It’s Sunshine Rhyme Time!

It’s Sunshine Rhyme Time!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. As you may know, this year is The Year of The Alphabet at Clarity. We have been highlighting one of our lovely alphabet collections each month, and offering them to you at a super special price for the whole month. April is RHYME TIME month. This particular ABC is especially close to my heart. It was my very first art project, and the one which brought about our little art & craft company, back in 1993. So many years ago, yet still as popular and useful as on day one.

Let’s take a closer look. Here is the poster – which is where it all began. This was my first attempt at drawing something which was going to print. Mammoth task for this O level art girl! The original concept was a phonic ABC to help children learn their nursery rhymes (rhymes on the back). When I did my research for the rhymes, Mother Goose hadn’t written ones which started with several of the letters, and many of the Victorian nursery rhymes were rather dark and dismal. There was only one thing for it: I wrote a few myself! If you do get the posters for the découpage project (pictured completed below), see if you can guess which ones I composed, and which ones were Mother Goose.

We have taken the artwork and turned it into all sorts of things… Groovi plates, stamps, and even a little colouring book.

This masterpiece was presented to us by Karen Smith, and has pride of place at Clarity Towers.

Fabulous stampsets here. Large size and Bijou…

If you fancy a closer look, then pop over to our website, and have a goosie goosie gander HERE

Usually, we drop the price by 25% for the month. However. It’s Easter weekend, so we had a little conflab at work, and thought we’d bring the Rhyme Time Sale start date forward, and have a special offer for you, starting Good Friday and running right through until the end of Bank Holiday Monday. Starting today, if you invest anything to do with Rhyme Time during this period, you will receive not 25% but 40% off, plus your Clarity Club discount. That’s half price, or better than half price if you’re one of our diamonds xx

To be clear, this offer includes

  • the stampsets
  • the groovi plates
  • the ii-book colouring and rhyme book
  • the découpage kit
  • a pack of 3 posters

If you would like to read a little more about when we lived in California, and I had this moment of Clarity so to speak, there is a previous blog which will take you right back:

Spot the kids! Grace and Mark were perfect little models, weren’t they? Actually, 30 years on, they’d still make pretty beautiful models – even if I say so myself! Let me find a photo…

Back to the super ABC deal! Take advantage of this super offer. The discount will drop fro 40% to 25% on Tuesday.

Thank you for joining in the E for Elephant SHAC yesterday evening if you did. It was fun! Here is the artwork we made from our doodles…

If you want to take a closer look at how this was achieved, how we got the pattern in the elephants etc, then why not head over to our Claritystamp Youtube channel..

Cocodamol eh?! Boy oh boy. Well, they looked like elephants to me!! Thanks Picasso!

Have a good Easter, friends. Make something.

Love always

Barb x x x

13 thoughts on “It’s Sunshine Rhyme Time!

  1. Morning Barb, thank you for a lovely blog post this morning, and for sharing some lovely photos with us. The Rhyme time sets are beautiful and such gorgeous samples too. Take care. Bx

  2. Looking forward to getting stuck into the elephants this morning. At choir last night we were singing ‘You raise me up…’ and you certainly do, Barb. You’ve raised all our skills and keep us smiling. (Co-codomal, I know! Daren’t take it any more. 🤣)
    Happy Easter to you and all at Clarity Towers. Xx

  3. Thankyou Barb for showing my work again
    These designs are timeless pieces and for me the go to place for everything crafty
    Birthdays,Anniversaries,personal notes,and just because.
    They are just wonderful
    A purchase that will pay for itself time and time again
    Love My Clarity ❤️

    1. Hi Karen, I love your work , can I ask you what letters did you use for the Rhyme Time at the top of your masterpiece.
      Love Janet Cummings xx

  4. Good morning Barbara, hope your back is feeling better this morning. Hope you are able to continue with your plans for the Easter weekend. I don’t get on with co-codamol, doctor prescribed it for my aching shoulder & neck but it made me feel worse.
    Really enjoyed doing the elephants last night – need to do a few adjustments then I will complete my card or even cards !! So many ideas from all the inspiration on FB & the DT samples on your blog there just isn’t enough hours in the day.
    Happy Easter everyone x

  5. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the Elephants, my grandson just came back from Sri Lanka Wednesday, he goes off travelling on his own (which is worrying for his mam and I, he is 34) I will ask him if he went to the Elephant orphanage.
    Dean and Paul showed my greenhouse card on C&C yesterday, I hope it helped the sales.
    My Dave just had acupuncture on his back and shoulder and it has been very successful, I find sitting crafting too long gives me back ache. Hope you feel better soon.
    I am going to make Karen Smith’s Parchment Rhythm Time picture for my new Great grand child due this year.
    Happy Easter to all at Clarity, see you at the Summer Retreat.
    Love Janet Cummings

  6. Had a lovely time in the Shac last night & hope your back is a bit easier today. Love this alphabet & thank you for the extra discount. Hope your weekend goes well xx

  7. I was not able to join the SHAC last night but love the little elephants so must try this when I can.
    Great pictures of your kids, you must be so proud of them.
    I adore (and have) most of the Clarity alphabets but was missing the bijou rhyme stamps. Just my luck – I ordered them on Thursday!!!!!! and missed this generous offer.
    Never mind, I have plenty to be getting on with.
    I can’t take cocodomol as it doesn’t agree with other medication. Shame because I used to get a lot of relief with it and paracetamol even at max dose doesn’t work as well and the pain patches only take the edge off. Hey ho, getting old sucks but I ain’t giving up yet.
    Stay well and enjoy your weekend. 🍒🐣🐣👍🎂

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