Going Retro with Deborah

Going Retro with Deborah

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Have you enjoyed your day? Did you make something, dear #madeinmay buddy? I did! I made 3 bowls in preparation for the Open Days! Haven’t been on the wheel for ages, so was a bit apprehensive that I might have lost my touch. But no. These will turn beautifully tomorrow. It’s coming along nicely…

Remember I said – in honour of our #madeinmay movement – that I would pick a random winner from all those of you who posted on Wednesday? Well, how about this then: One of these bowls – the one that turns out best- will be the pottery gift. Now I just need to close my eyes and pick a winner. Hang on….

Helen Stevens!

There ya go, Helen! Hope that puts a smile on your face xx As soon as I’ve turned, fired, glazed and re-fired these little bowls, one of them will be winging its way to you. Helen! What’s your favourite colour? See if I can match it with a glaze…

But back to Clarity…Dear Deborah will be on Create & Craft tomorrow at 1pm & 4pm, showing off a Bijou version of those fabby Retro Stamps by Tina Cox. As part of the collection, we are giving away another white Pergamano Gel Pen (you can never have to many white gel pens!) which is perfect for adding highlights to your artwork

Also on the show are the SHAC Framer stamp sets we doodled together back in September 2021!!!! Cor. I love these! Seems like a lietime ago that we drew these together.

Here are the stamps

and also the Groovi

These are the pieces of artwork that Deborah will be sharing with you over the 2 hours:

The design team have made some suoerb samples! Look out for them on Facebook too…

Do look out for Deb at 1pm and 4 pm on Create & Craft. She’s bound to show you loads of tricks and tips. They’ve forecast rain here in the south. Perfect weather for crafting! 🥰

Time to go chill, and watch an episode of Bridgerton. It’s a bit vapid really, but I do like the costumes!

Love always

Barb x x x

19 thoughts on “Going Retro with Deborah

  1. Well done Helen Steven’s!
    Love the pots you have thrown. The samples are lovely! Makes me wish I had the stamps right now!

  2. Busy day today, lots of prep done.Free week for me next week so hope to get oodles of cards finished.
    Nice pots, lucky Helen.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Congratulations Helen. Love the pots Barbara.
    I am a groover but these stamps are so gorgeous might have to become a stamper. Decisions, decisions,

  4. Well done Helen – very pleased for you!

    I’m looking forward to Debora’s shows tomorrow – great stamp sets.

  5. These pots look great, congratulations Helen. Looking forward to Deborah’s shows tomorrow. The new stamps look fab, I will add them to my ever growing wish list. x

  6. Oh Wow! Thank you Barbara.
    My favourite colour is blue/teal.
    I will be honoured to be the proud owner of one of your creations. XxX

  7. Well done Helen, enjoy your bowl from Barbara, I was lucky enough to win one and mine is always in use ! Will catch the stamp shows as I have the originals so all inspiration is good. I havent used them yet either ! Have a good weekend everyone. X

  8. Many congratulations, Helen, on you beautiful Barbara bowl!
    I’ve got a family gathering today so will have to catch up with Deb’s shows later ( or sneakily have my phone on with ear plugs in! 🤣)
    Either way, I’m sure those lovely stamps will be popping in my basket! Clarity’s bijou designs are such a clever idea! Another classic Clarity creation from the Towers of Creativity! 😄

  9. Hi Barb, love the look of those bowls. Lucky you Helen, enjoy your bowl, a Barbara original. Love the bijou stamps, must set the machine to record, as these demos look so fab, and Deborah is always full of inspiration. The samples are just gorgeous. Bx

  10. Congratulations Helen on winning a bowl from Barbara – blue & teal – a nice combination, look forward to seeing it finished.
    I have the original stamps of those that are on today with Deborah – I think we are all moving to the smaller cards because of postage costs. You can go up to A5 so that might be an alternative large card to a 7×7 or 8×8. Looking forward to seeing what Deborah & the design team have come up with – always lots of hints & tips so shows are on to record.

  11. Congratulations Helen. Will have to tape the shows today as it’s our Wedding Anniversary today so lots planned.

  12. Congratulations Helen Stephens. 👍
    Love the stamps Barbara.
    Won,t be able to watch Deborah on C &C live, it will be midnight here. Off to a craftshow tomorrow.😊

  13. Congratulations Helen!
    Thanks for all the support everyone for today’s shows – the stamps are all fabulous & the samples from my design team-mates are as brilliant as always!

  14. Watching Deborah at the moment. Missed this morning so will watch on catch back. I was doing a market his morning selling my handcrafted cards. Slight profit but there was a lady selling plants she had grown herself. Guess where the profit went. All in a good cause. Take care.

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