Another little bird told me …..

Another little bird told me …..

This blogging can be challenging, can’t it! Don’t you just love it when you delete a whole post? So this is a feeble attempt at reconstructing what I thought was a really cool set of photos and fun! That’ll teach me!

Here’s a sneak peek
At a rather fabulous beak;
A brand new Stamp and Stencil Set
Not just any old bird –
But our finest yet!
So if you would like to know how to get from here…
to here …
join me on Create & Craft this Sunday morning.

8 thoughts on “Another little bird told me …..

  1. Well done for getting this post back, but this is so sneaky and teasing. However, the DVD is set and ready to go, having now spent hours dumping everything out to disc to clear enough room on the hard drive. Looking forward to the weekend. Good luck. xx Maggie

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