A Soft and Fuzzy Feeling – Sunday TV

A Soft and Fuzzy Feeling – Sunday TV

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Today’s your chance to get that soft and fuzzy feeling with Paul! Wayhay!! Seriously folks, he’s on his way up to Create & Craft for FELT BY CLARITY Sunday!

When? 3pm & 7pm

You may recall we crossed the bridge into the world of soft crafts with our wonderful FELT by Clarity range. A unique and innovative system, combining our Fresh Cut dies and beautiful adhesive backed felt. Debbie Shore and I launched it together a couple of months ago, and now we’ve replenished the cupboard, we decided it merits a second outing! There are three kits so far…

Funky Circle

Funky Flower

Funky Leaf

The kits come with fabulous, easy-to-follow, photo step-by-step instructions. There’s enough felt in each kit to make 6 complete tiles. Of course, once you have the dies, you can just get more felt. Then the world is your oyster! Place settings, coasters, mug-rugs, table runners, wall hangings, cushion covers – the list goes on! Mix n matchability supremo. Paul has a carload of beautiful samples with him, so be sure to watch!

There is a Complete Collection available, which comes with the right needles & thread. Of course, you don’t have to sew, but it does look lovely…

We came up with a very clever Stitch Ruler, which blew the doors off! Back in stock.

And then of course, we have all the refill packs. Such gorgeous colours!

Refill Packs – Mixed

Refill Packs – Single Colours

The Backers, as we call them, don’t have adhesive on the back. They are the backers. Like a canvas. You mount and arrange your felt artwork onto the backers.

Refill Packs – Backers

Here’s where we take the FELT by Clarity to the next level. Yes, all our Fresh Cut dies work with this felt. Wait till you see how superbly these dies cut out of the adhesive-backed felt. Word to the the wise. There is a sweet spot with thickness. I tried a different felt, and put a sheet of our own adhesive double-sided on the back. It wouldn’t cut. I tried a couple of different die-cutting machines. Nah. But use the Felt by Clarity felt, and it cuts like butter. I use a Kit n Kaboodle machine. Love it because it works – and the plates don’t curl. My old Gemini works fine too.

All available HERE

Here is some inspiration from the design team. Check out this masterpiece wall hanging by Jilly. Has pride of place in our house. x

So there we have it.

It’s different, it’s classy, it’s tactile. It’s also super easy to get an excellent result. Watch Paul put the dies and felt through their paces. 3pm and 7pm

See you in the SHAC tomorrow morning at 10am, for another fun session. G tomorrow… G for? Tell me what pops into your head. What could we draw? Suggestions below please!

Our F for Fashion ladies came out lovely last week. Catch up on our Claritystamp Youtube channel if you missed these darlings! Already in the Stamps-to-make pile – due to popular demand ! 😘

And lastly, the Pergamano Party is winding up on our other website, Pergamano.com. Today is the last day for you to grab yourself a great deal over there, on parchment tools, accessories, parchments – and all the Groovi plates too! Sale ends at midnight.

Have a good Sunday. I am going to get behind the wheel for a couple of hours. Nope, not the steering wheel! The pottery wheel. Time for a throwdown! It’s been a while! Wish me luck !! 😃😃

Love always

Barb x x x

11 thoughts on “A Soft and Fuzzy Feeling – Sunday TV

  1. Really loved our F for fun and fashion in the Shac, right up my street as they say even though I am severely artistically challenged when it comes to drawing. Even I could get a result doing this. Love the felt concept that Paul is showing us today so am looking forward to a nice couple of hours later. Have fun with the pottery xxx

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the Fashion ladies; you are very kind in sharing how such a simple doodle can become something so elegant. What springs to mind with the letter G is Giraffe or Grapes.

  3. Morning Barb, the Felt is a great concept, and very popular according to FB feedback. Love the samples, so much variety and crafty goodness. I am sure Paul’s shows are going to be full of creativity. Enjoy your pottery session. Bx

  4. Giraffe 🦒 springs to mind for G. But that’s a big ask. Perhaps we should do grapes instead, much easier 😂 . What ever you come up with I’m sure we’ll love. Will be watching Paul, not used my felt yet as don’t want to waste it, so the only way to guarantee that, is to keep it in the packet 😂 . xxx

  5. Hi Barbara.
    I’ll be G for gardening, so will watch on catch up.
    I haven’t delved into felt yet but am tempted.
    But as for G, Goat, Golf, Guitar and Gate spring to mind.
    Back out into the sunshine now.
    Enjoy your potting!
    Sheila x x

  6. The DT has done you proud again. Although this is not my thing I can appreciate the lovely items that have been created. It does mean my bank account can breathe a sigh of relief this weekend, that is, after I phone in my Pergamano order,!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your pottery session.

  7. Hope you had a successful pottery throw down !! spent a few hours in the Garden but Giraffe, Ginkgo or grapes comes to mind for the letter G. See you at 10 am to find out what it is we will be doodling.
    Nice to get another look at the DT’s samples again as they are all stunning x

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