A drive down Memory Lane…

A drive down Memory Lane…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Busy week here at Clarity! I’ve been prepping for telly all day, plus getting ready for our Craftalong tomorrow evening on Facebook LIVE. I hope you are able to join me. I’ve got a couple of cool projects lined up for us.

I rustled up a quick and easy landscape using an old stamp set. A really old fave of mine. I wonder if you know which set these stamps come from…

When we first moved to Northern California, back in 1991, I actually drove one of these cruisers! A red Chrysler 300, complete with bench seat at the front, wide enough for a family of 4 to sit in the front, and a boot (trunk) long enough that you could easily lay six bodies side by side and lengthways – with room to spare! What a classic! Yep. Those were the days. And the dimmer for the headlights was a button on the floor! It was the perfect car for Highway Number 1.

But do you know which stamp set these beauties come from?? Let me direct you…

There. Now you can see the rest of the story, if you’ll forgive the pun. There are two Sunglass sets. Very, very retro. Very very cool. BITS. Both In The Sale 🥰 HERE and HERE. The sunglasses are fun, and the small additional stamps are excellent. Look at the Members’ price!

Time to switch off for an hour. I’m all arted out!! If you are heading over to the website to do a little shopping this evening, just a little reminder about the folders. They are flying out. If you want to grab some storage, do it soon. xx

Love always

Barb x x x

10 thoughts on “A drive down Memory Lane…

  1. Thank you to the elves at Clarity Towers. They are brilliant. My first sale order is on its way. Who said you are not that certain huge delivery store? You seem to be doing fantastically. Love your little landscape. I had forgotten that set. Time to get it out, I think. xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, I have both these sets and must revisit them when I can get back to crafting. I’ve just returned from my holiday to Scotland which was mostly windy, wet and cold. I have been informed by family back home that there was a heatwave down south!
    I will be looking at the sale tomorrow and I’m sure I will be placing an order. Thank you x

  3. I don’t have these stamp sets, although I do remember when they first came out, as I work in a opticians, and did wonder whether or not to but them. Great art though. Already ordered folders a few weeks ago, and popped some more into my order on Monday. xx

  4. Working on my order (slowly) as I write this. A bit latter than planned but I’ve had on of my stomach flare ups so not been feeling too good.
    I’m hoping I won’t be too late to get a couple of folders. Still Hoping In The Sale. 😂

  5. These glasses stamps are somewhere in my stash. Thanks for this reminder, I must get them out and give them more use. Yesterday I managed to get through 120 pages of the sale before my eyes gave out. Am about to browse the rest now. I included folders in yesterday’s order but, thanks to your reminder, I will add some more today.
    Stay safe.

  6. Hello Barb, I have both these sets, have not used them for a while, and your post has inspired me to get them out. I received my first big order yesterday, now just the slightly smaller one to came. Thanks to everyone at Clarity for all your hard work during the sale, to get things out so quickly. Bx

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