Pinch me!

Pinch me!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Last minute blog. before we head up the apple and pears.

#Madeinmay today? I received a lovely email from another Barbara, who said I had #madeherdayinmay, which was rather gratifying to hear.

Me? I watched and cheered for our good friend Deborah Wheeler on Create & Craft today. She was evidently still feeling pretty poorly, but nonetheless, she kept going. So a big cheer to her for keeping the show entertaining and informative.

I pinched a bowl whilst watching her. Sat in the armchair in front of the box with a ball of clay, and just kept shaping it. Sounds a bit suspect, pinched a bowl! But actually, it’s when you start with nothing but a ball of clay, and you shape a pot or bowl in the palm of your hand with your other hand. The name of the game is to create a quintessentially handmade thing. No tools, nothing to help shape the vessel except your fingers. I even cut off my thumb nail, to stop gouging the inside of the bowl! Now THAT’s dedication! I love making pinch pots or bowls. I try to make the walls as thin as possible, and in order to do that, you have to really feel the clay between your fingers. I even managed a foot on this one. It will shrink a little – all green clay does – it’s thin but quite strong.

…and then, when Deb was done, I went back out in the garage with my little pinch pot, and added a few maker’s marks, for the oxides to soak into later on. Nothing precise. In fact, this is what I always say to myself just before I start adding maker’s marks to a clay piece:

“Don’t overthink it, Gray”

I also turned the other three pots I threw yesterday, although the clay was a little wet still. I tried different bases, just for kicks. See the difference between the wheel thrown and the finger-formed? The biggest difference is the time frame. It took twice as long to pinch one as it took to throw three. I guess that’s why most potters stick to the wheel!

Pottery. There’s nothing quite like it. I don’t think I will ever ever ever be done with it.


Love always

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “Pinch me!

  1. That’s a fab little bowl Barbara – such a clever technique. It must be so satisfying to create – totally handmade! The shows were fun today – the good news is that I sound much worse than I feel!

    1. Green is what all clay is called when it‘s fresh. Then it goes through phases of drying: from green, to leather hard, then bone dry. When it‘s bone dry it goes in the kiln and is fired to 1000 degrees. it‘s called bisque fired, or biscuit fired. This is when you add glaze and refire. The second firing is usually hotter, 1200 +. But it all starts green xxx

  2. Deborah did really well and I know she was worried about coughing on tv but reassured her that it was hardly noticeable. Her demos were brilliant! Well done Deborah! She’s taken to presenting like a duck to water- we are so lucky to have her and Jane on our screens! And we are lucky to have such great products – I loved playing with the retro stamps.

    This cough / virus / laryngitis is a nasty one – I’m in week 3 so it better go before the open days. Im really looking forward to going and chatting with like minded people and meeting Barbara and the team and all my FB buddies ❤️. I hope everyone out there is well! Take care – keep making!

  3. Enjoyed Deborah’s shows today, watched the 4pm show this evening, as out earlier, helping with refreshments at church. Pleased to hear Deborah is feeling better. Your pots look great. xx

  4. Yes Mrs Barb ……you #maydmydayinmay……!!
    I am going to pot!….not like you making those little beauties but trying to work my way through a number of projects! I am sure other friends thank you for your support and encouragement .x
    Well done Deborah with your shows today….wonderful samples.x
    Nightshift finished now!!

  5. I love what you achieve with a lump of clay Barbara! I have the vase I bought at the open days last year right here beside me and I look at it all the time. I’m sad that I can’t make it this year 🙁 I haven’t managed to see Deborah yet, but will catch up later. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  6. It is lovely to see all the Madeinmay arts and crafts. It was my Mums birthday and she is in hospital still poorly, she is sleeping and slightly confused when awake but it is lovely when she is “in the room” with us and we talk. Her bed is surround with birthday cards from her 5 children and 7 Grandchildren we can’t wait to get her home to celebrate properly.

  7. Thought I had posted last night but my comments were still here this morning but of course when I refreshed to check it all disappeared.
    I can’t just sit & watch TV so I am usually knitting, doing Groovi or colouring so you sat with your lump of clay making a pinch pot is a similar thing & makes perfect sense to me. Your pinch pot is lovely & I look forward to seeing it when it is finished. I still need to catch up with Deborah’s 4pm show as I took mom out for the afternoon to a charity plant sale. She hasn’t got her own garden now but still enjoys looking out at the communal garden from her window so we brought a plant to put in the border.
    Off to check out the project on from Grace & Julie, see you in the SHAC tomorrow – I just need to check on my homework !!

  8. That pot looks great can’t wait to see it all fired and glazed. For me there is nothing quite like taking a length of material, cutting and sewing & then being able to wear it. Will have to watch Debs later as still have a houseful of musicians staying for the last day of their jamming weekend. About 60 of them have travelled from all over the world just to be able to play live together, a bit like us all travelling to the open days or the retreats to be able to just be together in person instead of just on a computer screen. xxx

  9. Love the pot so far and look forward to seeing the finished one.Sun out here in Epsom so washing will join it soon.
    Take care.

  10. Hi Barb, I love reading your blogs when you are talking pottery, always interesting and it shows how passionate you are about it. That is because you are a creative spirit. Bx

  11. Love seeing your pottery progress, you are very creative in all things.
    Watched Debbie’s shows and she did brilliantly still being under the weather and new to TV. It is good to hear she is feeling better.
    I’m trying to find room to permanently store my Clarity stash out of the reach of others. Now that I need more help in the house, and really appreciate it, it is annoying to find that stuff has been moved, mixed up and I can’t find what I need. It is going to be a major task that will keep me busy but as we have no hospital appts for at least the next 2 weeks it will get done and I can also enjoy the upcoming weekender.
    Stay well.🍒

  12. Fabulous pots ! I also look forward to hearing about the process and skill involved in pottery .Thank you for this xxx

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