A Clarity Crossword for you to try…

A Clarity Crossword for you to try…

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Sunny day here in the South East. Crowborough, East Sussex, to be more precise. It was fresh early doors this morning, but once the sun came out to play, it started warming up nicely. What about you? Where are you, and what’s the weather forecast? Leave a post below, tell us your whereabouts, look out the window, then tell us what it’s doing outside! It’s just interesting for all of us to know where your world is located, and what the skies are like above you. Surely I don’t have to bribe you with blog candy, with a gift voucher, to open up and share a little? Or do I? Let’s just be friends here, let’s start a dialogue about the weather – that is, after all, what we Brits always talk about!

Society has become so transactional nowadays, that we sometimes forget the niceties, we neglect relational interaction. There was a time you’d sit at the bus stop or on a train, and you’d tell your life story to a stranger – or listen to somebody else’s! Nowadays we are mostly heads down, staring at a screen, and conversing with somebody somewhere else. Not everybody. Just the majority.

Relational? Transactional? These are long words for a Sunday morning! Definition and difference please:

Simply put, being transactional means one expects something in return for any contribution. If there is no reward, then the contribution is not provided. It’s that “what’s in it for me?” attitude. Relational, on the other hand, means one is willing to contribute without reward, but for mutual benefit. All very wordy, but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. I so often hear people bemoaning the fact that folks aren’t just plain helpful or friendly any longer. But it is so easy to mirror how we are see the world, isn’t it? We’re here to buck the trend, friends!!

I think one of the best things about Clarity is the Design Teams. Do you know, they don’t receive any monetary payment for all their amazing work. Of course, they have an enviable stash of craft materials, because we are very generous in that regard, and they need all the gear to make their fabulous artwork! win – win! But think about the amount of time and energy they invest in us all, every single week, month. How unstintingly they make all that artwork for us, for the TV shows, for the weekend blog. Then think about how often they help with advice and encouragement on our Facebook pages. What I’m saying is, they do far, far more for Clarity and the community than I would ever dare expect or hope for – and I am so grateful that they do. Not only because their hard work helps us immensely in executing our jobs; the fact that they are so invested in us as a team makes my heart sing. Do you get what I mean? It’s the love and loyalty that I value so immensely. And many of them – both on the Groovi team AND the inky team – have been with me for many, many years. We are blessed. The proof is in the pudding. They must enjoy being part of the team too, eh?!

Quote for today?

“We are much greater than the sum of our parts”

Anyway, enough rumination. Let’s talk WORDS! #madeinmay. I made a crossword for you today. Just for fun. I thought you might enjoy it. Just for fun. You can download it at the bottom if you’d like to have a bash. I’ll post the answers mid-week for you xxx


2. A synthetic paper perfect for use with alcohol ink

5. A permanent, waterproof ink pad

6. Rubber roller used to spread ink or paint

8. One of our latest papers – Just my cup of tea!

9. In which month do the Clarity Open Days fall?

14. Our Designer Paper named after an Italian region

15. Claritycrafts is based in this town

16. An embossing/watermark ink pad

18. T is for —– in our Floral Alphabet

19. How many Clarity Clubs are there?


1. A lovely light blue archival ink pad

3. A colour you get if you mix red with yellow

4. Monoprinting but with out the press!

6. The thing you use to burnish the back of a print

7. What we call shape-dies of different sizes that sit within each other

10. Barb’s favourite Ink Pad brand

11. The SHAC: Safe Happy and ________?

12. Special fineline black pens Barb uses all the time

13. The catchy word we use for small stamps

17. A range of Claritystamps, designed to Keep It Simple

18. How many metres on a Clarity Roll-a-Tape Runner

I’ve had such a good day today! Just brilliant. Friends round for breakfast, then pottery in the sunhsine. Had a major breakthrough on the wheel, which is very excitiing. Threw 9 bowls, all well, and they’re about twice the size I usually manage! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! I also loaded up the kiln for a bisque firing, and ran a couple of new low-temperature glaze experiments – just for fun.

Have a great evening. And I’ll see you in the SHAC tomorrow morning at 10. We shall be turning those hippy chicks into some cool cards !

Love always

Barb x x x

45 thoughts on “A Clarity Crossword for you to try…

  1. I started my day in sunshine in Ampleforth,North Yorkshire, just having a few days away now back home in Northumberland it’s cool and misty. Never mind I was watching the football. A lovely parcel from Clarity for me to open this evening, now I can finish my daughter’s birthday card, can’t believe she will be 30.How did I get so old😂

  2. Hiya – in York (UK) we have a park bench in one of our green areas – it has sign on it, which says, it is for chatting.If you sit there, you can engage in conversations with whoever sits there too. Great idea!
    Speaking of great ideas, sorry must dash so good luck to all those who get the crossword finished. (Got to get my clothes ready for my brother-in-law’s second funeral!)
    Maggie (York UK)

  3. Zufällig gerade Deinen blog gelesen, liebe Barbara! Wundervolle Worte und Gedanken! Nach trübem und regnerischem Beginn heute Morgen Sonne fast den ganzen Tag hier in Norddeutschland und sommerlich warme Temperaturen. – Hoffentlich bis morgen früh im Shac ( bei uns ein Feiertag: Pfingstmontag). Liebe Grüße!

    1. Just had to Pfingstmontag, to learn it’s Whitsuntide here in the UK! Every day’s a school day!

  4. Spent a lovely sunshiny day with crafty friends who came up from down south to take part in a crafty get together yesterday. We had a walk round the lake and the Italian Gardens at Trentham and an oatcake breakfast at the cafe. One had to rush off at lunch but the other two came back and visited the craft shed. I will be taking over the weekly link up that has been going for the last 15 years on Wednesday as they are another community (like Clarity) who have been such an amazing support to me. So WOYWW (What’s On Your Work desk Wednesday) will continue. Here’s to the next 15 years.

  5. Spent day stripping small branches fron large branches brought down bt snow! It was 22° rather warm here in Windermere. Still blue sky too a4 7.30 lovely. sorry won’t make Open Days in Kent bit far for travel. x

  6. Miserable here on the north east coast near Whitby. Proper dracula weather. Spent some time catching up with the hippy chicks. One of mine looks like she has had too many Yorkshire puddings.

  7. Im afraid I’m one of those people that speaks to anyone. My cousin was over from Austria recently and she noticed how I just chat and she kept smiling at me. I’m sure she thought I was a bit crazy , but we did have a laugh. My dad was a bit like me or should I say I take after my dad. Bless him he’s probably striking random conversations up there in heaven whilst tending the gardens – another thing I inherited from him. It’s been lovely here in Ashford Middlesex today so I did get out in the fresh air and did lots of mums washing- Brief visit today – still coughing and losing my voice so didn’t stay long – didn’t want to share this!

    What generous words of recognition for the DT – Thankyou Barbara – I know we probably all feel the same – honoured to be part of your team.

    Great stash of pottery -they all look fantastic! See you at the open days and I’ll be having a go at the crossword.

  8. Hi,
    In East Kilbride, Scotland even now at 7pm it is sunny and hot. Poor dog is not enjoying the heat.
    Linda x

    1. We were in the UK this time last year and I didn’t pack that many warm clothes because I thought it be warmer 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️.
      Never mind hopefully if we make another trip over it will be, enjoy the warm weather as it’s turned quite cold in Sydney.
      I do miss the long days as Australia does not have the same, when we brought our boys to visit the grandparents they were amazed at the long days. Never considered it before.

  9. a mixed day weather wise, near Bedale in N Yorks. a misty, cool start with lovely warm sunshine and now cooler and a bit breezy.
    Should have been putting plants in the garden that I got at a plant swap day yesterday but leaving it until tomorrow. Then I must get back in the craft room and get some backgrounds done for scrapbooking….. . Hope the firing goes well.

  10. I am in Glasgow. Dull this mornings, but now the sun is still shining at 8pm. In Glasgow people do still chat .
    I remember once I was walking down Argyle Street and a lady said something to me and we started chatting and I did get her life story just walking along . 😀

  11. a lovely day in Horwich lancs and to make it special my one day special with Tina’s sewing cards arrived today super happy don’t usually post not good with technology

  12. Very sunny and warm here in the Berkshire Downs. It’s been a good weekend. Community market yesterday morning and a Safari supper in the evening, a great way to meet people in the village we’ve never spoken to before. Breakfast church this morning and the vicar was talking about Pentecost and the same ideas as you have explored above, Barbara.
    Looking forward to finishing the hippy chicks tomorrow.
    Have a good evening, everyone. Xx

  13. Sunny warm day for my dads 87th birthday so spent the morning there til I was “dismissed” so he could have his lunch in peace and then home to dry the laundry in the sunshine

  14. Ah well what can I say, another cold misty start to the Scottish day here just out side Edinburgh, the sun only just burnt it off about 5pm and is shining brightly, all be it a little breezy with a chill in the air, and the mist is coming back in off the forth and Hills. I am so fortunate to have a wonderful view and can watch the weather come in at any time, due to being so high up.

    I find Scotlands population more chatty than when I come home to Kent, folk in the medway towns look at the floor as they pass you unless they are of the older generation, who pick out a friendly smile and are up to pass comment or chat.

    What lovely comments about your DT members. You choose us and we are all grateful and proud to be part of a prestigious team of like minded and Arty folk. Always happy to help answer questions or give advise, and I love that we all learn from each other, and praise our fellow colleagues for their art work. I really appreciate that you appreciate us, that’s why it’s so wonderful to be part of the dream team, and I jumped at the chance when you asked.

    Grateful again to be joining our crafty pals in Kent again this year, and looking forward to putting faces to the names of our face book friends.

    OMG you have been busy with the kiln, and hope this means you’ll have a lovely stash to sell at the open days. You know there will be people longing to get hold of a BG pot.

    I’ll have a go at the crossword, give the old grey matter a work out. I guess life sometimes gets too busy to squeeze everything into one day, so as usual, one day at a time.

    love and hugs.xx

  15. Spent the afternoon in the garden, very warm & sunny here in the West Midlands today, directing OH to what was a plant to keep & what was not needed in an overgrown flowerbed. My job was to empty the unwanted weeds etc into the green waste bin – left it in its corner storage area so I could get my steps in on my watch app. So an excellent result all round, OH happy that he has somewhere to put his new plants grown from seed & I got some much needed exercise according to the NHS app that the surgery sent out last week !!
    Now to sit down & do the crossword – wonder how much i can get done without having to look for the answers ? i also need to finish my SHAC homework – still 14 hours to go !!

  16. Hello there Barbara, and Clarity friends,
    The weather in the West Midlands has been wonderful today. The Grandchildren have been out in the garden, and with the help of Grandad, they have been planting seedlings and watering plants. The children are 2.5 years and 5 years of age, so it is never too early for them to play with pots and compost. Thank you Barbara for the crossword, I shall have a go later. Your pottery is wonderful. Enjoy your Sunday folks. x

  17. I love speaking to people. I have even made friends standing in the queue at M & S or at the bus stop. It is a shame that life takes people over and they don’t even smile back at you, Had a lovely day, wandered down to our local bar/restaurant for our regular Sunday morning coffee and then sat on the roof terrace having lunch, then made a card for a friend who lost her husband recently and I wanted to send her a comfort card when it is their anniversary next month.

  18. Been sunny and warm/hot all day here in Stockport! At least 24degrees! Still sunny now! Those pots look fabulous.
    Thankyou to all the design team. They always provide such lovely samples and with all varying ideas too!
    I’m afraid I do smile, chat to nearly everyone! A smile could help someone and it doesn’t cost a thing!
    Look forward to seeing the hippies tomorrow!

  19. It has been a gorgeous day here in Stoke-on-Trent. We have had the second barbecue of the season, enjoyed a wonderful walk along the canal and a good workout first thing in the gym. So good for the soul

  20. Sunny Yorkshire (Huddersfield to be precise). Got laundry dry on the line, after a minor catastrophe with the washing machine springing a leak!
    I shall enjoy having a crack at the crossword – I love a word game (Wordle is a lunchtime ritual!) and, whilst blog candy can be the icing on the cake, the real treat is the game itself. The joy is in the challenge, so thank you for making it.

  21. Day started grey here in Bathgate, West Lothian but the sun managed to burn through the clouds. We headed off to the garden centre and picked up some bedding plants. Got some non stop begonia and they always provide a multitude of flowers. Not done any crafting this weekend as I’ve been busy with other things but have an anniversary card to make for my husband. Still need to get into the crafting for myself mindset. One Day!

  22. Spent a fantastic afternoon at our friends joint 70th birthday lunch and it was a faulty towers dining experience very funny would recommend it xxxx

  23. Hi Barbara,
    I’m messaging from a sunny Ruishton just outside Taunton in Somerset. We have had so much rain in the last few Months our village has been cut off from civilisation for multiple days at a time. So this beautiful weather is being very well received. I’ve lived in this part of the world since 2013 and the thing that struck me the most is how friendly and welcoming everybody is, people make the time to talk to each other, I feel very lucky.

    The other place I found this to be the case was at your open days. I came for the very first time last year and attended both days. I was a little bit nervous and apprehensive cos I didn’t know anyone, but I had no need to worry cos what a fantastic friendly bunch of people, all willing to help and assist with tips and knowledge. I even plucked up the courage to speak to you when I purchased some of your pottery. I bought the little pot that matched the one you have for your cocktail sticks. You also advised me cos I was struggling to get a clean image when I stamp cos I have arthritic hands, you suggested using the heel of my hand instead to apply pressure….works every time, thank you. Will be at the open days again this year, wouldn’t miss them for the world now! Thank you, thank you Team Clarity you are an amazing, special bunch of people. Penny xXx

  24. Sunny and warm in Plumstead, South East London. Spent the day finishing a cardigan for my granddaughter and taking my daughter shopping.
    Back to work tomorrow, one more week before half term !

  25. Our weather started like yours overcast and a bit nippy then the sun appeared and doors opened, been a lovely day. We’ve been dog sitting this weekend for next door and I’ve even slept there as she’s an older lady now (dog that is!) . So the back gate between our houses has been permanently open and she can come and go between the houses as can the next doors cat, Dusty dog has now got the hang of the cats, either side of her and manages not to chase even when in her garden and house – the little white one (not our Mikey) has been sleeping in Dusty’s conservatory today. I’ve also been feeding the guinea pigs. Had a dreadful back this weekend, obviously pulled muscle in stomach/back, just going off a bit now. Haven’t done any craft, just sat and read to rest my aching muscles. Managed a little dog walk this evening too. Just getting ready to go next door to bed ! See you in the morning ! X

  26. Beautiful sunny day today here in Redditch, Worcestershire although it is dark now!
    Back to work tomorrow after a fabulous week off – visited lots of National Trust halls and gardens, just wonderful and the cake was good too!
    Diet starts tomorrow though, back to the Gray Scalers!
    I am looking forward to Open Days – I am coming on the Friday with a couple who live nearby. It will be a very long day but worth it!

    Very appreciative of all the hard work by Team Clarity! Thank you to you all!

  27. was a much better afternoon than it was this morning up here in Ullapool Scotland. its still light so still time to water the plants . just hope the midges don’t get me as there is no breeze . can’t wait for tomorrow’s shac ♥️

  28. It has been a beautiful sunny day in West Sussex. The birds singing their socks off and the heady scent of roses in the garden really enjoyable. Love looking at photos of your pottery you are so talented.

  29. Last day of our Highland Tour – misty to start but warm and the sun came out to play as we were walking around Culloden battlefield. Fabulous trip away, 31 people in our group, lovely to talk and share stories with such nice folk.

  30. Its been a beautiful, sunny day here in Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire.
    I spent time with our local beading group then with neighbours in their lovely garden.
    You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, talented team. We certainly appreciate them too and perhaps we don’t say thank you to all of you often enough.

    Are you not coming back up north with your Open days?

  31. The day here in Dereham, Norfolk started overcast and nippy but soon turned sunny and has been a warm and pleasant day. Got all my ironing done first thing, had a nice breakfast, sorted some of my craft gear that had been misplaced then had to sit as my back gave out. Couldn’t understand why in so much pain then realised that I had omitted some of my medication. This was soon rectified and I managed a few cards and lots of colouring.
    The design team do you proud and I is great to hear your appreciation of them. Not all employers give their people the recognition they deserve.
    Your pots look good. It makes me mad that I can no longer get to your events and be able to see your work and maybe buy an item.
    Chatting is hard for me, I am reluctant to start a conversation but will respond if someone wants a chat. A smile and a nod is sometimes all it takes to make a connection which can transform into a friendship.
    Copied your crossword grid, solved the clues and then did a couple of sudoku’s. I do love puzzles of all sorts.
    All for now, it’s bedtime.
    Good night all.

  32. Well, as I’m now in the early hours of Monday it is dark outside, hopefully fine, as just need to take Meg out for her final wee before we retire to bed, and smell the lovely scent of the Lilac, which seems much stronger scent in the evening, and hopefully, not tread on any snails! I don’t like them eating my plants, but I hate treading on them. Yesterday was a lovely sunny warm day, blue sky, slight breeze, washing dried, two lovely walks with my dog, our evening walk all around the strawberry field, with a fellow dog walker and her disabled dog. Spent time in the garden after our walk, dead heading, weeding, then a inky evening. So, bedtime soon, from a Staffordshire spot, a few miles from Lichfield. x

  33. I’ve had a very long and busy day in Crowthorne. My #madeinmay currently consists of all the hand sewing I was doing until 4am, repairing the shirts for my American Football team, Berkshire Renegades. I’ve spent today at Reading Uni in my role of Game Day Manager, enjoying the wonderful sunshine, with refreshing and cooling breeze, setting up/clearing the field, keeping the lads hydrated and watching them win an entertaining match against Swindon Storm. It had a bit of everything!
    I got home, set the first load of shirts on to wash (37 in total), took dad for a walk (94 years young) and chatted to a passing couple whilst I watered the front garden, my lockdown recovery project. I like to start up conversations by acknowledging and chatting to total strangers and most seem to respond in a friendly manner, the exception being the chap I passed when out looking for the northern lights last weekend, who was relieving himself in my neighbour’s laurel and clearly didn’t appreciate my chirpy greeting! 17,000 steps today and looking forward to bed!
    Would dearly love to come to the Open Day and meet you all. You all sound amazing! Aren’t crafters great? Xx

  34. Late to the party! Only just got round to checking the blog this morning. The weather was great in Warrington yesterday so I got lots of jobs done in the garden. Before heading out there I started to Groovi a special card which might make it into #madeinmay. I can’t make the shac this morning as I’m in a golf match – very inconvenient having matches on Mondays! Will have to catch up yet again. Have a good one xx

  35. Morning Barb and all, It was lovely and warm yesterday here in Milton Keynes, did a bit of gardening, and we had bought a little ornamental bicycle at a garden fair on Saturday, which has little baskets, so planted some flowers in the baskets, all ready to go into our front garden on display. Unfortunately we have to chain it down, otherwise it may go walkabout. This morning is quite cold, and I am hoping Carol was right about the weather warming up, otherwise it may be a bit chilly when we go to the Chelsea Flower show tomorrow. Take care everyone. Bx

  36. Hi Barbara- a day late but from a very warm and sunny jersey I’d like to say thank you for keeping us all feeling better. Your blogs are a great pick up which I liken to a sunny day.
    Thank you

    1. Sorry late to the blog,I’m in Erith Kent it was a lovely sunny day but the wind was chilly, today the sun is out and very warm.

  37. Missed the Shac today as have had a very hectic weekend & HBs 70th birthday today so will have to catch up later. It was really lovely what you said about the design team you really must have the best in the business and they are all lovely people.

  38. I am sitting in my den having my morning coffee here in Toronto, Canada. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous 21 and sunny, blue skies. This morning it is so far dull, but I am looking forward to going with a friend and my 2 dogs on a long walk through the Beltline (a path through the city that goes for miles and is covered by trees and passes through parks … beautiful).
    The design team are amazing and very inspirational. Thank you.

  39. A day late with my reply but spent the weekend in Whitstable as a treat for the end of hubby’s 74th birthday week. Friday we travelled from Bexhill to Whitstable via Walmer Castle, Saturday morning strolling around Whitstable then Sunday home via Deal Castle. For some reason we hadn’t been to either castle before and really enjoyed both. We were also lucky with the weather. It was a really lovely weekend. We also chatted to complete strangers which was great including talking, not about the weather, but the new bus timetable in Whitstable whilst standing at the bus stop and then to an amazing, almost 90 year old lovely lady, whilst having breakfast at the hotel. Bit tired today so really appreciated drawing the hippy chicks this morning during the Shac.
    Thanks to the DT who give so much inspiration and to you, Barbara for the time you share with us. Just about to attempt your crossword.
    Lynn x

  40. Bit late with my reply but yesterday was such a beautiful day in Epsom, Surrey so I did a little gardening , but am suffering today. This morning I was at my craft club. Only 5 of us today but enjoyable.
    Thank you for the crossword. Yes your teams do a great job. Take care.

  41. Rain, Rain, Rain in Canada.
    Thank you Barbara for your Blog posts.
    Thank you for the crossword puzzle.
    Thank you to you and your team – love Claritystamp’s amazing products, all the wonderful inspiration/education and more – appreciated and admired.

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