congratulations what an amazing thing to do, on the TV you cant see the faces, scary. So delighted for you, I'm sure your passion for what you do held you in great stead. Looking forward to hearing more of your London adventure.

  4. Well Barbara what a proud moment this is, and I bet you did your friend and yourself proud too. I wish I could have been there to hear your speech. Look at the photo, everyone is paying attention!! That's always a good sign. I am really pleased for you Barbara you work very hard and you deserve recognition for what you do (and Dave) !!! xxx Sam

  5. You were only after Mr Thornton for his nut truffles!!! Poor man didn't stand a chance! You deserved to be there Barbara… You are THE most wonderful, successful, hard working, down to earth, business woman I know, and you're someone I am lucky enough to have the privilege to call a friend! I am so pleased you had such a wonderful time!

  6. Wow Barbara you have been a busy bee !! Well deserved and an honour I am sure. Dave,your team,family and of course yourself all work extremely hard to deliver top notch products to us ever hungry followers and it can't be easy but hopefully it does reap it own rewards x Onwards and upwards Barbara xx

  7. WELL DONE YOU. Seems the sky's the limit for you . . . . . or is it? I don't think so. Knowing you, you will be teaching them to stamp up there (or should it be out there) on the Space Station. Maybe it will be called Gravitystamp??? Hugs x.

  8. I am really thrilled for you Barbara! Wise move having notes but so glad you didn't need them! And as you were talking about clarity you would have been passionate about it!
    How marvellous to meet Mr Thornton! He looks a lovely gentleman.

    Well done to Emma! Early Christmas pressie for you there!!! X 🙂

  9. Oh my word Barb – you did say you were down in London for a special reason – but to be speaking from the same 'stage' as Faraday – well even my hubby's impressed – he's a physicist and you're – wait for it – the wheelie lady!!!! Lol – brilliant! so glad it went well! Big Hugs Rachel xx

  10. How thrilled and yet terrified you must have been…I would have loved to have been there and listened to your wise glad that Dave was at your side…and well done Emma on your win….Enjoy…xx

  11. Yep we was there ! V. Good day. Barb gave a great speech on "Honesty in the Family Business"…
    Punchy and direct..and a very proud moment for me! X.
    With many thanks to Anita and her team at Family Business Place for an excellent event.

  12. I cannot think of anyone better qualified to speak on that topic, Barbara, and well done for just speaking from the heart. What a wonderful time you must have had. Emma, well done for your win and have fun choosing how to spend it. xx Maggie

  13. Congratulations Barbara! We would have all loved to have been there to hear it in person in such an awesome venue with such an awesome person! I agree with all the sentiments said before mine. The photos are great…everyone is enthralled…but who wouldn't be with you speaking!! I know if I could just sit and listen to you all day (thinking of the tips that i could pick up). You are truly an inspiration to us all xxx

    I would also like to say a big thank you for picking out my name (I'm chuffed too). Sending you a big crafty hug xx

    Thank you ladies for my congratulations…early birthday present to me… I'm not waiting for christmas lol x

  14. Stunning experience for you I imagine. And please, just to "bother" a bit my Dave, how many free chocolate did you get from Mr Thornton's?????…..Lol!!!! That might have also been a great experience to have a chat with him.

    Laurence x

  15. How amazing! What a mind blowing experience that must have been.
    I am watching at the moment Brian Cox talking about Dr Who there and was just just thinking what an amazing place, then I see your blog link! Spooky or what?

  16. Not surprised that you were asked to speak at this event as you are such an inspirational business person and I believe a lot of business gurus could learn a thing or to from you. What a never to be forgotten experience this will have been.

  17. Wow – what an honour and lovely to meet Mr Thornton by proxy – of course I'm very familiar with his toffee and chocolates, but would have passed him by on the street!! Congratulations on your success.

  18. What a wonderful day this must have been for you. Was waiting to see why you were in London and you must have been so proud to speak at the Royal Institute – you certainly would not have been out of place there.

  19. oh i've just realized i'd missed this post. how that happened will be a mystery. well done. you must be so chuffed! and can i say i really love the to, you are wearing. you look fab in it xx

  20. WOW! Now I understand the teasing in the previous posts. I hope you remember this day with much pride. Just another thing to add to what appears to have been a life full of adventure and acheivement. Long may it continue. My hat is most definitely off to you.xx

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