Craftalong tomorrow evening…

Craftalong tomorrow evening…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in, friends! I’ve been busy preparing our 3-course craft meal tomorrow evening! I do hope you’re going to join in. If not, you can always catch up later on Youtube, and even if you don’t craft along with me, you may just enjoy the banter and the company. Think of the session as a hands-on tutorial, with loads of tips and tricks. And it’s FREE. Free and available any time, to anyone. Here’s a tick list of what I will be using. So if you were thinking of crafting along, then you’ve got time to rustle up the ingredients before 7pm tomorrow, or find something similar to swop out for.

The two things you really do need are the Calligraphy girls stamps (and Groovi, if you fancy dessert!),

and the BOW-WOB Papers. Oh. And a Gel Press + brayer for the grungy session.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to our SHAC tomorrow evening. “How do I find you?”, I hear you ask. You will find us on the Claritystamp Facebook page. There will be an event scheduled, for you to simply click. Then about 10 minutes before we start, come back and you will see the event due to go live. Just click it – and you’re in!

I’ve been chatting to Sam Crowe today. #madeinmay. She’s getting all stoked about the Open Days too! I’m going to show you a super cool technique in the Craftalong, that our Sam is going to take to the next level in her demos. Really clever. Not to be missed. Sam, or the technique! Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Clarity Open Days next weekend! It’s getting closer by the day 🥰.


Love always,

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “Craftalong tomorrow evening…

  1. I have ordered the calligraphy girls stamp set! It may or may not arrive in time for the craftalong. It was a late night order at the weekend after much contemplation and am so looking forward to their arrival.

  2. Thanks for the list – printing it off as I am typing this so I can go & gather everything together. Looking forward to seeing what you have lined up for us tomorrow & then next week to see what Sam & the rest of the Design Team have to show us at the Open Days. We set off in 6 days so I need to get myself organised – weather looks to be improving so fingers crossed. It did a similar thing last year when we were all cooking in the hall but only at the end did you realise the heating was still on !!

  3. I have the stamps but unfortunately can’t watch live tomorrow evening but I will catch up on Friday. I have got the stamps so am ready. Thank you for the menu.
    Really looking forward to the Open Day. Coming on Saturday. Husband off to Chatham Docks while I am with you.
    Take care.

  4. Looking forward to it, I haven’t taken mine out of packets to look yet! Great-niece here tomorrow so perhaps we’ll have a practice ! See you tomorrow evening xx

  5. Looking forward to joining you tomorrow. I have the stamps but I’ll be just watching and will be glad of your company. The lady on the right makes me think of my big sister Ann.

  6. Hi Barb, I love how you make up the Recipe list. Wish I could join in this evening, but unfortunately have to go out. Will have to catch up on YouTube. I am sure it is going to be great fun, as will the Open Days. Enjoy it everyone. BX

  7. Would love to craft with you, but on holidays now and don,t have much craft stuff with me, but I can still watch and try it later.

  8. Another fantastic Craftalong- thank you Barbara.
    Appreciate your creative talents and inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing Sam’s brillant idea using BOW WOB papers!

  9. I do love these stamps! sad to have missed this, but couldn’t join live due to the 7 hour time difference & the fact I was on a coach at the time! Will be watching on catch-up when I get home (I’ll have a long list…!)

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