Grant me the Serenity…

Grant me the Serenity…

Rolling back the hours, and the years, I went to my little memories box, to see what I could find. I am not a big keeper of things from the past, I don’t have loads of photos all over the house, or boxes of stuff from previous lives. But I do have a little box I made many years ago, in which I store a few precious photos and lovely things.

I found this Serenity Prayer which I stamped on Clayboard many moons ago.
The background was created with alcohol inks and a gold Krylon pen. It’s an old technique called polished stone, where you mix the gold leaf pen with the alcohol ink and blending solution, and it shatters and spreads, just like polished stone.
I remember many years ago, doing a stamp show in the States in Pennsauken, New Jersey. I met a little Jewish woman called Suze Weinberg, and she was demonstrating this fabulous technique. I even bought her book, so that I could master it properly. And this plaque was the result.
Maybe I should do a step by step blog on the Polished Stone technique, so that those of you who haven’t seen it can have a go. It’s very easy, and very lovely.
And the Serenity Prayer? I try to live by it.
Sometimes things happen which I’m not happy about, but mostly they are beyond my control.
I guess the prayer just reminds me that if I can’t change it, then I’d best accept it.
And if I can change it, then I’d better figure out how and get on with it!

28 thoughts on “Grant me the Serenity…

  1. This is beautiful Barbara! I love the polished stone technique – it makes the most wonderful backgrounds. I'm liking your new blog – I've started my own blog this month too, but am in admiration of you blogging every single day!

  2. This is truly amazing !! and like Amanda and others to I would love a step by step on this technique, I managed to work out that it was alcohol inks but wondered what else had been added and then I read the blog. I am now trying to work out how things are done before I read how they are … surely that is another step forward ?? Great Work xx

  3. Another stunning piece of artwork – I haven't heard of the polished stone technique before, so would love to see how it's done. What a great prayer to live your life by too.
    Hugz, Jan xx

  4. Love the background and love the sentiment. I will have to get this and stamp it on the back of my hand in black archival so I don't forget it!. Would be really inetersted to know how to do this technique and what the best surface/type of card to use. I am really enjoying reading your blog. Thank you x

  5. it's lovely Barbara its a beautiful verse snd very. sonethiing for us at moment and every day seeing your one day at time is right were I am at and enjoyibg your blog lots love xxx

  6. Isn't it just amazing how two trees and a verse and a bit of ink can make something so lovely! It really is beautiful!
    Your blog just gets better and better and like a never ending reference book on all things crafty! X

  7. Please, please, please! A blog on the polished stone technique would be much appreciated as this is such a beautiful card. Your blog is becoming my first point of call…it's like an on-line crafting handbook…the Haynes manuel of stamping. Xxx

  8. This is beautiful Barbara. I've heard of the technique but no idea how to – so would love to know how to do it, espeically if I could come up with something half as good as yours x

  9. This is truly beautiful Barbara and I can understand why you kept it for so long.
    Step by Step instructions on that Polished Stone Technique would be a "God Send" so please can you do this so we can master it too!!! Thanks Barbara and your daily blog is just inspirational xxx

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