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Thanks for popping in. Big day tomorrow in Clarity world. It’s PinkyGray day, you see. Finally, we’re unveiling our new company! It’s been many, many months in the planning. Years since we hatched the concept actually. But COVID got in the way, and put paid to ANY new ideas. We’ve been pedalling like crazy ever since lockdown, just trying to keep the good ship Clarity buoyant! But at long last, we’ve made it! Literally!

What’s it all about? Well, at Clarity we own an extensive library of fabulous and original artwork. We think that a lot of the designs would transfer beautifully into other areas, such as stationery and home decor.

Tomorrow is the day when we bring to market our very first printed collection of greeting cards – and they are indeed rather beautiful.

I’ve packed up my original leafy monoprints, all ready to take up to Create & Craft tomorrow, so I can show you where these lovely printed cards stem from – if you’ll pardon the pun. They have been printed and finished in-house too, in our PinkyGray printroom. Lisa and Jazz have been going like the clappers to get this launch off the ground. Top quality and very classy.

We‘ve even developed a fabulous new booklet of rather different stickers, which work perfectly with the blank greeting cards. I’ll show you loads of tricks and tips tomorrow, if the crafter in you wants to add a little je ne sais quoi to the leaf-art.

Available individually

Four sets of six greeting cards, plus envelopes. Top quality digital prints, ready to send, or embellish…

Also on the show, I shall be introducing a superb Alphabet Die set with magnetic sheet for storage. These letters are beautifully bold, reminiscent of woodblock design. They sit perfectly on the leafy backgrounds, if you want to personalise.

Also on the show…

New Celebration Quotes – Stamps & Postcards. I LOVE these two sets!

Remember our trees and their mantles? And the meadowdance children? And Annie’s stamps? I shall use them to dress the leafy cards and the postcards…

There’s so much on the show, I doubt I will get to these stencils. But I want to shine a light on them anyway. I just think they are super cool.

Enjoy the gallery here, from the design team. So many clever ideas !

Where are the leafy cards? Well, tune in tomorrow at 3pm on Create & Craft to see them properly. The website is also up and live. It’s a modest beginning for sure, but until you’ve developed a website, you can’t even begin to know how much is involved! And just remember: we’ve been all systems go with Clarity and Pergamano, so hats off to our Jim at work, for pulling this off! If you fancy a gander, it’s all singing, all dancing, and ready to serve. I am looking forward to watching it grow. One day at a time.

Love always,

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “PinkyGray

  1. I’m looking forward to 2 hours of Clarity tomorrow- sounds very interesting. I just checked out the new Website – looks great. Good luck with this new venture.

  2. Hi Barb
    I’ll be watching tomorrow, the cards look fabulous. Just had a look at your new website; looks so classy. Well done to your team for getting your vision up and running . Here’s to another successful adventure. You rock!

  3. Good luck for the new venture. I have loved all things Clarity for a long time. It’s been great watching all the new ideas come together. Exciting times ahead.

  4. How absolutely wonderful! Congratulations on your PinkyGray launch. I am so happy for you and a real good Pat on the back for all the team. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the open days xxx

  5. Wow Barb – these look fantastic! Gutted to be missing the shows tomorrow (I’ll be on a coach in the Rockies!) but will be catching up once I’ve got wifi again – and I can already feel my shopping list building! The new alphabet dies are going to be so useful and I love the quote stamps too! Good luck with the shows – I can feel sell-outs coming on!

  6. Wow, what a great collection of products for tomorrow’s show & the design team have worked their magic as well. Looking forward to seeing you put it all into action tomorrow or rather later on today. My shopping list is getting longer & longer 😂

  7. Dear Barb, you and the team have just gone and smashed it again. Can’t wait for the shows, although will be watching recorded as going to lunch with the kids. Safe travels and I am sure this will be just as popular. Take care all. Bx

  8. Congratulation to you all. I will be watching and recording the shows this afternoon. Just going to look at the web site. Take care.

  9. Congratulations Barbara and the team
    What a fabulous idea to share all of that wonderful artwork.
    Enjoy your launch show, I am sure it will be a huge success.
    I will certainly look forward to watching it on catch-up tonight.
    Take care OXOX

  10. How clever and skilled you are. Another fantastic venture. You are the Queen of design. Looking forward to seeing your new company grow.

  11. Two brillant hours on C & C (watched on rewind). A huge congratulations to Barbara and Team on the amazing launch of PINKY Gray!
    The products are exceptional as is everything Clarity.
    Thank you Barbara for sharing your stunning original art pieces and the printing press/process.
    Barbara- thank you for all your demo’s, tips/tricks- very inspiring.
    Adam is a great – appreciate and admire his wonderful energy, positivity and fun spirit.
    Barbara and Adam are great together

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