She’ll go even faster!

She’ll go even faster!

Thanks for popping in. Oh happy day! Just watched Paul do a cracking job launching our new Paper Stitch Collection, by Tina Cox. So gratifying to see that you see what we see. Now we just have to get back to printing more of the Design packs! Trust me. We made LOADS! In the meantime though, the Paper Stitch Starter Kit (the actual One Day Special Offer) is still available, so Paul will have something to hang his demos on! There is one Design pack included in the Starter Kit too, so if you get that, you’ll have plenty to be going on with until we get the others made, assembled and packed again! I do like the look of this combination of crisp black print and spirelli stitching. Looks so arty!

Did I tell you we print everything in-house now? Even the packaging and instructions. It gives us so much more independence and flexibility. We even invested in a second-hand, automated folding machine, which is certainly faster than folding everything by hand with a bone folder!! Ahhh… those were the days!

Here’s a little video of our Lisa operating said Morgana Digi-fold. You still have to keep a close eye – or it could go haywire!! You can see here, that they – Lisa and Morgana – are already in full throttle, working on a new collection, which is being launched next week. Apparently, according to Dave, she’ll go even faster! Morgana, that is! Although Lisa is probably THE fastest multi-tasker you will EVER EVER meet! While she’s feeding Morgana, counting and stacking folded inserts here, there are three laser machines behind her, cutting out stencils, which she is also operating. The spanking new digital printer is churning out perfect little brand new Pocket Poppets. And as if that weren’t enough, she’s operating the industrial guillotine all day every day too!

Dave went into work extra early this morning. He and Lisa work together in what we call the Pinky Gray Print room. At the other end of the room, and the other end of the spectrum, we see our beautiful Reliance platen press. Dave wanted to make a sign on the Reliance, just for our #madeinmay celebrations..

Canon Digital Press, born 2024.

Reliance press, Born ca. 1908.

Almost 120 years apart, but still singing and dancing together at Clarity. The machines, that is! I like that. I like that we blend beautiful, old, vintage technology with state of the art, digital quality. I also like that Dave and I work with young, switched on people. They bring so many new and modern skills to the table, and us old codgers bring our life experience with us too. Dave and Lisa are over 30 years apart – and they also work pretty well together! At the meeting on Monday, I was asking Lisa if she could cope with everything she had on her printing plate at the moment. Her response was ”No probs. As long as Dave is around, to help if the machines play up.” Isn’t that cool?

And on that happy note, we’re off to cheer for Paul on telly.

What did you make today? I made a really tasty mango, avocado and black bean salad, that Tina Cox kindly shared with me. Absolutely deeeelicious!!


Loce always

Barb x x x

18 thoughts on “She’ll go even faster!

  1. I can only say Wow! wow and double wow. Shes a beaut, Lisa and the machines. Didn’t that all go well.

  2. Interesting to see the old and new printers.
    #madeinmay. Today I made my grandson, Leo, happy by playing tea parties with him and his toys-Dino, Panda, Beaver and Wimbledon Bear. It’s so beautiful to see his mind develop an imagination.
    Tomorrow is MY day when I can get into my craft room and make something for me!

  3. Fab blog ! Watching Paul thread a needle as I type ! I’ll have to wait for the stitch kits as I’ve only just spent quite a bit – parcel on its way to me this week, tomorrow or Friday hopefully. Will be nice to have after another hour in dentist chair tomorrow! Beautiful launch ! Well done everyone xx

  4. My #madeinmay today was to make my 11 month old grandson laugh after he upset himself by headbutting the table in a local coffee shop! I’ve also started to make a birthday card for my son’s year old granddaughter using one of the Poppets! Enjoying the launch on C&C at the moment and laughing at the “3 Amigos” – Paul, Martin and “Fred”! They’ve had me in stitches! Last month I was Felt by Clarity, now I’m being Stitched Up by Clarity! 😄
    It’s great to see the “behind the scenes ” video of the amazing Lisa in action! Maybe we can see more of the rest of Team Clarity sometime?

  5. Hi Barbara and all at clarity towers I like Helen and Ken have been entertaining my three year old granddaughter and have been making a fool of myself getting stuck on the floor and trying to keep up with her at the park!
    Tomorrow will be my me day for making some cards ( I hope!)After doing the school run.
    Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes of the wonderful machinery that you have.
    I will also try and catch up with the shows tomorrow.

  6. Today I made a card to send to my mum in her care home, did a few more rows of flowers on the edge of my crochet poncho, and made spicy pasta sauce with meatballs for dinner. And prepped overnight oats for our train journey tomorrow and packed for our trip! #madeinmay

  7. My #madinmay today was a birthday card for my oldest and best friends birthday which is at the end of May. We have been friends since we started nursery school at the age of 3 some 68 years ago.

  8. What a great sound that machine makes!! Today I made a stamped geisha and dressed her and her parasol in Indian Summer parchment!

  9. Hi Barbara
    Today I made up the hanging baskets for the garden. Tomorrow weather permitting I will sort out the pots. Like the look of the sewing cards love cross stitch so should enjoy these.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  10. Love the print that Dave made, I saw his post on Facebook earlier & its great that old & new machinery can work so well together !!
    Have now caught up with Paul’s shows whilst knitting a cardigan for the local premature baby units. Today was a day for doing mom’s shopping, tidying up, making pill boxes up etc whilst she was out at her lunch club – surprising what can be done when you are watching the clock to go & pick her back up. Since I got back home I have also completed a couple of cards & found my desk ready for some more crafting. So a busy but different #madeinmay day today !!
    Bromsgrove Parchers tomorrow & I must get my thinking cap on for this months PTC swap

  11. Well I made a dent in the ironing pile. During the lovely weather I have washed everything in sight so had to start on the resulting ironing pile finally start to move winter clothes and bedding away and get more summery things out

  12. I (hopefully) made some people happy today by volunteering down at our local steam railway. I love these old steam trains, a bit like your old machinery, it’s the smell and the sounds they make, can’t beat it.

  13. It is nice to get some background on the Clarity operation. What a cracking team you have.
    Having watched Paul yesterday I succumbed to temptation and made a purchase.
    My first piece of embroidery was when I was 5 or 6years old with a bodkin and thin wool on a sheet of Jeyes toilet paper. Got smacked for using scissors but mum kept the piece for many years. I’ve been sewing ever since.
    #madeinmay I finished a cross stitch insert for a tray while watching telly, all I need to do now is press it and place it under the glass but that’s for another day.
    Today I am die cutting ready for tomorrow’s crafting.
    Stay safe.

  14. Hi Barb, what a lovely blog post, sharing behind the scenes goings on. Love the photos. Lisa sounds like a force of nature, she’s definitely working with the right company. Yesterday I made dinner, thanks to the day job, no creativity in my craft room. Today, hoping to make some backgrounds and cards this afternoon/evening so that I can post them on FB. Take care all. Bx

  15. Been away so trying to catch up on everything. Just watching the recording of Paul and the stitching. Very tempted. Take care.

  16. Stitch by Clarity is fantastic. Thank you Barbara and Clarity Team.
    Watched all C & C shows. Paul is brilliant- his demo’s and tips/tricks are great.
    Thank you for sharing the video of the printer. Fun to see behind the scenes of Clarity.
    Clarity is a 10 + star company – all your products, packaging, creativity, people, design team and more are always exceptional.

  17. I love the way the old and modern stuff combines – so much like crafting! It’s brilliant that Clarity are giving new life to older techniques – first parchment and now embroidery. Keep on keeping on! xxx

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