Sticker to the Plan…

Sticker to the Plan…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I have been in a pensive mood today. Lots to think about, and the mind was spurring me on to the point of exhaustion! You know how it is. You wake up, and your head is already racing. By the time you’ve cleaned your teeth you’re knackered ! 😂

So it was time to write a gratitude list, and right-size my own stuff. My blind friend and ex mother-in-law in France was first on my list today. Next was my old mate from school, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, having already gone through a mastectomy and all it entails. Then there is the friend who lost her daughter not long ago. And I have the audacity to even THINK I’m having a rough time. Yep, I only have to look outside of myself, and I quickly give myself the proverbial slap. Things may be not be ideal, but they’re as they are – and it ain’t cancer or blindness! This is all crap I can actually do something about! AND THAT IS THE POINT.

So onwards and upwards with vigour! What can I shine a light on for you today, in the Half-Price Members’ Sale. Well, that little saying ‘Onwards and upwards with vigour’ made me think of our Sticker booklets, (that saying is in the Barb’s sayings set). They’re all half-price too. I use them A LOT. Particularly that set, and the new Pinky Gray ones. They’re even sat here by my computer, with the new leaf printed Pinky Gray Cardset (also in the sale!) for my personal use.

Let me show you our whole lovely, original, meaningful, useful, easy to use, inexpensive Sticker range, and entice you 😂…

Let’s break it down…

Barb’s Stickers are all my old sayings and quotes that I use a lot. Like One Day at a Time, This too shall pass, You can’t push the river, Give time time… CLICK HERE

Next up the Celebrations Stickers, great for folks who make cards for birthdays, Christmas , anniversaries etc. If you make to sell, then these are a must have. CLICK HERE

The third one we made was the FEEL GOOD set, an uplifting, collection of positivity, designed to help send love to friends and folks who need a hug. This collection was born out of Lockdown, when we all supported each other in the SHAC CLICK HERE

Then, we decided we needed one with a fresh and fabby new font, which sat well with our fresh and funky KISS range of Stamps. (Keep It Simple Stamps)…These stickers are an upbeat, sweet and simple set, very affectionate and loving. Fabulous style. CLICK HERE

And recently, we made a bold move. Went very arty, and launched a whole new range: Pinky Gray. Stylish, beautiful and classy.

Can’t decide which to pick? Then treat yourself to all five in a bundle! Available individually, of course – and in multiples, as many as you fancy! Hahaha.

The stickers are a quick and easy substitute for word stamps. I like ours; they are arty and good quality. Ideal for cards and mixed media.

I’ve just checked , and we still have a few of the little Companion Paper swatch packs in the cupboard too. Brilliant for mounting the stickers on, and making a feature out of them without cutting into huge papers. Not in the half-price sale, but still a really good bargain! CLICK HERE

The half price sale ends on Monday. If you’re a canny shopper, then now is a good time to stock up!

And as for the things that are bothering me, what things? I’m busy collating Sticker packs this evening! These packs don’t collate themselves, you know! 😂 😂 😂

Love always,

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “Sticker to the Plan…

  1. Sorry to hear about your mother in law & friends, most of us have a lot to be grateful for when we actually sit down & think about it but at the time you think you are the only one with anything to worry about. I meet up with colleagues I used to work with, the last time just 3 weeks ago yet since then 2 out of the 9 of us have had huge health issues with themselves or a parent. You never know what is round the corner so taking ”One Day at a Time” or as we often say ”Live for today – sort tomorrow out when it comes” is the way forward.
    Must check on my sticker stock before I complete my order over the weekend. My husband reckons I have the whole Clarity Warehouse in my craft room which used to be the spare bedroom – no chance of finding the bed at the moment !!
    Waiting patiently for my club envelope as we have had no post today – friends have commented on the new project book & its layout plus of course the craft items but nobody has divulged what they are !! Have a good weekend, I will be watching Sunday to see what you have lined up for us x

    1. As you know, Sue, my daughter is convinced I have more Clarity craft things in my house than Barbara has. Xxx

  2. I love the stickers. They finish off my #dailycollage2024 pages each day. I have used words from every set including the new Pinky Gray greetings and have 2 sets of all the booklets so I don’t run out. Hugs.

  3. I know exactly what you mean and these worries all seem to come along together and no wonder our heads spin- mine’s spinning really fast at the moment – but we must remember this too shall pass. The latest is I have an infected finger from a rose thorn – good job left hand so I can play with my sale items which will be waiting for me at home.

    I must try and write a gratitude list – the first on my list would be spending 4 days with my granddaughters.

    Take care Barbara and I’m so sorry you have so much on your mind which can be very tiring!

    I’m looking forward to your show!

  4. My biggest worry right now is paying the tree surgeon to severely prune the many trees in my garden. I reckon the one column growing oak is now around 30 feet. Definitely too big, dangerous in strong winds. We can all find things that worry us. a Gratitude list is a good idea. xxx

  5. My life’s been a bit of a roller coaster at the moment too – it’s always good to take time out to count your blessings. I find it helps me rebalance my head.
    I love all the word stickers – so useful and you can always find just the right sentiment

  6. For the second evening in a row I’ve picked my niece up from the hospital and finally this evening they agreed she has mild inter-cranial hypertension (I’ve got to google!) she had to lose her rag a bit and the doc agreed with her to be fair. The dept she was in to start with sent her to the emergency eye dept and then had to ring up to find out where she was as she was ! She made a fuss when the cleaners came in and someone turned the lights out !

    I’m a bit the same with stuff – I reckon I could sell you some 🤦‍♀️😹 but that didn’t put me off putting in a good sized order yesterday. I’m still thinking whether I need to pop back !

    Plenty to be grateful for starting with having my hair cut and highlighted today and the scrap man coming yesterday and taking away quite a bit out of the garage – that’s a relief !

    Have a good weekend on telly and hope things get easier in your head xxx

  7. Sorry to hear about your friend and ex mother in law. I know how you feel. This year so far has been crap. I lost my best mate and crafting friend just after Christmas, my uncle passed away a few days later, then my boss unexpectedly died ((all in the space of two weeks). I have an alcoholic step daughter who doesn’t want to know us. Her ‘illness’ put my husband and I into a depressive state, and my husband had a flare up with his eye which was caused by having shingles on his head being mis-diagnosed in time resulting in our being at the emergency eye medical unit on a daily basis. We cancelled our holiday because of it too. Watching you and Paul on you-tube helps but it’s not good for my bank balance 😂. Anyway as you say ‘onwards and upwards’ things you can deal with, things you can’t. You just go with the flow. Take care all xx

  8. Yep…..sometimes you do just have to sit yourself down & give yourself a good talking too to re- balance your head & be grateful for the things you do have. Hope things settle down again for you soon xxx

  9. Hello Barb, thank you for this blog post, which is a proverbial kick! I sometimes have the same sort of situation, and yes it does get me down, but I do know there are others worse off than me. Sending hugs. I love my word stickers and the stamps, and use them all the time. Take care everyone, a very wet day today, had a huge storm at about 4am, torrential rain. Bx

  10. there are times in ou lives when we so “when will this pass?”. we as a family have had a tough time, but to a I received my new glasses and I can see for the first time this year.
    Thank you clarity for being my go to for inspiration. will start crafting again tomorrow.
    Blessings and love to all those going through tough times.xx

  11. Thank you Barb for your blog today – giving us extra strength to keep going on – things will get better. We are not alone for we have CLARITY friends!
    You have reminded me that I need another folder for all the sticker sheets – the MASK folder is just the right size and keeps them all together for quick use. Must dash and place another sale order!

  12. When things get me down, such as hubby’s health issues and my excruciating pain, I look around and see people much worse than us. We are lucky to have each other, no debts, a comfy home and plenty of hobbies to keep us going.
    To the despair of the OH I placed 2 large orders in the sale so have plenty to look forward to plus the club parcel arrived yesterday.
    Safe travels tomorrow.

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