Hippie Chicks Craft Along

Hippie Chicks Craft Along

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Are you ready to join me in the SHAC this evening at 7pm English time, for a Hippie Chick Craftalong? Even if you haven’t got the stamps, do come on over. There’s no football, the telly will be full of Polling Stations and peoples’ opinions and forecasts. Let’s just wait and see, eh? We’ll know soon enough. And in the meantime, let’s go for a little Peace, Love and Understanding, man! All I will say is, I hope you used your vote.

Thursday 4th July – 7pm Live on the Clarity Craft Facebook & YouTube pages

You can download an ingredients list HERE via the Clarity website if you want to craft along with me. I actually think it’s better to watch and join in the banter, then do the projects afterwards, along to the video, so you can stop and start me, rewind me, turn the sound down etc. In fact, our Claritystamp Youtube Channel is packed with hundreds of step by step tutorials. If you ever fancy trying one of them, that’s how. Watch it, then get the gear you need to do it. Then start the video again, but pause me as you go.

I had a little aha moment today, whilst prepping for Sunday. I love it when something clicks like that. I am now looking forward to showing you on Create & Craft on Sunday, 3-5pm. It’s so obvious once you know it.

The Half Price Members’ Sale is in full swing. Thank you for supporting us!

Loce always

Barb x x x

11 thoughts on “Hippie Chicks Craft Along

  1. Have a fabulous Craftalong this evening, so sorry I won’t be there but will catch up next week when we get back from Silverstone 🏁 xx

  2. Will catch up later hoping to catch Andy Murray match and son taking over craft room to restring his guitars🤣

  3. Yes, I’ll be there. Firing up the computer as I type.
    Early tea.
    Relaxing evening X
    Oops, just spotted a HUGE cobweb. Off to get the duster. 🤣

  4. Gathering all my stuff together and will hopefully craft along with you but as you say we can always go back and watch again. It’s amazing how many Clarity videos there are on YouTube that we can watch & have a crafty fix. Some techniques I had forgotten about so it is good to have a dip in the archives. Whilst I am waiting for 7pm I can unpack my order that arrived an hour ago – thank you to all the team at Clarity Towers for the speedy dispatch of goodies xx

  5. I’ll catch up, all my plans went out window as had to pick my niece up from hospital where she’d spent the day unexpectedly, she’s home now. You never know what’s around the corner. X

    Just managed to catch a bit of the shac and the end of Andy Murray’s game and the tribute to him ! X

  6. Will try to watch tomorrow. Placed another sale order, no rush for delivery, it’s just a top up. Glad the sale is going well. Thanks for YouTube generosity.

  7. Hi Barb, will catch up with the craftalong on the weekend hopefully. The stamp set is on my wish list, but have to give the bank manager a bit of time to recover from the sale shock 🙂 Take care everyone. Bx

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