All Stitched Up!

All Stitched Up!

Hi there

Thanks so much for popping in! Oh boy! Have we got something fab lined up for you tomorrow on Create and Craft! Brand new product launch….

It is exactly what it says in the name. Embroidery Patterns printed onto card, ready to be coloured and stitched. Beautiful, and straight forward. Instructions inside, enlarged, clear and easy to follow. Each kit contains enough printed toppers, cards and envelopes to complete 4 pieces. And there are four designs being launched tomorrow.

When I was reading through all your #madeinmay messages and posts following yesterday’s blog, I had to chuckle. I KNEW it! I KNEW half of you were embroiderers and into sewing! That’s why our Felt By Clarity went through the roof in March! And that will be why our fabulous new Paper Stitch Kits will be popular tomorrow. Especially when you see the kits, when you see the finished samples – and you see what you get for the price! A real BINGO!!

We’ve also compiled a Starter Kit for you in one of our super SLOW DOWN book boxes. In fact, this is the super saver One Day Special. Comes complete with deep foam, a FINE-needle perforating tool, the exact needles and thread which work best, ONE of the Kits designed by Tina, and we’ve even gone to the trouble of getting fab little stickers for the back of the card. So you can work with shorter thread, and simply secure it at the back with a fine, small, round sticky tab, before you carry on with the next length. So much better than fighting long thread and knots!

My Mum always used to say to me in German, when I was learning to sew and do embroidery, “Langes Fädchen, faules Mädchen”. Which translated, means “long thread, lazy girl!”. And my needlework teacher at school always drummed it into us, that the back should look as neat as the front – even if you never saw it – YOU KNEW. You just never forget, do you…So I personally think that the little, repositionable, transparent sticky tabs for securing the thread are a real winner! Same material as our Groovi tabs, but much smaller.

Many of our Groovi friends may be familiar with embroidering on parchment, with the help of different sets of Groovi plates designed by Tina. These are Groovi plates in their own right, but can also be combined with embroidery. Here’s a superb example of an A5sq. Groovi Parchment plate design.

We started our Groovi Embroidery journey with this Everyday Collection of 4 A5sq Groovi Plates:

Followed by a set of 4 Christmas Embroidery A5sq Groovi Plates

Then came the A5 square Teardrop and Petal Duo

Then finally, the Floral Parchlets Collection of 4 A6sq Groovi Plates.

All of the above are available HERE.

Combining spirelli embroidery with parchment proved very popular indeed. But many of you who don’t parch would also love this technique for sure. And those of you who DO parch might really enjoy working on card with ink for a change. The Paper Stitch by Clarity range is a perfect meeting place for ALL papercrafters.

But back to the TV show tomorrow. We have taken Tina’s four parchlet designs and turned them into printed patterns, same size, on white card. Top quality, black on white, printed toppers. More designs to follow, of course, but these are perfect for a concept launch.

Of course, once you’ve got the Starter Kit, the needles and thread and the initial Design pack, then you just need the other Design packs..

Each pack contains:
4 x Pre Printed Designs on 300gsm card
2 x 5×5 White Card Blanks
2 x 5×5 Black Card Blanks
4 x 5×5 envelopes
2 x A6 Sticky Tabs
Full instructions

We also have a selection of metallic threads available

Available HERE

Paul will work on 2 demos each hour. These have kindly been prepared by Glynis & Josie, and he has lots of hints and tips to share with you. He’s even got a few tricks up his sleeve with that Stitch ruler of ours…

Let’s look at a few samples from the Design team; there are so many! I’ll just show you a few of each…

When is this all happening? Wednesday 6pm & 9pm and Thursday 10am & 2pm
Where? Create & Craft TV

So. Card meets Thread with Clarity! Enjoy! What have you made today? #madeinmay? It’s been a Screen/business day for me today. But that’s about to change! I’m going to make some pots – thumbs permitting!

Love always,

Barb x x x

13 thoughts on “All Stitched Up!

  1. I woke up with such a bad back I didn’t think I’d move at all today, it was like my sides were in a vice. Bit of rest and some painkillers did the trick thankfully – am so greatful as I was a bit scared. Feeling so much better I went into the garden and made up a little pot of flowers, that will probably be it for today but it was something at least and I did made some lunch too.

    These new kits look lovely, I’m a x stitcher so love to be able to make a picture – not sew a hem ! Look forward to Paul’s show. The DT have done some great work as usual xx

  2. I bought some Groovi embroidery plates last year at the Open Day after being wowed by Tina’s demonstration. I’ve yet to have a go though – too scared!
    I always aim to make my cross-stitch as neat on the back as the front too! The stickers sound like a great idea! 👍

  3. These new Paper Stitch kits look lovely Barbara and I will watching Paul tomorrow have seen them on Groovi Tuesday on Youtube this morning and I do have the groovi plates too which I love doing so will be getting the paper kits too 👍
    My #madeinmay is I am knitting baby beanie hats for our local hospital baby unit

  4. Loving the look of the new kits, I have the Groovi version. I think most of us will have done some kind of stitching in school or nail & thread pictures ( love how straight lines create curves) that will set us up for the new kits besides those of us who have dabbled in cross stitching or tapestry.
    I have just caught up with all the comments on yesterday’s blog, I think that most dabble in a variety of different crafts which all helps with our wellbeing. I think you starting the SHAC at the beginning of lockdown has certainly opened up the world of doodling and colouring to a lot of people who never knew they could or had been told they were rubbish at drawing.
    Like many of us who have retired I wonder where the days go to when my list of projects to do doesn’t seem to go down.
    Change of direction now as I need to turn up hems on my husband’s new trousers !!

  5. I just love doing embroidery on parchment (need more hours in the day though!) so it’s nice to share this with the card makers out there.
    Tina’s plates are perfect and I have them all! Of course. 😃

  6. How exciting. Yes, I loved the felt. I really like how innovative Clarity are at coming up with new ideas. Will certainly be trying these at some point. Need to save some pennies.

  7. What a wonderful idea and lovely kits. Not a craft day today but I did make some progress on sorting out my loft so that I can have some work done late August. I know it’s early but it was still very hot up there; not a job to do in the height of summer (if we ever get one). #madeinmay

  8. Really admire those who can do such beautiful needlework !My needlework at school was truly dreadful . Then I discovered all types of glue for different projects cold ,hot ,and wonder web for taking up hems !
    I will still tune in to watch and dream that someday I might actually try sewing again .This time a card not a gingham pleated skirt to be stitched by hand !!

  9. Shows are on record and I may buy the starter kit.
    Got a good result from the eye clinic today so now I can do more close work (with the right glasses !) and there’s lots to do. It was a bonus to come home to a huge Clarity parcel full of lovely goodies. I will be spending lots of time testing them.
    It will keep me calm while waiting for hubbies results on his lung biopsy.

  10. Hello Barb, what a lovely concept, and no doubt one that is going to be firmly embraced and taken up by many of the Clarity followers. I think I may just need to treat myself at least to the starter kit for now. Love the samples, such a clever group in the Design Team. Off to set the machine to record now. Take care everyone. Bx

    1. I used to do embroidery on card for many years until
      Groovi came along , so all my patterns and threads are all
      Put away, as Carole said above use the back of a spoon or an embossing tool works wonders to rub over the holes on the back to close the holes.

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