A Stencil Breakthrough!

A Stencil Breakthrough!

It’s Saturday and it’s a new technique! For who? For me? For you? Definitely for me! I have to admit, I did wonder what would happen when I started ironing the stencil. Would it just disintegrate? Would it curl up? Would it smell vile? Well, unless you try it, you will never find out the answer to those questions Barbie! So, in the name of Crafting Science, and being prepared to ruin a perfectly lovely and BRAND NEW STENCIL, I had a go. Check out the brand new beautiful Rose Panel stencil which was duly offered up to the experiment!
I decided to use the stencil to mould some Angelina Fibres…
Here’s what I used:
NEW Rose Panel ClarityStencil
Mix of Angelina Fibres: Green, White and Peacock
Black Archival Ink Pad
A hot travel iron
Baking Parchment
Embossing mat or Mouse pad
Embossing tool or the lid of a pen.
You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that 
Claritystencils can take the heat!

Here’s how:
Ink up the stencil with Black Archival ink. Place a sheet of copy paper underneath it when you do so. 
Replace with a clean piece before you add fibre.
Loosen up and apply a layer of Angeline fusible fibres

Add a sheet of baking parchment and then iron hot.
If you like, you can emboss parts of the stencil pattern with the pointed end of a Promarker while the fibres are still warm. Easy to mould, just like the Claritystamps, but not so deep.

I found it was better to place an embossing mat underneath the work whilst moulding, to get better depth. You just have to remember to remove the embossing mat if you go back in with the iron! (How does she know these things???)
The good news is that the black felt does rub off. Eventually… 

You can see here how you can press the leaves up through the stencil.
Then just peel off the stencil, and cut out as desired.
If the stencil is a little bowed, just sandwich it between 2 sheets of copy paper and iron flat. Cool flat. Back to normal x
Well, what can I say? Once I figured out that the stencil wasn’t going to melt into the top of the table, I had a blast all afternoon!
Out came the fabulous Fibre colours, Pastel Green, Hyacinth, Peacock Blue.

I tried half a stencil with one edge fading out. Really liked that look.

Then I tried blending 3 different colours. The Stencil was absolutely fine.

The pieces looked good raw or cut.

This Hyacinth piece looked particularly good. Used a lot of fibre? Well, the top layer, the layer closest to the stencil had to be fresh fibres, but the bulk, the polster, was recycled offcuts. 

How classy is this?! And to be able to make a panel this size, too!

Here were the fruits of my labour. 

Blended and fused together. You can either do sections and fuse them together as one at the end, or do the lot in one hit. The latter just requires some speed before the black ink dries. 

The Peacock Blue turns into incredible browns and greens when heat is applied.

And white? Well, white is just perfect. If you find it easier to handle, you can always lightly bond the fibres between 2 sheets of baking parchment before you lay them down on the inky stencil.
So there we have it. A new stencil and a new technique. If you enjoy fusible fibres and film, you will love this one!
I was recently accused of being an obsessive blogger; well if obsessive blogging steers me into discoveries like this, then long may the obsession continue!
Have a lovely Saturday! 
And one practical question I would like you to answer for me in a comment. Do you think the writing in these blogs is better larger, like here? Or smaller? If I write this size, I don’t need glasses!

76 thoughts on “A Stencil Breakthrough!

  1. What a gorgeous technique to try. Something completely different, and only possible with top quality stencils. Thank you for your clear instructions and photos. By the way, the size of writing is perfect and I don't have to change my glasses. xx Maggie

  2. First things first Barbara, Font size is fine as it is, I don't have to squint! Secondly, WOW loving the new stencil and WOW loving that you can use fusible fibers. Then we get to the comment Obsessive Blogger…Well that could only have come from someone who doesn't have all that much interesting to say. WE your FANS love you blogging to US everyday!!!! We look forward to reading what you have to say, what you have to teach us and what you have to share with us. So PIFFLE to them. Lang May Yer Lum Reek Barbara!

    1. Yes Barbara I did, have pmd you on facebook. So So Chuffed Barbara. Sitting here with a big cheesy grin on my face. I only popped back to get a second look at this blog to fix the stencil in my mind. So thank you once again for picking me out. xx

  3. This is just genius Barbara I have a mass of ideas in my head after seeing this, I don't know weather to make a card or get my sewing machine out!. These panels look gorgeous and this Stencil is definitely in my basket I love it. It will be another Madeleine I think where you couldn't make it look bad if your tried. LARGE WRITING FOR ME PLEASE! Sam xxx

  4. PS Forgot to say, I am totally in awe that you can find time to blog each day and make it so fascinating. Please keep on doing what you are doing, and ignore the miseries. We enjoy reading and learning from you. xx Maggie

  5. Really like the fusible film/stencil combo. Looks beautiful and panels that size & shape could be used in so many ways. Reminds me of art deco/mackintosh/shaker style. Ooh, getying carried away now. Just a shame that 5 mins ago I ordered the new stained glass window set & if I'd waited I could have added this new one in on the p&p. Please keep the font size large as usually reading on my phone & I hate squinting. Please keep blogging as often as you feel able-I'm afraid you're becoming a daily fix of craftiness. Best wishes x

  6. Fantastic idea and I'm glad your stencil survived ! How beautiful the rose panel looks. It's great how you think of these things! I like the larger writing on the blog as sometimes I have a hard time reading things even with me glasses on x

  7. This is gorgeous – Go BIG Barb definitely! Love this new stencil, a definite must have. As for being an "obsessive blogger", long may it continue, I love my daily Clarity fix xx

  8. Oh goodness…something else I now have to try! A bit of science mixed with crafting – how great is this! I love that you even show us the picture of the blooper as well! Your blogging is just great – for me its become my fix of the day… it fills the gaps of only seeing you on the tv once and month and my workshop with Sazz – so you make sure you keep them coming – ignore those silly sceptics – they are just jealous – I have to admit to reading Julia Watts blog – she too does one daily and this week she started a blog hop – where you followed links from one crafters blog site to another – it was really interesting to see how like minded people used the same product as Julia but with their spin – and guess what – they blog as regularly (or nearly) as you – so you are not alone – would be good if you could 'borrow' Julia's idea and do a Clarity Hop with your DT's blog sites every now and then – bit like when you set the homework on the TV – praps there could be one product you send to a few on a blog challenge hop – you start it then link to a group of others!??? Great way of meeting the DT at the same time. Sorry – I went on a bit then didn't I !!! Back to the font size – just right for me as I don't have to put my varifocals on to read it – which is good as at the moment the arm of the glasses is stuck on with sellotape as I need to get to Bluewater to vision express to get them fixed! So now am thinking when I get back from todays workshop with Sazz that I might just have to have a go with this technique – your lightbulb moments must be something to behold at work! xxx

  9. I love Angelina fibres and this new technique is just amazing. Its great that you make time every day to share your crafty knowledge, ideas and inspiration with us. Your blog brings a little ray of Clarity sunshine to every day. Thank you xxx

  10. Font size is great, nothing worse then not being able to read it because it is so small.
    Love the new stencil and will have to give this technique a go with all the other stencils I have of yours and add the new one to my wish list which I leave hanging around in case santa needs a hint or two.

  11. Oh boy… I've just written a comment and lost it so I've got to start all over again!
    I love your blog, Barbara, please keep it going. It's the first thing I read each morning, although how you find time to do it amazes me. The font is just right…the bigger the better for me as I have to wear my glasses anyway! What a great technique using the Angelina fibres with the stencils. I've used them with your stamps before but I would have been scared to try the stencils. I now have to add to my list of things to try. I haven't yet ventured onto the gelli plate but enjoy using the stencils with inks and pan pastels. Looking forward to watching you next weekend on C&C!

  12. Beautiful stencil and technique. Haven't used Angelina fibres YET, but on my wish list to do in the New Year 🙂 Watched you demoing Angelina fibres at the NEC last year, and was in awe. Font is ok, and I can also increase or decrease font size on my toolbar. Loving your daily blogs and lessons ….. keep them going 🙂

  13. Oh Wow! More things to try. We mere mortals can't keep up with all your lovely ideas. Or at least those of us who have to go to work 15 hrs a day. But I will definitely try this out at some point soon. The effect is amazing. I'm with you on the larger text. I don't have to zoom in with this size. Keep up the good work x

  14. The font size is perfect for me. Barbara!! I just loved watching your new technique unfold….would never have dared to do it for myself, not having an unlimited supply of stencils, just in case……
    Your blog is an inspiration, I follow it every day. Thanks, Barb!! 🙂

  15. Oh Barbara, what a great discovery!!! Thank you for braving the experiment and passing on your results to us, this will open up all sorts of possibilities for everyone.
    I'm happy with whatever type size/font you wish to choose, its just a joy to read your daily blog.x

  16. What a brilliant discovery and a great new technique to try, I shall add it to my ever growing list as I just need to some time to play
    The size of text you use is perfect I don't need to zoom in to enlarge it and I love reading your daily blog
    Jackie x

  17. Wow what a cool idea. Love the new technique and the stencil, it's going to be perfect for a wee project I'm doing with some of the kids I work with as I think it's very like the rennie Mack style roses. Think the font size is perfect I always read the blog first thing in the morning to set my creative mind into action – clearly a perfect way to start the day. X

  18. The rose panel is wonderful, can't wait until it's for sale on-line. As to the 'blog', I don't think 'blogging' is obsessive, not only do I read your blog's but everybody else's as well. We talk about 'the blog' at craft club,and discuss the 'makes' and techniques shown. Over the years I've come to the conclusion that crafters are a friendly lot, ready to talk to anybody and this blog is the same, it's wonderful. More of the same please everyday.

  19. Hi Barb, what a great idea, thanks for something new to try. I love the size of the text, makes it easier on the eyes. Love your blog, look forward to it. Loved yesterdays blog too, what an amazing opportunity. Bx

  20. Brilliant discovery, stunning examples, can't wait to see the card you'll make with them.
    The size of your text is perfect. Thanks for those great ideas.
    Laurence x

  21. Oh wow – a great new use for stencils and a fablous result. For me the font size and style you have at the moment is just right. I still need the 'bins' though but some fonts I struggle to read even with them on.
    Beryl xx

  22. There's not enough hours in my day for me to try all these fabulous techniques, that you keep coming up with, or enough pennies in my purse to get all the fabulous new stencils that I absolutely need. I don't honestly know how you fit everything in, do you ever sleep? Along with thousands of others I love your "obsessive blogging", it's become the highlight of my day. The font size is ok for me, I wouldn't be able to see it without my specs, whatever the size, getting older does have some disadvantages. Look forward to seeing what you have planned for tomorrow.

  23. Another fantastic blog. If you are an obsessive blogger then we must be obsessive bloggees!
    I look forward to reading your blog everyday. You're better than any anti-depressant that the doctors can prescribe!
    As for the type?, stick to the bigger font gets my vote. Cant wait for tomorrow!

  24. Another fantastic blog, thank you. In answer to your question about type size, I prefer the larger size, then I don't have to sit so close to the screen! 🙂

  25. Hi Barbara
    What a fabulous discovery – I know what I'll be doing this afternoon. Who would have thought you would be able to heat a stencil like that! As for the writing I think I prefer the larger size thanks. Keep up the good work & the experiments.

  26. I love reading your blog every day and would miss it if you wrote it less. You are inspiring to read and even though I don't have as much time to craft every day like I used to do before juggling two jobs, two moody teenagers and one husband. Reading your clear instructions makes me feel part of the creative world and really inspires me to craft outside my safe zone when I do have a little time for myself. One of these days I may even dust off my blogg and share my creative thoughts and results!

  27. Your blog is fantastic and it's the first thing I check when I turn my laptop on. Can't wait to try this new technique! And keep the writing large so I don't need my glasses 🙂

  28. Firstly the font size is fine for me! and love the New Stencils they are a must have for all the Barby Army Blog followers, of which I am proud to say I am, Peter says it is a Ploy to get extra Pocket money for the New Stencils (but he knows I will have them anyway) He thinks you are a Very Clever Lady too xxx

  29. What a great card, even my eight year old Godson was impressed. I have no difficulty with the font size. I look forward to your blogs everyday and this is the first thing I look for when I am sitting on the bus going to work.

  30. Barbara, love the new discovery – keep on experimenting! Font size is just perfect. Please carry on with your "obsessive" blogging – have to gety my daily Gray fix! Love Jean.x

  31. So glad you tried this for us all! Love the effect and will have to have a go once all the Christmas cards are made… Thanks, Susan (Large print works for me everytime – also don't need the glasses!)

  32. What a fab technique. It's driving me mad not being able to craft at the mo, just need to get the extension finished off, and then all the decorating done, and then get shelves, cupboards, worktop etc installed in my lovely new craft room. When I read your blog I want to dash off and try it right away, and I can't – yet!! Big print please, I read you on my phone x

  33. Love the bigger font don't have to magnify the screen now! Love this stencil,will have to add it to next years list :o( Congratulations to Emma Burns on winning the voucher, enjoy your shopping. Barbara I hope your new friend lets you sample some of his produce!!! Thanks for bloggingXX

  34. what a fab technique something else to add to my wish list.. and a great way of using a stencil thanks for being brave ! … I wouldn't have tried in fear of melting it..then again it was a clarity product!.need I say more …quality ! Andrea x

  35. What a great experiment. Whilst I am new to following blogs, I really look forward to reading yours every day. And the larger font is better. Much easier to read on the iPad!

  36. definietly bigger font Barbara much easier to follow instructions. as for obsessive blogger keep it up look forward to reading every day. now to find the angelina fibres xx

  37. Well Barbara you never cease to amaze me!! Thanks for sharing this technique! Proof though that if you buy quality goods they can be far more robust and versatile than inferior ones!
    As for the writing…..size matters!

    And if you're an obsessive blogger I'm an obsessive clarityateer! Xxx

  38. Well Barb, in the name of Craft , Brilliant new Technique to try, very brave of you, as for being an Obsessive Blogger ?? Well we are eager to learn , so who ever said that, get a life or go away & leave us to have fun….! Blogg on Barb xxx Ju .

  39. What a brave experiment, but so worth the finished result. The stencils really are a must have in the craft room….I guess I need to become a 2 iron house so I can have a go with the fibres…..not so,etching I ever expected to say 🙂

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