Blogging at 65mph in a van in a storm…

Blogging at 65mph in a van in a storm…

Monday’s blog is trees and flowers. Well, here we are trundling home after 4 days at the Glasgow Craft Show, and the weather is pretty bad. Actually, it always is when we leave Scotland! Rain, snow, blizzards…but we had a brilliant time in Glasgow, so many thanks to all those kinds visitors to our stand, who made us feel so very welcome.

And since Monday’s blog must be writ,
This is it…

The background was made by pulling a ghost print off the Gelli plate with Titanium Buff. It’s just copy paper, but it looks magnificent, and can be stamped straight onto, using a permanent Archival ink pad. Here, I used the Sepia Archival, our Clarity Happy Christmas Stamp, and the trees from the Christmas Set “In the Bleak Midwinter” . And my goodness! Is it bleak out here tonight!

Difficult to believe that this is made with stencils and a bit of acrylic paint….
When you consider that these paper prints are actually created from the leftovers on the gelli plate, that’s pretty awesome…
I think they are little works of art,
Each and every one! Boy oh boy do I get some practice at these shows!
For every one of the Deerscapes (oooh look! Another Tree!), I get a lovely paper ghost, too.
This is one of my favourites from this weekend.
And then we simply plant a tree…
Or three…
And d’you know? Even though I must have pulled a hundred of these paper prints this weekend, because that’s my job, to show folks how it works, I got a little buzz every single time.
And what’s more, every time I pulled back the paper off the gelli, to expose the ghost print, those watching would all coo and wow in unison! Try it. It really does you the power of good.

26 thoughts on “Blogging at 65mph in a van in a storm…

  1. I enjoyed making the card from yesterday and it looked so fantastic. This will be a beautiful Christmas set, and I must start those soon. I can't thank you enough for the inspiration, fun, and amazing results of trying to copy your cards. The iPad and instructions sit on the crafting table. Thank you….

  2. After my first attempts with the gelli last night, I know exactly what you mean … awseome! The power of a bit of buff tit & copy paper. Loving your blogs Barbara. Love bacon buttie Jeanette

  3. Hi Barbara! Delighted to find that you have a blog, and am sure it's gonna be a very entertaining ride along with you 🙂

    Now I neeeeeed one of those Gelli plates of course. Beautiful results,

    Hugs, Di xx

  4. Another fab blog Barbara! I do love how alive you make things when you write….we'll when you create anything really!!
    Wonderful that gelli plate is!!! Who would have thought that a slab of gelli would make such beauty! X

  5. Hi Barbara wish I could have come to Glasgow but a bit too far away. Hoping to come to NEC
    though. Looking forward to Classroom on Saturday. Hope you are home safe and sound.

  6. I bought a Gelli Plate, and so far haven't played with it, I keep buying acrylic inks, and I have cheap acrylic paint, and some more expensive ones! I need to clear a big enough space on my work desk, then I might stand a chance! Oh and I maybe should have bought a tree stamp, not the love birds (or budgies)!

  7. Really love the ghost prints….dare I say sometimes more than the original print…..something about the paler quality of tones…great blog post Barbara….hope you get to put your feet up safe and warm inside tonight…..x x

  8. Just lovely Barbara. I hope I can get to see you at the NEC. I have a cataract op on the 5th so will have to see how it goes. The gelli plate is amazing and very addictive. Thank you for your inspiration. X Chris

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