All set for the weekend?

All set for the weekend?

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Just paddling away here, writing the latest newsletter for the club, compiling a big blog for tomorrow, watching Paul and Dean on the screen in the background. I’m looking forward to this evening’s E for Elephant session in the SHAC. Must do a little prep for that too. The bus driver just needs to know where the bus is headed! Why the hustle? Can you feel my busy-ness? Well…

I have been planning this weekend for weeks, and want to clear the decks before it begins tomorrow! I’ve tidied the pottery studio all ready to mess it up again! Here‘s the plan: I want to dip and glaze loads of ceramic things I’ve made during the past few months, and I want to move forward with the totem pole. It’s been too cold and dark to do pottery in the evenings, but this weekend will be great. Excited.

Then there’s the printroom. I had a really good sort out in there too…marvellous. And yes. I DO know how lucky I am!

I’ve been playing and experimenting. Wouldn’t these pairs look great framed in individual little black frames and next to each other? I reckon so.

Taxi !!

There’s a much brighter one too.

Can’t wait to get back in there and start experimenting again! I have a few linocuts ideas I’d like to try out with Chine Collé. More will be revealed.

So that’s it. Not leaving the house, except to go see Mum and take her some of her favourite Niederegger Marzipan and a bunch of flowers on Sunday xx This long weekend of art is my idea of bliss.

What about you? Got anything exciting, like me??! I honestly couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do.

Love always,

Barb x x x

23 thoughts on “All set for the weekend?

  1. Looks like you’re going to have a wonderful Arty weekend. I’ve just had cataract surgery and not seeing so well, so no crafting of any sort this weekend. love all things crafty so a bit frustrating but must not grumble. looking forwards to seeing all your creations. Have a very Blessed Easter weekend.

  2. Have a wonderful weekend! I’m with your Mum on the Niederegger Marzipan- love it!! Happy Easter to all at Clarity!

  3. I am on the way back to UK and am looking forward to a nice calm crafty routine at home, with a few gym sessions and some cooking thrown in.

  4. Enjoy your arty weekend Barbara. I think I may have a bit of a play too. I have had a paint pouring kit for a while now and a resin kit so think maybe it is time I had a go. I have a feeling things are going to get messy! xx

  5. wow what a fantastic weekend you have planned. hope it all goes well. I’ve been wondering how the totem pole has been going!
    have a good weekend. hope Daves knee is ok. x

  6. ohhhhh boy Barb. My kinda weekend, all looks fabulous! wishing you a very happy crafty time. See you in the shac with those amazing Eeeeellllephants….lots of love. T.xx

  7. Good morning, sounds like a busy day for you ! See you this evening. Nothing planned here for the weekend, oh I tell a lie, we’re going to eldest son’s for food on Sunday ! Apart from that I hope to tidy my crafty room a bit and die cut some scraps to do something with.

    Love that old typewriter sat on the desk – that’s how I started my career on one of those (a Remington but not sure what yours is there). It looks a really interesting room.

    The pottery looks great, I was wondering how you were getting on with the totem pole. Look forward to seeing it all after the glaze has been added. Have a good weekend x x

  8. I’ve got an old school friend coming on Saturday until Thursday. She’s into card making like me and brings some of her things I don’t have and I craft with them. She crafts with my things she doesn’t have! In between there will be a couple of shopping trips. Not seen her for a few months (although we talk every Sunday morning) so looking forward to it. Have a good weekend everyone x

  9. I can certainly feel your busyness!! Sounds like a great weekend, and I’m really pleased to hear you’re ready to go back to the totem pole. Enjoy yourself xx

  10. Your weekend sounds very busy but fun as well. Look forward to seeing what you do to the totem pole. Love the leaf print over the words & the pieces of pottery look great already so with a glaze they will look fabulous.
    I need to go and find the beds in the spare room ready for our eldest granddaughters visit next week. Become a bit of a dumping ground rather than items being put away or got rid of !! I could do with decluttering my craft room as well but I would rather craft. I will be there in the SHAC tonight ready for some more elephants xx

  11. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I find I can’t Create unless my area is tidy. So I too have tidied my craft area.

    I have also prepared my spare room ready for my cousin who is visiting from Austria. She’s coming over to celebrate my mums 96th birthday on Wednesday.

    Got my grandson tomorrow who is almost 1 and then a nice restful Easter weekend. Might even get time to bake a Reindling for mum who has coloured boiled eggs – keeping up traditions.

    I’ll certainly have time to work on the latest DT projects too – aren’t I lucky to get to play with new products.

  12. Busy girl, don’t overdo it Barb. Sounds like a great weekend. I guess Gracie has gone home now?
    Enjoyed Paul and Dean, good to see Dean – another one who doesn’t need to overdo it.
    Look forward to seeing Dean in the Shac with you next month, great idea! Will he stay for Groovi Tuesday too or is it the Thursday Shac?
    Happy Easter to everyone and see you later today.

  13. I’m obsessed with stencils at the moment (I blame Sonia Goodliff 🤣🤣) so will have a play this weekend. Going to daughter for lunch on Sunday then have my son visiting to leave his dog with me for 2 weeks while he jets off to Thailand with his family (well deserved). There are never enough hours in the day for me

  14. Sounds like your “ relaxing “ weekend will be as busy as ever!!
    I love your new arty projects and your pottery, the tiles look fantastic and hope your totem pole progresses well.
    I finally got round to watching yesterday’s shows this morning after seeing Paul and Dean do their thing. Dean is one of my favourite presenters on C&C and I will tune in when he is with you on the SHAC.
    I am currently struggling to walk and stairs are agonising so I can sympathise with Dave and his knee.
    All the ingredients have been amassed for a Groovi and stamping weekend which is planned to save excessive perambulation. This should calm me down and help me to ignore the pain.
    Hubby has relinquished his weekend chefs duties as he’s not allowed to use his oxygen gear near heat sources so it will be simple meals this weekend instead of small feasts as I can’t stand for long either
    Wishing the Clarity community a very Happy Easter.🐣 🐣🐣

  15. Looks like you will have a great weekend. I have been making some cards and using your sentiment stamps They are great. Such quality! We have just got a new car so having to keep an eye on it that nothing hits it with all the things flying around at the moment because of the wind! Our bin went flying and I had to chase our rubbish up the road! Have a great weekend. X

  16. Bea and I miss the Shac but just can’t do evenings at all (we have a neighbour’s very boisterous dog while he is at work 1pm-1am ). Tried just doing mornings a couple of times but as it is hard to catch up, we’ve sadly had to drop back. At nearly 94 Bea is much slower now and needs more help We still buy and use our Clarity products to make cards and have card-making sessions together.
    We have no different plans for the weekend and will just enjoy being at home with our lovely blind adopted greyhound/whippet.

  17. So envy your pottery, not had a chance to do much myself, been a bit poorly, roll on taking the wheel out in the garden. Have a magical weekend with your craft Barbara ,
    I will be thinking of you. Xxxx

  18. Looks like you’ve got a fab weekend planned! I’ve got lots to do too – Easter celebrations at church and family coming to stay, then off to Belgium for my sister’s birthday trip on Monday (early start via Eurostar!) Oh, and a few TV shows to plan for…!!

  19. Hello Barb, love the insight into your arty creations and areas. I hope you have a lovely weekend being creative, can’t wait to see the results. I’m having a bit of a mixed weekend, sorting stuff out in the house, as have workmen coming in on Tuesday, but hoping to get some arty time too, as well as having to plant on loads of seedlings that have come up. They are going a bit crazy. Happy Easter everyone. Bx

  20. Happy Easter everyone. Love the pottery Barbara and look forward to seeing it glazed. Glad you will be doing more on the Totem Pole. I will be having a crafty weekend as husband will be driving trains for the public. Keeps him busy.
    Love seeing Dave’s guitars in the room. Hope he has a chance to play often. Take care.

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