Sunday’s Blog shared with a friend…

Sunday’s Blog shared with a friend…

Oh happy day! I had planned to do something completely different for the Sunday step-by-step, but something MUCH better came up to light the way! Yesterday evening, we were invited to dinner with friends, and I noticed a table full of fabulously elegant candles, all with our stamp designs on them. So I asked Debby how she made them, and she offered to show me. At which point, I grabbed my Ipad, followed her into her wonderful craftroom, and this blog ensued.
Before we begin, please allow me to introduce you to our 
good friend Debby Berry.
I am sure many of you know how to transfer  images onto candles. Well, this was new to me, and I was  delighted to be guided by Debby. What a great teacher! So whilst Dave and Gill played with guitars, we got candle-arty!
Ready, steady, go!
Stamp your image onto a piece of tissue paper using a Black Archival
Dry it with your heatgun.

Paint the image on the tissue paper with Perfect Pearls 
(Mica Powders) diluted with water.
Debby helped me here. I was looking for my glasses!
So we painted the pears gold…

Then coloured in the leaves with distress markers.

Next, we cut out the Pear tree. It was funny, because I was being Oh so careful! And Debby was saying politely, “No need to cut so close”, which I guess means “Get on with it for Pete’s sake!”

Now comes the magic ingredient: Wax Paper.

Oh. And a candle! Debby reckons Morrisons do really good, cheap ones. And she should know! She’s got a little production line going here!

So you have to lay the cut out tissue image onto the candle

and then wrap the wax paper tightly around it, and hold it tight at the back

Then it’s time to literally melt the tissue image into the wax. It only takes seconds. Debby said it’s best to go around the outside of the image first and then do the centre. 

It really only takes seconds. You see it bubble a little and start to look waxy.

Then, straightaway, peel off the wax paper

to reveal a very, very professional looking 

Peartree Candle!

It was going so well, Debby decided to show me another trick, using embossing powder this time.
So we stamped the image again in Black Archival on tissue, and sprinkled it with Detail Gold embossing powder.

It embosses really beautifully on Tissue Paper!

At this point, Debby offered to cut out the pear. I figure it was agony watching me labour around the leaves! So she whizzed round in seconds!

But I was allowed to do the Wax Paper + Heatgun trick!
We placed the image on the other side of the candle.

And Oh Boy! Was that impressive.

I had such fun! So many, many thanks to Debby for the lesson, 
and to Gill and Debby for the wonderful evening!
And I’m pleased as punch with both sides
of our new Christmas candle xxx


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  1. That is a lovely technique and so effective. I do have one question, though. Can you burn the candle right down without causing problems? As the country is so short of power, we may need to use these beautiful candles for their more practical use. xx Maggie

  2. As ever another brilliant demo from you and your friend Debby. I have never tried this but since I am making some of my christmas presents this year I may just have to give this a go! Excellent photos too. xx

  3. Beautiful! I have done this before Barbara but only stamped. Never knew you could emboss and use mica so another thing I have learned through clarity! Thanks for your patience in demonstrating . X

  4. I've seen this on other peoples pages with clarity stamps but never known how it was done, so thank you to you friend for teaching you and for you blogging it…will have to give it a amongst all the other things to give a go to! Now Barb… Who takes an IPad to dinner at a friends with them! lol. ….damn good job you did though! Xx

    1. LOL – I thought only my brother did!!! So just one question – is it image side down on the candle or tissue side down? Have been to said Morrisons – have three candles and ready to give it a go!

  5. How clever, have never seen wax paper used for this technique before, but it makes so much sense ….. a Eureka moment, guess what am I doing this afternoon … I love candles at Christmas and have a lovely stand to put them on…. this year we won't just have candles we'll have CLARITY candles! Love it xxx

  6. Please NEVER delete any of your blogs! I have so many techniques I want to try now but no time just at the present!! This is so impressive that I really must have a go! You make it look easy – but I bet it isn't – you're just a great teacher!!

  7. Beautiful! This is something I've wanted to do for ages… fact I bought the candles and wax paper last year but wasn't too sure what to do. Guess I was a bit scared! Your step by step guide is just what's needed so I'm going to pluck up courage and have a go and hopefully have some extra gifts for Christmas! Keep on blogging, Barbara, I love it!

  8. Like Lesley I have wanted to try this for ages but not felt confident enough, however after your very clear steps and great results on your first try I am going to be brave today and give it a try. Thanks Barbara for the inspiration and gentle push 🙂

  9. The results look stunning. May I just ask, which side of your art work do you lay onto the candle? Sorry if that sounds a bit of a dumb question, but I have never tried this technique xx

  10. You lay it face up on the candle, Sue. If I remember right you don't have to be too precise cutting right to the edge of the image either as the tissue kind of melts into the wax. Not tried embossing so thanks for this, Barb.

  11. You lay it face up on the candle, Sue. If I remember right you don't have to be too precise cutting right to the edge of the image either as the tissue kind of melts into the wax. Not tried embossing so thanks for this, Barb.

  12. Fabulous, I was playing with candles as well yesterday, going to the embossing powder and mica powders next. Loved Naomi Mahon's candle as well, she has brayed on tissue paper! Xx

  13. Hi Barb, thank you and Debby for showing this beautiful result. I did my first one a couple of weeks ago, and was so pleased with the result. Am making some for special Christmas greetings for an order instead of traditional Christmas cards. Have a go everyone, it is surprisingly easy. Saw a tip on you tube, where you can do the embossed image face out or face in, which will give either a more dimensional image or a smoother image. Bx

  14. Hello Barb!
    I have never tried this ……but now I have photo instructions (thank you).
    I love the blog… so much inspiration from you Barbara!
    Hope all the nasty lurgy has left you?
    Take care
    Love Marg

  15. I love this technique and am doing it with my ladies from the coffeepot in December – its my Christmas project – so glad you love it too – its so effective – hugs Rachel xx

  16. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for showing how to do this. I've often wondered how it was done & now I know. The pear tree looks absolutely fabulous but, as I haven't got the stamp, I'll have to give it a go with some of your other Christmas stamps

  17. Hi Barbara
    Would this work with a picture printed from the computer, I am thinking of Grandchildren, if it was embossed right away I am hoping it will work. Hugs Allison x

  18. I've been decorating candles for gifts this year, it's a fabulous technique and so simple. I haven't tried colouring the images though, I thought the tissue might disintegrate, it obviously doesn't, so I'm off to have a go. Thanks for a wonderful blog, yet again.

  19. The candles look beautiful Barbara & Debby.I love using this technique to make gifts for friends. The candle needs to be a wide pillar candle though so that it burns down the centre without melting the sides. The wax paper must be held tight but more importantly smooth, as the outer layer of wax on the candle melts through the pores in the tissue and then sets again . The wax paper acts as a mould to keep the wax smooth & in place. Having the heat gun on a low setting helps. Have fun everyone! X

  20. I have done a RISK ASSESSMENT on this technique , and deduce that the only real issue
    is having to go to Morrissons ! (Other Supermarkets are available) on a Sunday
    Thanks Barbara. X

  21. Again another great blog, thanks Debbie and Barb for a great demo. Have seen this done before but haven't tried it yet perhaps a lazy Sunday afternoon is the right time. Joan x

  22. Great idea, thank you Debby and Barb. I have printed on tissue for a candle but never thought to stamp so I will be trying that this afternoon. Looking forward to another week of blogging! 🙂

  23. gorgeous candles, I love making these, have made some for the school Christmas Fayre already and making some more today. Must go to Morrisons….
    Barbara can I just say I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  24. Morning Barbara. So glad that you take your IPad with you always….sounds like you all had a wonderful evening and I am so pleased that you shared it with us all…thank you to both of you…fab photos and techniques…have a good Sunday….Jo. X

  25. It seems we are lucky you never stop thinking of crafting, even on a night out! I too am a person with candles languishing in a carrier bag bought to try this technique having seen it on the tv, but scared I have of forgotten the exact details so have not yet had a go. Now I can follow along with your photos. Thanks Barbara. Love Aileen xx

  26. Fab! I have seen this before but this time the instructions are so clear I really AM going to try it! It looks so classy with the large stamp too. Christmas table centre piece I'm thinking…..

  27. Hi Barbara! What a great evening you had! And that candle is beautiful. If you want to keep it there is a way to save it but still have it burning….light is as normal then allow it to burn down to hollow out the centre. You do this until the hollow is big enough to fit a tea-light in that way you only ever burn a bit of the candle and it will last so much longer. It does need to be wide pillar candle!
    Have a good day! xx

  28. We had our crafty afty on Saturday (full house too) and I had stocked up on candles (from Morrisons, they are now out of stock I wonder if they know why, lol)) to do the same thing, only I never thought to use mica and embossing powders, thanks for the heads up with that, they will now want another session and I'm just recovering from that one.

  29. Hi Barbara

    Oh I do love your blog!

    Thanks for the new ideas about candles – and can I add one little tip please. I bought ivory candles a while ago from Sainsburys (I know you recommend their nail polish, wink). And right at the end of doing one candle the thin dipping of ivory wax dropped off in about a one inch chunk 🙁

    So, it's back to Morrisons plain white all the way through candles for me now.

    Hugs, Di xx

  30. Oooh very lovely classy Clarity candles. Thanks Barbara and Debby for the great tutorial.x

    Hope the guitar playing was as productive. Will the Dave and Gill guitar compilation be available for download soon?

  31. How lovely! I've done candles before but I never knew we could successfully use pearls to paint the tissue, and I didn't realise the embossing would work, so massive thank you to you Barb and to Debby! Xxx

  32. This is great. I have never done candles, I have just been playing with the old stamping on the Tissue but for something completely different. I would never in a million years have thought about heat embossing it, and would not have thought of putting perfect pearls on either. what great ideas. I will try this with my de-coupatch see what happens. Lovely candles Debby and Barbara. xx

  33. thanks for that fantastic blog. I've been meaning to do this and in fact have candles but never got round to it. is it a specific tissue that you need to use or any tissue say like what the stamps come wrapped in would work?
    and the other worry i always had was would you be able to burn candle but i guess that's been answered really.
    looking forward to this weekend for more clarity crafting xx

    1. Hi Theresa. Just plain tissue paper. Not shiney. And jane Telford had a great idea if you want to preserve the candle. Let it burn down and then pop a tealight in it. But I think they can burn fine x

  34. I did these for Crimbo last year … stunning … I do hope you had eaten before running in the craft room !!! sort of thing I would do! lol good job we have understanding hubbies ! 🙂

  35. fab post my hubby makes candles ( not often ) i could make the transfers for them..mmm.the possibilities ! cant wait to give it a go thanks for fab post and great tutorial love all the photos and you do make me lol Andrea x

  36. Just realised I have missed that post…… It will probably seems a silly question to most of you, but what does Barbara means by "tissue", and where can I find some???? Just remember please am leaving in France……"Weird" country for crafters!!!!!!
    Laurence xx

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