A Pergamano Day on TV to celebrate!

A Pergamano Day on TV to celebrate!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s all about Pergamano and parchment this week! As I write, Paul is on his way up to Create & Craft, to get ready for tomorrow’s Pergamano shows. What Time? 8am, 12pm & 4pm. Yep, it’s a bonanza, to celebrate the art of parchment, and the fact that – as I explained in yesterday’s blog – we’ve managed to get ALL THE TOOLS back in production and on the shelves. And that’s a reason to celebrate, if ever there was one!

You may recall these. designs. I was actually using the stamps on my TV show last Sunday. The Star flower pictured here is a brand new Groovi Plate.

Brand New Star Flower A6 Groovi Plate and Spacer

Complete Collection

Corner Punches – Back in stock!

How do they work? Well, watch Paul in action tomorrow. He’s really good at this!

How about some inspiration from our clever Design Team…

Whether you’re new to parchment Craft or a seasoned parcher, these floral spray designs, illustrated by Tina Cox and myself, are perfect. They work for most all occasions, for young and older recipients alike, and are perfect for any skill level too. A very sound investment.

We have such a vast library of fabulous Groovi plates, with so many varied and beautiful designs, it can sometimes be difficult to choose which direction to take. If you haven’t got these, you may want to take a closer look.


I’ve got a lovely day today. Having worked until lunchtime, Jazz and I are off to Brighton, for Part II of our Lino Printmaking course. It’s such fun, and we learn so much! It also gives us new direction and more confidence. There’s nothing quite like rolling your sleeves up and DOING it, is there? That’s why we host the Clarity Retreats in the Summer and the Parchment Retreat in October. CLICK HERE for details.

Time to pack and go for our evening class! Oh to have a 2-day session!!

Love always,

Barb. x x x

7 thoughts on “A Pergamano Day on TV to celebrate!

  1. I’m going to get these plates out this afternoon I think, need to do a birthday card and will keep it simple ! (All mine are simple! 😹. Have a good afternoon/evening, you and Jazz, and look forward to seeing what you make this time. X

  2. Love these designs in both Groovi & stamps so will be adding to the collection tomorrow. What I am liking from the DT is the use of the plates & stamps off the page on or the wonk which gives a completely different look.
    Enjoy your lino printing session with Jazz, look forward to seeing the results xx

  3. These flowers look lovely! Have just had a dispatch email to say my geisha and Waterhouse are on the way,so I know what I will be doing at the weekend !! Thank you Clarity! Hope you enjoy your printing session tonight,Barbara.

  4. Enjoy your lino printing session along with Jazz. Looking forward to tomorrows shows, recorder set up for 12.00, and hopefully will be able to watch the other two shows, before work and after work. xx

  5. Hello Barb, just watching Paul on the app, whilst typing this message. As always he is so inspiring and full of tips and techniques. These designs are beautiful in both the stamp form and the Groovi Plates. They are literally flying out the door, very popular. The Design Team have done the plates proud, what beautiful artwork. Hope you enjoyed the trip out with Jazz. Bx

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