A Pergamano Party? What’s the Occasion? Read on…

A Pergamano Party? What’s the Occasion? Read on…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! We’re busy busy busy here! Why? There’s a Pergamano Party this week, over on the Pergamano.com website, and the orders are coming in from all over the place! There are so many people, all over the world, who are exclusively Pergamano People, and this is a sale for them. Whilst this means that your Clarity Club discount won’t apply on that website, that’s not to say you aren’t welcome to go have a gander, and take full advantage of the Party prices! CLICK HERE

We bought Pergamano a few years ago. Maybe you’ll remember? It was the perfect companion company to our Groovi Parchment system. Like a proper party vibe! It went something like this: “We’ll bring the designs if you bring the tools!”. We had really breathed new life into parchment craft with our Groovi plate system, but we had actually created the entire system based on Pergamano tools, which were already available. We had made a conscious decision not to reinvent the wheel, having concluded that Pergamano tools were the best, so why repeat something when it’s already out there? Little did we know that 2 years later, the company that owned Pergamano would ask us if we’d like to buy it! What a coup!

Since then, we have been busy. We have added quite a few new tools to the range too. I remember saying to Linda Williams I was disappointed when I went to use the ANGLE TOOL. I was expecting to get a lovely V, but got a castle turret instead! Look! You can easily see why I thought I’d get a V, can’t you!

So we put our heads together, and came up trumps! These new additions were a BIG HIT! Especially with me! Finally multi-needle tools that give you a V when you picot cut !!

Linda Williams has been instrumental in helping us develop others. She has written a couple of superb Pergamano Multi-Needle Tool handbooks for us too, which are absolutely brilliant.

We’ve just taken delivery of the next 2 sizes of Shader Tool too. We had the large 1.2mm, we now also have the Medium 1.0mm and a BRAND NEW SMALL SHADER 0.8mm too! Exciting. I love the Shader Tools. They look like paper clips. And they’re in the sale at a great introductory price! CLICK HERE

So yeah! Go have a look. There may be something you fancy too!

Paul Church will be on Create & Craft on Thursday, at 8am 12 noon and 4pm, showing off a wonderful selection of Floral Groovi plates. Those lovely corner punches finally landed this week too, so he’ll be showing them off, I’m sure!

When we invested in Pergamano, we made a serious commitment to the Parchment world, and we have taken that commitment very seriously. We also supply superb quality parchment, plain and coloured. It is the lynch pin of parchment craft, isn’t it? Without it, we couldn’t create parchment art!

One more thing I want to highlight too: our Frosted Floral Packs. There are 5 at the moment. 5 new ones in the pipeline.

These are well worth investigating. A superb tutorial on how to shade and colour. Just beautiful. No Groovi plates here – a purely traditional Pergamano journey. And the price in the Pergamano Party Sale is super too. CLICK HERE

But why the Party?

It’s been almost 8 years since we acquired Pergamano. We had to move tool production from the Netherlands to England last year – every step an adventure! It’s been a game and a half, I can tell you! In reality, we had to start pretty much from scratch. Dave ran the gauntlet during COVID in a truck. What a fiasco! We had to get permission from the Dutch Embassy!! Went to the factory in Holland and brought all the moulds back to the UK, only to find that they were pretty shagged and not fit for purpose. Yep. All that effort and expense. Like I said, a game and a half. But thanks to Dave, who has been behind this process every single step of the way, (and still is), we have got all the tools back in the building. ALL THE TOOLS. That is sweet news indeed.


And that, my friends, is why we are having a Pergamano Party – WE DID IT!! We blimming did it! And until you have actually seen what is involved with multi-needle tools and injection moulding – well, suffice it to say I am so proud of my husband and the team for making this happen. Finally we have control. Took a while, but we got there. We print the packaging in-house too. And it may be simpler, but it does away with all that plastic. Happy days.

It’s called Stickatitability. It’s about seeing a project through to completion. It’s about just keeping going, until you get where you’re going. And Dave is master of that. And do you know what? He never once lost his temper. I did. He didn’t. He just got on with it.

Enjoy the Celebration Sale! Pergamano.com

Love always.

Barb x x x

11 thoughts on “A Pergamano Party? What’s the Occasion? Read on…

  1. A neighbour of mine used to jokingly (but obviously lovingly) say about his adored wife that he was definitely renewing her contract for another year.
    A real keeper 😂😂. Think Dave is one of those.

    Like Jackie Couling says above – is it really eight years? But what a brilliantly successful business it’s become – all the blood, sweat and tears has paid off and, I for one, am grateful to you for introducing me to a craft I really enjoy and for supplying quality tools etc enabling me to continue and grow with this wonderful hobby.
    Thank you.

  2. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.
    without Parchment there wouldn t be Groovi and without Groovi we would not have Parchment.

    Hats off for you and Dave.

  3. As you’ve said before “everybody needs a Dave!” 🥰…….he’s not free to come and sort my craft room out is he??? 😳🤪
    Love to you & Dave and all at Clarity, you’re all fab 💕🥰💕😘💕

  4. Well done on finally getting there. Can’t believe it was eight years ago that it started, where has the time gone – no wonder you are having a party to celebrate breathing new life into this very old traditional craft. Dave really is a hero bless him and you too as well.

  5. Hello Barb, Well done to you, the amazing Dave and the whole team for making this work. I am sure there are very Happy People out there celebrating the party with you. Bx

  6. Good old Farmer Dave – but…..I can testify that he needs to develop serious coping skills – handy he’s a musician – so that he does not get too tired. I wish someone had told me that last year!
    As you may know I am not a Groovi chick, but I always thought that you and Pergamano belong together. Well done to all of you.
    Lots and lots of love
    Maggie (and little Miss Motsicat, who is coloured just like your original entwined cats!!)

  7. I’ve just started my Groovi journey and I’m hooked! For about 40 years I’ve wanted to learn parchment craft but the scratchy pens and ink were never going to be for me so I gave up, but never forgot what I wanted to do!!! 4 years ago the Groovi starter kit was on offer at a local craft shop so I bought it, several plates in the following years too, but still hadn’t taken anything out of the packaging! A friend asked if I’d tried it because she’d bought the starter kit. So, up to the hear and now, our journey has begun, what a waste of 40 years! It’s costing me a small fortune but it’s all worth it, I LOVE the Groovi system!

  8. I will be popping into the party at the weekend, something I am looking forward to, I have already started to make myself a shopping list! Thank you Dave for all your hard work, along with lovely Barbara and the wonderful Clarity team. xx

  9. Everyone needs a Dave and you are lucky to have one so dedicated to all things Clarity.
    I really cannot believe it’s been 8 years, where does time go? I have placed one order on the Pergamano site but having read this blog I see another order in the offing.
    Looking forward to the Frosted Floral set 2. Set 1 has been well used so I may have to top this up too.
    We have set all tomorrow’s shows to record as we shall be at the hospital for most of the day. Catching up will make for a relaxing evening listening to Paul’s dulcet voice giving us hints and tips.
    Stay well, stay safe.

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