In the Garden with Linda Williams

In the Garden with Linda Williams

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Doesn’t the world look friendlier when the sun is shining and Spring is in the air? The earth is coming to life again, the magnolias, cherry blossoms and camelias are abundant down here in the southeast of England! Just beautiful. So we thought, it being Easter weekend too – what better time than now to take a closer look at those magnificent Garden designs that lovely Linda Williams drew for us a while ago? They really are delightful! A joy to use, and super useful, too.

Paul is already up at the Create & Craft studios, setting up for this afternoon, 4pm. Then later on at 8pm and again tomorrow, at 8am.

Have a look at these fabulous A5 garden scenes…if you could pick a spot, which would you choose? I think I’d go for the hammock and a good book. Might also need a little blanket today though! It’s still quite fresh!

Yes. What a superb collection. And wait till you see the art samples the Design team have created for us! WOW!!!

Quite something, aren’t they. So many design elements on the plates too! And so totally mix n matchable!

I hope you can join Paul at 4pm for a lovely showcase on Create & Craft. If you make cards and you enjoy Groovi art and parchment, these plates certainly are an excellent investment. And when I look at the art samples, I want to have a go! I wonder if I could do Groovi lying in a hammock…

How about a little bloggy candy? x Tell us below which garden scene from the Groovi plates you would like to be in best, and on Tuesday (after the Easter break) I’ll pick a random lucky winner out of the hat, to receive a Clarity Gift Voucher worth £30. Only one little stipulation: you have to give us the correct name of the plate! And yes, that may involve heading over to our website to find the name of your chosen plate. But hey! £30?? #gottabeinittawinnit! CLICK HERE TO FIND…
Love always,

Barb x x x

41 thoughts on “In the Garden with Linda Williams

  1. all these garden plates are really useful. Personally I think Linda’s Lemon Tree Garden plate ( GRO-TR-41513-04)
    is the most useful as you can open the doors of the summerhouse to include all sorts of other designs.

    Just love sitting in the garden and in the summer that’s where you’ll find us. Already had a couple of cuppas out there with our neighbour this year and Mikey cat has had his cushion out too. Not today though, it’s pouring!

    Glad to know I have these plates so will save me some pennies and I’ve just used one for a retirement card for an ex-colleague who’s retiring today and I’m off to St. John’s College for his retirement dinner this evening. Will be good to catch up. I’ve used them for other retirement cards too. Love all the samples, just this set could last you forever with different designs !

    Have a good day and thanks for the opportunity of a give away ! X

  3. Lovely to see these designs being re-introduced and the DT artwork is inspiring. I have set all Paul’s programs to record as I will be out this afternoon.
    Take care of yourselves everyone.

  4. I’d choose the table and 2 chairs under the willow – I’d sit and have a crafty chat – of course refreshment and food too.

    I Love spring but my garden is a bit too soggy – a lot of worm casts. A but if work ti get it looking lush.

    I Love all the Linda Williams plates and the samples are fantastic!

  5. I absolutely love this set… though it seems I love everything Groovi especially any of Linda’s creations. While I can picture relaxing in so many of those scenes, I think my most favorite is the Garden Swing (GRO-OB-41479-04) with my kitty and puppy.

  6. Morning Barbara,
    I think my happy place would be –
    Nice crafting shed there to.
    So pretty.
    Love Linda xx

  7. Would love to be in the hammock with a good book but would never be able to get in so it’s the deck chairs for me I’m afraid GRO-OB41482-04. Will be watching Paul later.xx

  8. These plates by Linda are fab as beautifully demonstrated by the DT’s examples. I have the whole set and, unbelievably, have used some of the elements.
    I would like to see myself in any one of the scenes (although I might have trouble getting up from the ground or out of the deck and swinging chairs😂).
    I see myself pottering and have chosen Linda’s Garden Shed – In the Garden A5 Groovi Plate GRO-OB-41480-04.
    Will be watching Paul later.
    Thanks Barbara.
    Lynn x

  9. Linda’s lemon tree, like a summerhouse brilliant to craft in, inspired by nature all around with the wildlife waking up to nest, find a mate, or chase one another. Not for forgetting all the beautiful flowers spouting this time of year and planning the garden for the seasons.

  10. I would like to be in LINDA’S WICKER CHAIRS – IN THE GARDEN A5 GROOVI PLATE as it looks relaxing and summery. Nothing like sitting in the garden with a good book or a little Groovi and a cool drink! Xx

  11. I haven’t ventured into Groovi yet but I love looking at all the samples from the design team, and love watching the shows and demos. I had quite a chat with Paul at the open days last year about which was the best kit to start with…….and I STILL haven’t taken the plunge! There’s too many stamps and dies to keep me busy! But out of this set, you would definitely find me in the greenhouse, sowing seeds and watching them emerge through the soil, full of hope and new life: Linda’s Greenhouse-In the garden A5 Groovi plate: GRO-OB-41483-04.
    Hope you have a relaxing Easter weekend Barbara, spending time with those you love xx

  12. I love all the plates but my favourite one is LINDA’S LEMON TREE GARDEN – IN THE GARDEN A5 GROOVI PLATE. thanks for the Blog candy Barb xx

  13. Linda’s Wicker Chairs – In The Garden A5 Groovi Plate for me. Looking at a sample warmed me up on this very cold day.
    Happy Easter everyone.

  14. Linda’s deckchairs in the garden is my favourite. It’s so difficult to choose-they are all so wonderful!!

  15. Hi Barbara, I also love this set of plates they are beautiful and exquisite. My favourite is Linda’s Lemon Tree Garden – in the garden A5 Groovi plate GRO-TR-41513-04. Brings back fond memories of when my sister and I were young, lazy hazy family picnics…..just the best times
    Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter

    Penny xXx

  16. Linda’s Hammock – In the Garden A5 Groovi Plate

    All that’s missing is a good book and birdsong. Heaven…………

  17. I just love Linda’s Greenhouse plate in the garden GRO-OB-41483-04

    Every time I make a card with this plate it reminds me of my dear old Dad that used to spend hours in his greenhouse.

  18. I’m looking forward to the shows. I love all the plates but my favourite is Linda Williams Greenhouse A5 Plate GRO-OB-41483-04. 🤞😀

  19. I would like to sit in the Deckchairs with my husband, we have so little time together with both of us working full time and looking after the family whilst running Girl Guide units and an old hall that always seems to need some repair. Oh well I can dream!

  20. Garden Swing is my choice. Don’t feel to safe in deck chairs but they are all beautiful. Take care.

  21. Well – I alrady have all of these as stamps – so I think I would be on the steps playing ‘fingers’ with the cat!
    Love Maggie (York UK)


  22. Oh, in den Liegestühlen sitzen, die Augen schließen und dem Plätschern des Sprinbrunners lauschen, dazu ein Aperol. Herrlich …

  23. It’s Linda’s wicker chairs for me – I’ve actually got some just like that , just wish it was warm enough to sit outside without a thick coat!

  24. It would be the Hammock in the Garden, I would love to relax in it,
    Love the plates, I have the greenhouse which was lovely for one of our allotmenteers birthday a few years ago, sadly he’s no longer with us.
    I will have to buy all these plates now, love the samples.
    Janet xx

  25. It will lovely to be able to get back out in the garden after such a wet chilly few months. To sit in LINDA’S WICKER CHAIRS – IN THE GARDEN A5 GROOVI PLATE GRO-OB-41514-04 under LINDA’S ROSE ARCH – IN THE GARDEN A5 GROOVI PLATE GRO-FL-41523-04 would be a lovely treat with a good book or a Groovi project. The latest addition to our garden though is my husband’s equivalent to my Clarity addiction in there now being LINDA’S GREENHOUSE – IN THE GARDEN A5 GROOVI PLATE GRO-OB-41483-04 which is keeping him out of mischief growing trays of seeds which will hopefully give us lots of flowers & vegetables later in the year.
    Overall my favourite place would be under Linda’s Rose Arch.
    See you in the SHAC tomorrow night to doodle more Elephants, but first I must catch up with Monday’s session now I have my new glasses & my eyes are accustomed to them.
    Spring seems to have disappeared again today as we have had several heavy showers here in the West Midlands but perhaps that is just April showers early !!

  26. I’d love to be swinging in Linda’s Hammock – in the garden A5 Groovi plate
    Can’t wait for the summer when I can get out in the garden x

    I am so looking forward to sitting on my swing chair, amongst the wonderful plants and flowers, to do a little colouring for a card or in a book, with my beautiful cat Rani at my feet (or sometimes on my lap), with our resident little wren or finch, peeping away at us from the tree, telling us to go back inside and leave the garden to them. Much love, Nahid xXx 🐈🦋💕

  28. For me, it’s Linda’s Hammock – In the Garden A5 Groovi Plate – GRO-OB-41478-04. I can imagine myself swinging to and fro with glass of wine in my hand and a lovely book on the go. I would also be thinking of my next groovi project. Roll on Summer.

  29. I am lucky to have the stamp set of Linda’s lovely garden designs. My favourite is Linda’s Rose Arch-In The Garden A5 Groovi Plate. GRO-FL-41523-04. I love the scent of roses. I have a arch in my garden, which has a rose growing either side, along with Honeysuckle, Clematis and Sweet Peas. Enjoyed Pauls shows, and the beautiful samples from the design team. x

  30. I like the parasol on the blanket. Shed nearby gardening tools to hand perfect.
    All the plates are lovely. HAPPY EASTER ALL.

  31. Ah it would have to be for me LINDA’S WICKER CHAIRS – IN THE GARDEN A5 GROOVI PLATE
    Seated under a parasol in the sun! at the moment it would be under a huge umbrella, but that’s Scotland for you. I hope down south you are getting dryer days.

    Wishing you all a Happy creative Easter.

    The samples and plates are exquisit as usual Linda Williams and the DT never cease to amaze me!

    lots of crafty hugs. T.xx

  32. Hello Barb, these designs are really beautiful, and the Design Team has certainly created a beautiful array of crafty loveliness with the plates. My favourite has to be LINDA’S DECKCHAIRS – IN THE GARDEN, because that is what I would love to be doing in warm weather, sit in the sunshine with a good book, Hubby snoozing beside me. Will hopefully catch up with the recoded shows over the weekend. Happy Easter everyone. Bx

  33. Hi Barbara,

    I can never refuse candy….especially at Easter, yummy. These plates are all beautiful is hard to choose between them. But I think Lindas Lemon Tree Garden – in the garden A5 groovi plate GRO-TR-41513-04 is my favourite. It brings back memories of family picnics at my Dads Allotment shed. Then help pick vegetables and fruit. Some of my favourite memories.

    Wishing you all a very Happy Easter, hope the Easter Bunny is kind to you. Penny xXx

    1. Ooooops I’m so sorry I’ve sent 2 messages, please make sure you discount one of them. I didn’t think it had saved the first one, as it wasn’t there yesterday. So I sent a second one….. doh!!! Me and technology is not a good mix.

  34. I would love to be sat out on a nice warm sunny day in Linda’s deckchairs in the garden A5 groovi plate GRO-OB 41482-04 with the lovely smell of roses from Linda’s Rose arch in the garden A5 groovi plate GRO-41523-04 relaxing with a good book . Happy Easter 🐣 🐣 everyone xxx

    Looks the most comfortable spot to enjoy the garden to me! Can’t wait for the warmer weather.

  36. What fabulous samples the design team have come up with once again.
    Given a beautiful day I’d be sat in Linda’s garden swing- in the garden A5 Groovi plate GRO-OB-4479-04 , with my two cats, a good book and an endless supply of fresh brewed tea, lovely.
    Have a happy Easter,Jackie

  37. For me it would be LINDA’S WICKER CHAIRS – IN THE GARDEN A5 GROOVI PLATE GRO-OB-41514-04
    Love all the plates and beautiful samples by the design team
    Have a great Easter and enjoy yourself

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